Confession !!
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Confession !!
Author :shezz1
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I am prepared

we finished dressing up and warming up for the match

It would have been the best match if it had toby and her here .. I really wish i had her cheer for me

We leave to the ground and get to our positions ..

the match starts becoming difficult as our new centre forward is not as good as Toby

at the end of first half we are lagging behind with 12 points ... It's too much

coach comes to me and says

" cool down wei , your stressed.. we can still win "

" yes coach " I say

he then starts calling someone and then gives me the phone

" Brother wei , Please play well for me .. we really wanted to win this match remember "

" hmm.. we will toby "

" Brother wei .. I know you can do it "

"hmm.." I say and then hand back the phone to coach .. he continues talking

I go to my team and start to tell our new plan

second half begins with my goal

" I am back "

we play for a long time

I score another goal in the last minute ,we won with 3 goals

my team lifts me and starts throwing me up and up

coach calls me before we get the trophy

" Do you have that team song "

" Yes coach "

" good , give me your phone , I will play it "

" Okay " I say as i hand over my phone to him

he looks suspicious

ignore him for now ...

we all reach the stage to get our trophy and I expected our team song to play instead

a deep voice is heard ... my voice

" Hello Li na , I am zhang wei , the boy who tried to talk to you today I wanted to say that the letter the coach read is for you . I really like you Li na from 2 years , You make me really nervous .. so I am not able to confess face to face and have to go for this voice message , please reply me about your decision tomorrow , Thank you "

OH it is my recorded confession

As much as I know she has no interest in football and won't come .. that's when I hear

" I like you too " she is here

I look at her she comes to me and hugs me

" I am really sorry , I thought wrong of you , can i have another movie date with you ?"

"yes " i nod and then hug her tight

" I didn't know you liked me from 2 years "

"when did you started to like me ? "

"maybe a year ago, when you were behaving like some creep "

we both laugh ather

" Now wei , I know you got the girl , now get the trophy "

I leave li na for a moment and the team , we take the trophy and our team song plays in the background

I look at coach and he smirks at me ..I knew he and toby decided on the plan

"thanks toby " I say

before going back to my princess and hugging her

"I love you "

"i love you too " she says with a kiss

my 3rd attempt actually is a success


my confession


main part of the story is completed

I will upload the side story ( FROM Li Na's Pov) a bit later when I am free

hope to have a good response on this

I wrote this randomly as i felt like writing one


- SHezz 💕




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