Being OP in Anime Worlds
8 Super Saiyan God
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Being OP in Anime Worlds
Author :hellyman045
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8 Super Saiyan God

When Rei power started in increasing.

korin started sweating he muttered:- what a terrifying power!

when power increasing stopped.

Korin said to Rei:-Rei what's with your power it's so much? how you have so much power?

Rei:- just some training. he..he

Korin got annoyed because of Rei's answer. He wanted Rei to leave but if he asked Rei to leave, he believed that Rei will get mad. so he waited till he left on his own.

then korin saw that Rei sat cross-legged on the floor with his eyes closed and started channeling ki throughout his body. he wondered what he was doing.

suddenly he saw that Rei started emitting a goldy aura of color silver, black, and red light from his body. his hair started getting red and spiky and his eyes started turning silver.

Meanwhile, Rei sat crosslegged because he started feeling a burning sensation on his back and his head. his system was also giving some messages:-

[Ding! Blocking memory reading]

[Ding! Blocking memory reading]

[Ding! Using Fake Memories]

When he closed his eyes. it was like a dream. he saw a Man emitting a very powerful aura. he then saw that man had a tail. he thought to himself:- who's this Saiyan doing inside my mind?

Suddenly that Saiyan man started talking he said:- A perfect match! you can take my super Saiyan god inheritance.

Rei:- huh!?! what super saiyan God?

That man said:- yes! I am Yamoshi. First super saiyan God. I am Here to give you my inheritance. I have been wandering all the spaces to find a good saiyan. but I couldn't find anyone till today when I was wandering I saw that someone was emitting ancient saiyan aura. then I saw that you were the one emitting that aura then I tried reading your's memory. when I saw your memories I saw that you are a good saiyan with a good heart so I am giving you my inheritance.

Rei:-huh!?! what?

Yamoshi:- To take my Super Saiyan inheritance you have to channel this power in your body. here do it fast. I can only say in your mind for 1 minute your mind is so strong. so it was so hard for me to enter your mind and check your memories.

Rei:- huh!?! OK.

Rei started channeling that energy given by Yamoshi and saw that he was growing stronger. he's powers was reaching another level.

[Ding 5 billion base form Battle power reached]

[Ding! hidden quest completed:- reach 5 billion base form battle power before cell arrives from future]

[Ding! Rewards:- 20 levels]

[Ding reached level 33]

When Rei saw that message Rei was shocked. he thought to himself:- woah!! so much power.

Rei Opened his eyes and saw Korin shocked staring at him. Rei them materialized a mirror saw a reflection of himself. he saw a handsome man with red and little black spiky hair emitting a goldy aura.

Shocked Korin asked:- whats with your power!! its so overwhelming though I can't sense it.

Rei Said:- it's a transformation of my race that I only can do. you have to promise me that you can tell no one about this transformation of mine other than any guy with a tail like me. ok?

Korin:- o..OK!!

Rei then flew away in his godly form.


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