Blood Count
3 Breaking the Chains
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Blood Count
Author :ParisOsting14
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3 Breaking the Chains

@@Dashing toward the door with fire in my eyes and stained wet cheeks my long brown hair falls out of the bun it was in. I use all of my might to kick down the door just to find that nothing is there. A hand then lay on my shoulder and I spin around in surprise with the dagger ready. I realize then who's throat I held it to and dropped it. Just before Ty begins to speak I pick it back up and run down the long, damp, cold, miserable hallway. Little light is provided by a dimly lit canteen hanging from the stone walls. Not paying attention to where I'm walking I step on a sharp object that peirces my foot. Screaming in pain a shadow passes me in the distance. Wind whips around me and I fall to my knees. gripping the dagger as tightly as possible in my hand I swing. Then I hear a loud yell and a thump on the ground. Looking in the direction where I swung the dagger I see a tall looking man laying on the ground with pain in his eyes.

"Are you the one who killed my sister?" I hear him laugh at my question. Something inside me inside me snapped hearing his rough voice. I jump on top of him and stab him again and again and again until you cant even tell he was once a human. Blood was flowing like a river down along the wall and stained my once white tank top and black jeans. Out of energy my hand fall in the pool of blood surrounding what was once the man's head. Standing up everything begins to go black. I fall right back down and hit my head on the floor passing out in the blood surrounding me.

Dont forget to read my sister's story it merges with mine.... it's called LOST IN THE FOREST



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