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I been teloported to a world determined by power level
Author :Enejiang
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67 The awakening of pride

I am not going to lose here...Not to some pedo bear demon...

It was at that thought my sword began to glow brighter and brighter, and even Loren came to stood still to watch.

The blue light lasted for about 10 seconds before it finally died down. And when I looked down again, I found the broken sword in my hand replaced with one of those fancy RPG sword:

White sword body with blue crystalline edges and golden wrapped handle, it was about 5ft long, broad at the edges and coming to a sudden narrow at the top. Despite the massive size of the sword, it was surprisingly light, like as if I was holding a plastic sword.

And the moment I held the sword I felt myself stand a little taller, my mind a little sharper. And there was just this sense of power coursing throughout my whole body.

"WHAT!?!?!?" Loren let out a vomit of blood. "I spent my entire life from the moment I could walk to use my demonic aspect, this guy who has been a demon for just a few mere months has already awakened it!?!?!? What justice in that evil heavens were you blind MOFOS-!!!" His voice trailed off, as his eye rolled to the back of his head and began to spew white foam from his mouth.


He just fainted like that?

I looked to his corpse on the ground.

Nearby gun shots continued to ring out.

I need to go support Lili!...

Just as I moved one leg forward the victory screen popped up all of a sudden:


Gid, Lili

Oh, he probably surrendered...

But I will gladly take the free points now...Huehuehue...


"Man, the guy just surrender when I was about to fk him in the ass." Lili kicked the pavement dissatisfied.

"Yes, yes." I said, going along with her.

"O boi!" Lili said with a hoarse voice, with one hand covering her eye. "I want to die!"

"What is it again?" I said walking along beside her under the dim streetlight.

"My period! Like fk off!"

"Oh. Feels bad."

"Puny kin!" A familiar voice came from behind, and when we turned around it was no surprise who it was.

"I didn't expect you to awaken the aspect of pride." Loren said, shoving his face right up to mine. "You won't catch me off guard next time. And I shall rip your ashol to pieces and bathe in your blood! BAWHAAHAHHA!" Loren laughed proudly with both hands supporting his waist.

"Alright I need to go shoot up a bank and make millions of dollars, cause that's how the mafia works." He said, then turned and began to walk away, with his companion tagging long behind him.


Lesson of the day kids:

You must be high to take Loren seriously.

Q: Would you take Loren seriously?


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