Being OP in Anime Worlds
10 Roshi and Grandpa Gohan
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Being OP in Anime Worlds
Author :hellyman045
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10 Roshi and Grandpa Gohan

After Flying away Rei landed on the ground. he used his Ki sensing ability to find the dragon balls. he found all them. now just he has to pick them up.

First Dragon ball was in Roshi house on an island. he teleported to the island. he saw an old man reading erotic books. Roshi was so busy reading he didn't notice Rei.

Rei came near him and said:- hello there!!

Roshi got scared to see a godlike handsome man standing next to him. Roshi said:- he...hello. who are you?

Rei:- my name is Rei. you can see from my tail that I am not from here.

Roshi Got Shocked to see the tail of that handsome man. he said:- huh!?!.. oh my name is Roshi.

Roshi:-so why are you here?

Rei:-i am here to borrow that thing that is on your neck for some time. I will return it to you.

Roshi:- huh? this ball. here you can take it.

Roshi took the Dragon Ball that was hanging on his neck and gave it to Rei and then said:- Rei why do you want it?

Rei:- that's a secret I can not tell you. you will find it in a few years.

Roshi:-huh!?! do you think this old man can live for more years.

Rei:-stop joking old man i already know you are an immortal.

Roshi:- how did you know?

Rei:- that also a secret. I am in a hurry so bye I will come back to return this ball.

After that Rei teleported from the island.

When Roshi saw Rei disappearing in thin air. he got scared. he said:- who was he? he just disappeared in thin air.

Rei then teleported to Mount Paozu. he saw the legendary house where Goku grew up. he came there and saw an old man doing some practice. that old man was Gohan. Rei came near Gohan and started talking. Rei said:- hello there.

Gohan:- who!?!

Gohan then saw a handsome man emitting little god-like aura standing next to him. he thought to himself:- how couldn't I sense him.

Rei:- hello there old man. my name is Rei. i am here to borrow a thing from you. as you can see from my tail. I am not from this planet.

Gohan then noticed Rei tail. he Got shocked to see a tail on that man.

Gohan:- huh!??!. oh.. hello Kid. my name is Gohan.

Gohan:- what was the thing you want to borrow from me? you should know that I don't have any valuable things.

Rei:- I am here to borrow a ball like this. you don,t have to worry I will return it to you after some time.

Rei then gave Gohan Dragon Ball to see.

Gohan:- oh.. this balls I think I have it. wait let me find it. it should be at my house.

Gohan then ran towards his house and after some time he came with a dragon ball in his hand.

Gohan came near Rei and said:- here take it.

Rei:- thanks old man I will return it to you. one advice to you. if you see a baby with a tail like me. make sure to cut his tail. if you didn't it could danger your life. bye.

then Rei left by using his teleporting skill.

Gohan saw Rei disappearing in thin air. he was shocked. he said to himself:- what a terrifying man.


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