Confession !!
2 Li Na
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Confession !!
Author :shezz1
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2 Li Na


NOTE: As informed before the whole story is seen through Zhang wei's Point of view

warning : Male lead is cuteeeeeee 😍


Zhang wei , That is what people call me

I am the football captain and the ' hot guy ' of the school , I am good at everything you name it i can do it..... I am good at sports and study

I scored the second highest In the entrance exam

all Girls love me.... except one

And believe me I don't want any other girl to like me , I want her ... Only her

I am going towards the school canteen with my team to have some snacks

The students in cafe stop their work and look at us entering the canteen ..we have that effect on people 😎😎

I am a pretty hot guy. I have really toned body with a defined V-shape and abs

I inherited my mom's good looks , I have a handsome face with a sharp jawline and thick black hair

I am basically the most popular guy in the college ..

As I order the food and wait for it.. I look out of the window

There I see her ..Li Na

The girl who I love and the only girl in the campus who doesn't like me ..

she avoids me like I am some flu ..It hurts bad

She can be said as the most pretty girl around...ok maybe I am the only one who can see her beauty

she has long hair which is rolled into a bun , No makeup face but still damn pretty

she is unlike every other girl .. She has sass in her every word and Is always so enthusiastic

she can be happy anywhere and she smiles so freely at anything

and her main achievement is that she can make me nervous ..can you believe it I can speak to anyone with confidence but I can't speak to her

That's why I am still here seeing her stuff her small face with a big burger

Her name doesn't match her ( Li na = elegant ) ... But still It kind of does

I am blabbering again ...

but this time I have decided I will confess to her within this week , before the annual football match

I want her to cheer for me during the match

I take my sandwich and start eating after finding a seat from where I can see her the best

" Hey bro , what are you doing in the evening " my friend Toby asks he is an exchange student

" I am busy " with making plans of my confession

"Dude you said you were free when I asked you on monday ? "

" Something came Up and it's really important "

" okay Idiot "

I look at the window and there .. she is gone*t

I continue thinking how to make my confession

suddenly I hear a whiny voice ... I am really tired to meet this bi*ch right now ...

" Hey Baby , You look so tired want to relive some of it in the store room "

" No sorry .. I hate crowded place " I made an indirect comment , Tobby started laughing

" what ? " she asked quite confused

" He meant .. The place between your legs is crowded " That fearless comment only one person can say my Li na

"You ..." the bit*h oh sorry her name is Jang yu yan maybe..

" Sorry I am straight , If I change my mind I will call you " Li na said and left with her full bowl of noodles and coffee

wow ! that's my girl .. she can make anyone zip up their mouth

but wait ?? wasn't she stuffing a burger just now .. Is she still hungry ? good appetite

She is eating her noodles and I see her friend join her

I continue eating my sandwich and drinking my coke while my eyes are stuck on her

she looks at me .. maybe she noticed me looking at her , she Ignored me

"You are creepy as fu*k " Toby said

I just give him a look ...

" Just confess Idiot , you like her from 2 years for god sake "

"I know .. I will "

Li na ... please accept my confession


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