Fated to be One, Destined to Love
47 I am a Princess
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Fated to be One, Destined to Love
Author :clobel13
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47 I am a Princess

It was already late night when Li Ming Yue arrive in the manor. He went directly to their room as soon as he arrived for, he misses his wife so much.

He opened the door and he saw his wife is combing her hair in front of her vanity table in their room. "why didn't you ask Jing Mei to help you comb your hair?" as he approached her to give her a kiss.

"She is also tired. And besides I want to do it so no problem with that. Have you had your dinner already? If you want, I can ask Si Tang to ask someone prepare food for you, sweetie." Yeung Xiaolian sweetly embraced him.

"It's already late and besides Bo Hai and I have eaten our dinner in base camp. So, I am fine already. I just want to have a bath and go to bed and let's make babies tonight, my dear wife."

"although I have already taken a bath, if you want, I can still take a bath with you, sweetie. What do you think?" Yeung Xiaolian teasingly whispered to his ears.

"No need my dear wife, I will make it fast. Si Tang, quickly prepare water for my bath." as he kissed his wife's forehead before leaving for the bathroom.

In Bed...

While they are lying in bed, "sweetie, today I met an auntie who knows the owner of this body. I invited her in our manor for she was already traveling for about two months now looking for me. I want to know the truth about the owner of this body. Because one day I would like to completely accept the 'me' now with you without any uncertainty about the well-being of this individual. At least through her, I can little by little know about myself now. Will you agree with me?"

"For me everything about you is alright. I don't need to know about your past. I am happy with who you are right now. I love you for who you are. But if that will make your heart at ease, I will not hinder you with anything you want to do. As long as I can see you every day that is already more than enough for me."

"Oh, I am happy to hear that, sweetie. As a reward, it's my turn to eat you whole...."

And they kissed and savored the taste of the night as they made love with Li Ming Yue determined to impregnate his wife.

The next morning.

"could you spare me some time later to introduced you with the auntie that I mentioned to you last night?" Yeung Xiaolian asked her husband.

Li Ming Yue turned his head, who was cleaning his sword, "of course! You are my wife. I have to give you all my time if needed to."

Yeung Xiaolian called Jing Mei and ordered her to prepare their breakfast and to call Qi Peizhi to join them for breakfast.


"Aunt Qi, this is my husband, General Li Ming Yue. Ming Yue, this is the aunt that I have been talking about last night."

Qi Peizhi bowed her head to the General. But the General felt awkward for she was the aunt of his wife, but knowing the tradition to their country, respect should be given equally to the elders as well as the ones who hold high position in the government.

"Since, your husband is here, I will take this opportunity to talk with you both, just the two of you." while staring at Li Ming Yue and the people around them.

Li Ming Yue understood and he immediately dismissed the servants around them.

"I know you are really aware of your wife's condition. I cannot stay here any longer as I have also things that I need to do in the monastery. As you know I am the head priestess at our monastery. I will go straight to the point. Xiao Fu, the owner of the body of your wife encountered upon her death the soul of another human being upon that person's death. Xiao Fu, when she was young, their tribe encountered the rebels who want to gain an alliance with their tribe. Xiao Fu was able to escaped death because her father quickly hid her in a cave not too far from their village. When she witnessed the destruction of the village and all of her people were annihilated by those rebels, she escaped but were captured by the human traffickers and sold her to be a slave to a rich family. After a few months of maltreatment and starvation in the hands of her owners, she was able to escape. She was only 7 years old. I was the one who found her and brought her to the monastery where she grew up until she was 19 years old. Six months ago, she went to a journey where he encountered difficulty and that lead her encountering your wife's soul. But it was only me who knows the real Xiao Fu. She was the only daughter of the chieftain of their village. She was also considered to be their princess. When I found her, she has kept the letter that her father left her when he hid her in the cave." taking out the letter and giving it to Li Ming Yue.

"it was written there that, she should open the letter when she reached the age of 20. That if she is not married by then, she will bear the responsibility alone. But if before that time she is married, both of them will bear the responsibility together. The birthmark behind her left ear, that is no ordinary birthmark. It is actually a map that will lead to the mystical mountain of Hwanlong mountain, where their tribe is the protector and guardian of the mythical sword known as the 'Long Tang Dao'. It is a kind of sword that is believed to be blessed by the dragons that once lived in that mountain. It's a powerful sword that is not known to any humans yet except for the chieftain, the father of Xiao Fu. But for anyone to acquire that, it should be married with the highest official of the tribe because that sword belongs to Hwanlong mountain tribe. And since the General is already married to the princess, I think if you are lucky enough you can be the rightful owner of the sword. When I first read this letter, I travelled right away to the place because I, myself cannot believe it also at first. But I saw it with my own eyes. I have waited till today. Although you are only 19 years old. But you are already married, so, I have to let you know now. I think the General can overcome the obstacle to be able to conquer the sword, for you are already known all over the nations here about strength and intelligence. I won't be taking any more of your time, I also need to leave now. You better take care of yourself, Yeung Xiaolian. Remember, you have to go together to retrieve the sword for both of your hands and faith can only grant the freedom to go to its rightful owner. If you want to visit me, you are very welcome to come to our monastery" and Qi Peizhi bade her farewell.


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