Concealed Crime Investigation
2 Let The Games Begin
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Concealed Crime Investigation
Author :Rachel_Kellx
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2 Let The Games Begin

It is noisy. Breakfast always is noisy, even though we are only three persons. Well it's only me, if you don't count the girls in. Yes, I am one freaking guy in this section, together with two girls! And I can't take anymore. Girls can be so annoying!

Luckily We are the only section with too less students so I still have hope to get another guy to my side, or else I'll feel lonely. I can't talk to anyone, not because we hate each other or so, but because I don't have any interest in their topics. I'm not the kind of person who talks about others, I don't care if male or female, I just don't talk about them. And I don't really want to set up any friend of mine with any of those girls. They deserve better. Not that they are ugly or so, but... I just... I don't know, they are... weird. If it is because they are girls or because they are weird, I can't tell. I never cared about girls so I can't judge them, I don't know much about them, even though I was quite the playboy back in high school and college.

Suddenly the doors open and in walks our 'teacher'. But he surprisingly isn't alone. It's still is a surprise that he comes, because he never does, but he has a girl with him. She may be two years younger than me, so I'd say around twenty-two. She is... well, pretty. But her face is hard like stone. She looks like a warrior.
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"Do you want to introduce yourself?", our 'teacher' asks her.

"I'm Yasmina.", she begins and ends her introduction in those two words. There's nothing more she says, she just looks around us four and keeps on her cold face.

"You may sit down, if there is no more you want to say.", the teacher informs her and she simply does so without any other word. She takes the seat next to mine, but she doesn't pay any tribute to me. Not even a short 'Hello', or so, no, just like I'm air. Wonderful! I already don't like her.

"So since we are finally complete, we can start the classes in our project.", our teacher starts his speech, "You are collected from the government to help out. To help the Criminal Investigation Department with the cases they themselves can't solve."

"Sorry, Mr. Arredson, but how should we do that? We are just a few young people without any experience, so it is a liitle... crazy, don't you think?", Silvia, one of the girls, comments.

"It may seem so, but it is an experiment that is directed by the government.", the teacher explains, but he already said so. So for us it isn't really an explanation.

"Furthermore you will be educated to do so. This workplace will be your home as well. You will live here and work from here, say, here's the base. Whatever you are going to do, you must have the permission from the management or even from the government itself. You must obey to everything those two teams tell you. If you won't do that you will be punished, like isolated from anyone for a period of time or you may go to prison. If you're planning on betraying this organization you may even be eliminated. You will learn more about that in the classes we prepared for you."

"Aren't those rules a little hard?", Silvia interrupts again.

"No, keep in mind, nobody besides the most trusted people in this country knows of this project. And only us four coaches and the prime minister himself know about your existence. And that should stay the same.", he states. So he prefers to be called a coach instead of teacher. But I still think... elimination... isn't that really way too much? We may be treated well, but this?

After quite a while of further introductions he finally stated the final statements and question: "Since you are a special unit, you will be splitted first. You will have two educations, one will be to train your body, while the other will train your brain. The first one that you choose will be your main education, meaning, you will be more trained in your first choice than your second. Which one do you choose first?"

I already know my answer. It's logical, I'm taking the sporty one.

I thought I would be alone with that choice, but I was wrong. This icy girl here chose sport as well.

"Well then! The girls go with Mrs. Allie, while Yasmina and Finnian come with me.", Mr. Arredson cheers.

As we are in the corridor he still cheers: "I only got the cool people out of my section! That's great! So to make things easier, you two will be one team."

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not with her! With that icy thing! Does he wanna kill me before I even can betray the organization? Can't I just get David as my partner?

It turned out quite fine in the end. Two teams are always together and so weird rules, hah, we had so many, I don't remember them anymore! How can that guy of a coach memorize them all? Well, what matters, I'm in one double-team with David! Yes, high-score!

Well our first tak is to get to know our team mates a little better, and what should I say? I already know my best friend David don't I? Sadly there still are the girls... Well I already know Sophie too, David knows her quite well too. The only one left would be her. The ice woman. So I'd say, let's try to melt that ice a little!

It took long. First she answered only with one word. But after a time it got up to small sentences and now she almost speaks like a normal person! And she has laughed about a joke David made! She's getting better!

Soon our 'getting to know each other better' phase was over and we got a few tasks to do... well then, let the games begin!


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