Concealed Crime Investigation
6 Special Training Program
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Concealed Crime Investigation
Author :Rachel_Kellx
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6 Special Training Program

"Do you see those? Those are mines. If you touch them, they explode.", Our class is really interesting at the moment. For our mission we are taught how to use some weapons and how to dodge them or to protect ourselves from their effects.

"Here you can see a minefield. Your task is to get to the other side. Now.", he commands. Well, that is going to be a little difficult. So... here is a little space, and next I could step... over there!

Hmm, by the way, what is Yasmina doing? Ha? She is still standing at the beginning? Oh, maybe I have finally found something where I'm better at than her! Yes!

A little time later I almost arrived in the middle of the minefield. As I search for the next step that I could take, I see how Yasmina suddenly steps past me in a very... fast way. How is that possible? I want that too! No, that's unfair! She already is better than me in everything!

As I come to the end of the field a little while later I ask her: "How have you done that, Ya? You started a long time after I did!"

"Oh, don't complain, little Finn! I just used another technique than you did.", she laughs.

"Ha, ha, very funny! Just tell me!", I groan, annoyed by her behaviour.

"You two used different techniques, but you'll have to use both if you are out for missions. The one Finn used is convenient if the enemy is chasing after you, but if you dont have to hurry to get from your spot, Yasminas is good, because you lose less time.", our new coach, Mr. Koch explains.

"That may be good to know, sir, but I must ask what Yasminas technique is, since I don't know that."

"You just started to get away quickly from your spot. But Yasmina stood there and thought about the path she would take, so that there is no dead end or such a thing in her way.", Mr. Koch finally tells me. Really, that is a good technique.

"The new technique to scan the field of mines is really good, isn't it?", Yasmina asks beaming.

"Yes, is is indeed quite useful.", I must admit. I've learned much today, and I'd say, I even remember everything! This lesson was really interesting! "And I like the new coach. His way of teaching is great!"

"Ah, that is true.", she responds.

The rest of our way to our rooms is quiet, even though we normally talk about what we've learned today.

"Haaa, Sunday morning! A day to relax! How I've longed for that!", I sigh joyfully, looking up to the blue, peaceful sky. "Don't you think so too, Ya?"


"Ya?", I ask her again. Huh? What's up with her? I look down to see her deep in thought. Aww! How cute! I love this face on her! And since I don't want to ruin that face I just shut up and stare at her. But suddenly she begins yo walk. Ha? Where to? Since I'm curious I follow her lead.

And where do we end up? Right in front of the gym.

"Ah, Ya, what do you want to do here?", I ask her, since she suddenly has a stare that could burn the whole hall down.

"I have to fight. If I wont do so, I won't be proficient enough to do so anymore.", she explains to me and opens the doors. Well, I thought they were locked...

"Prepare for a hard fight.", she states and I gulp. With her... it will surely be a hard fight.

This time I won! I still can't believe it! I knocked her over with my right foot! Ha, I did it! But it sure was hard! So now we're both laying on the floor and breathing hard. Oh, I did it!

"You got better, Dothty.", she complimented, using my surname.
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"Thanks.", I shortly respond. I don't have enough breath to say anything more.

"Ah, corpses!!!", a shrill yell cuts through the air. I just turn my head to Yasmina, to see what reaction she would make, since I'm not sure how to react.

"No, Sophie, that are just Ya and Finn. They surely fought till the end again, no reason to worry.", David says calmly and comes over to us.

"Ah, hi, Dave, dude! What's up?", I smile while putting my hand in the air.

"Hi, Finn!", he responds, clapping his hand with mine, "Nothing new here, you?"

"This time I won!", I quickly tell him.

"Oh, congratulations! And how was your new coach and all?"

"Ah, he's great! I like him. Yesterday we learned much about mines.", I tell him, since it was to late after our training yesterday.

"Ah, David, darling, we almost forgot why we came in first place!", Sophie reminds her boyfriend on something.

"Oh, yes, meal is cooked."

"What? It's this late already?", I shout.

"We should continue your classes, guys!", Mr. Koch walks in while we still eat. What!?

"What? It's Sunday!", I almost spit out all my food that I'm currently eating.

"Yes, but since you will have a mission soon, you have to practice!", he explains.

"But I already did today!", I complain.

"Nah, I don't think you were swimming somewhere with your clothes still on."

"That is easy.", I say confidently.

"Think before you talk. You haven't tried it.", the coach responds.

And what should I say? He was right. Your clothes soak in the water and they drown you, if you don't know what to do against it. Well, I should never judge something before I tried it.


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