Being OP in Anime Worlds
2 In Mother“s Womb For 8 Months
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Being OP in Anime Worlds
Author :hellyman045
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2 In Mother“s Womb For 8 Months

Rei was traveling through the tunnel then he suddenly saw darkness

Suddenly he heard a female like robotic voice in his mind

[ (Ding !!!) Hello There Host, i am Unlimited System ]

Rei spoke in his mind :- for now on i will call you Eni and you will not call me host instead you will call me Rei

[ Ding! Registering system name as Eni ]

[ Ding! Registering Host Name as Rei ]

Rei spoke in his mind :- so what u have system ? and where am i now ?

[ Ding! Rei currently is in your mother's womb there is still 8 months till your birth ]

Rei :- hmm...

[ Ding! Rei i Have Status, Shop, Lottery, Skills,Quests ]

Rei:- Eni open my status


Status :-

Name:- ??? (Rei)

Age:- Not born yet (80)

Level:- 1

BP :- 900 (suppressed) 12000 (full)

Life span :- 300 years

Bloodline :- random elite saiyan bloodline

Physique :- Dragon God physique Level 13 (locked)

Dragon God Physique Level 1 (can level up to level 4 )

Skills :- God like mind ( Rank SSS) Keep user calm in every situation

Fighting ( Rank A) skill of fighting (Rank can increase

Rei:- Eni why is my physique locked?

[ Ding! it is because you need reach a SPECIFIC LEVEL To Unlock The physique]

Rei :- what is the specific level ??

[Ding !! you need to reach level 50 to unlock the physique]

Rei:- well how can i reach level up ???

[ Ding !!! you can level up by doing quest and earing exp ]

Rei :- hmm.... Eni open shop i have unlimited points na?

[Ding! indeed you have unlimited points but after you are born unlimited points will be locked it will be also unlock on when u reach level 50]

Rei:- what the!!!!!

Rei:- Eni open shop

[ Ding !! opening shop]


Dragon ball world

One piece (locked)

Naruto (locked)


Rei:- Open dragon ball

[Ding!! Dragon Ball world]




Rei:- open skills and bloodlines and buy me instant mastery and instant teleportation

and ancient saiyan bloodline

[Ding!!! Buying]

Rei :- ahh!!!! pain

after some time Rei pain in head is gone

[ Ding !!!! Rei ancient saiyan blood line is stil not merged into your body do you want to merge?? if you want to merge you will be unconscious for 7 months ]

Rei :- Do it !!

with that said Rei got unconscious


after 7 months

Rei woke up and asked eni to open status

[Ding!!! ]


Name :- ??? (rei)

level :- 1

Bloodline :- ancient saiyan blood line

life span :- 500 years

BP :- 150,000(full) 900(suppressed)

Rei :- woah!!!!!

Rei :- Eni make me sleep till my birth

[Ding !!! Ok ]

with that Rei got unconscious


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