Being OP in Anime Worlds
9 5 Trillion!!!!
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Being OP in Anime Worlds
Author :hellyman045
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9 5 Trillion!!!!

@@Right after 5 mintues Rei Flew Away From Korin's tower. he suddenly felt huge pain in his head like someone was drilling from inside his head. that pain was that painful that Rei Dropped down on ground and became unconscious.

************After Some Time************

Rei woke up slowly rubbing his head.

He focused in his mind saw some memories of a dragon like guy and some saiyans talking to each other. then rei saw a memory that shocked him. it was a memory of how to transform in to super Saiyan God Form. that can multiple his power level (x1000).he tried focusing his energy in his back and head like said in memories. he Started turning emitting little gold and red and little blue aura.

Rei suddenly thought:- my base power is 5 billion after combining with my super saiyan god transformation. what will be my Battle power now!?!. I should ask Eni.

Rei:- Eni tell me My Battle power Combined with Super Saiyan God?

[Ding! Battle power:- 5 trillion]

Rei:- What!?! i am now even stronger than beerus and whis.

Rei was laughing to himself. after laughing for some time. he thought to himself:-Ohh!! i was busy laughing. i almost forgot why i am here. let's find all the dragon balls and meet some special people on planet vegeta.

Rei started laughing and flew away.



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