Immortal Domination : White Emperor
42 Chapter 36: He simply leads, I follow
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Immortal Domination : White Emperor
Author :XuYi
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42 Chapter 36: He simply leads, I follow

A day earlier,

Tao lie sat up against the moldy, straw-filled bed and began to examine his surroundings.

He had been following the Deava girl like the Grand ancestor asked for years now, but there hasn't been anyone that approached him with the Emperor seal yet.

His eyes had quickly adjusted to the darkness making The room was bright as day to him as he was snake demon.

He then looked at the dark blue evening sky from his windows and couldn't help but sigh.

'She's getting better at controlling her Aura, luckily a blood moon would be appearing soon.'

He forced himself to stand, feeling every ache of his muscles and each creak of his bones.

The aching has become more evident as tracking the duo hasn't been easy at all.

'why are they even travelling without appropriate rest?, and from the looks of it, we are just a day away from the northern dessert...could she be trying to return to the demon realm?.'

He chose this window to observe the outside, finding the small quaint town lit blue by starlight and a full, glowing moon.

Cobblestone roads were lit by candle filled lamp-posts. A few dozen people still walked the streets. And He happened to spy upon a few cultivators from the scholar sect walking casually in light green robes, armed with swords and white hand fans.

'if I were to choose to sect to destroy first, it'd be this cocky B*stards'. He thought while tapping his fingers on the wooden windowsill impatiently.

Noise emanating from the ground floor was mixed with laughter, yelling, and the garbled speech of dozens of speakers.

Soon, the delightful smell of blood drifted into his nose. He licked his lips and could swear that he could taste his next bloody meal.

As he was busy fantasising, he felt the aura of the Daevan girl move once more, so he quickly exited his room.

He grumbled inwardly as he picked up his short sword. Mentally filing away the sights, sounds, and smells, he returned his attention to the quest he held of utmost importance: To follow his target.

As he maneuvered his way through the crowd, he noticed a number of unfriendly gazes upon him-- his vision and senses were excellent, even though he has been away from the fighting.

He quickly chose to divert into a nearby dark alley, in order to deal with this as he was confident in his skills that even if he failed, he could still escape.

Not long after, about five men in loose cultivator outfits appeared behind him.

But moment he prepared to fight, a pale faced youth with long raven black hair slammed a man's head against a nearby wall within the alley. With two swift movements of arm, the youth stabbed two bleeding holes in the side of another's neck and chest.

"ARRRGH!" the victim screamed but was not able to react. The youth swiftly and smoothly whipped his arm down, immediately washing off the blood on his hand with his expression unchanging.

"r...r...RUN!!!." someone shouted warily.

The pale youth said, "As if!, your all dead, trash."

"W… Wh-..." a Lanky man held his saber forward, granting himself confidence, but under the youth's gaze he dropped it and ran while yelling. "…RUN!!"

The two other men took a step back, terrified.

In their attempt to run, the youth simply flicked his arm and the three fell simultaneously.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Tao lie looked at their corpses and noticed they had died to flying needles but what shocked him was the designs of this Needles. So he quickly went on his knees saying "Tao lie greets Third Prince!!".



After Tao lie explained the whole situation from over the years, Xue shan could only say one thing.

An odd girl.

That was his impression of the girl.

He turned his head and looked toward the source of this incomprehensible question,

"….a Goddess"He spontaneously muttered those words from his mouth causing Xu yi to frown.

There stood an unbelievably beautiful girl.

Her pure milky skin was without a single stain like it was covered in dissolved moonlight, her long black hair further down from her waist was like it was enhanced by the dark night and when it came to her small face build, it made the most beautiful girl in the usual Grand banquets in the palace fail miserably.

What he heard from the tales of old about the Daevan women being abnormally beautiful was certainly true.

Something that was described as 'peerless' couldn't even express this. Her face was so beautiful to the extent that he secretly gulped down his breath.

Now he was glad he had volunteered for this mission.

When His Adoptive father explained the situation earlier, stating the importance of her bloodline and the Elder behind her, He had just volunteered to spite the Crown Prince but now he had no regrets.

'Now What do I do with this flies?, best not to spill blood before as I don't what her reaction would be.'

"―do I have to directly state it?, Scram!!" Xue shan finally said with a sigh. But the girl looked at me sceptically as her guard simply stared at him with closed eyes and pursed lips.

'Aaaah!!' a commotion broke out as the group of cultists directly chose to run, but Smiling with her whole face, her thin fingers stretched and lightly squeezed. Towards the girl's gesture, blood red tentacles stretched from beneath her feet grabbed every single one of them. Slowly, their blood was drained from their body.

Xue shan stood his ground, lightly patted his body to remove the clinging dirt and blood, this time he calmly said toward the girl.

"You know, it's rude to make one break his word." Although he sounded calm, he wasn't as that attack had moved from directly under his feet.

'Can't let down my Guard with this one, here I was thinking she was a flower vase.

She appeared to be around 16-17 years old. What she was wearing was a black Han fu dress. Held in her hand was, an excellent black parasol arranged with plentiful frills. No matter how, her appearance was that of a flower vase princess who shouldn't have been in a place like this, travelling with one or two Guards.


Meanwhile Xu yun's brain was working Fast.

[Xue shan.

Dominant Bloodline: Sier.

Reputation: Sinister.

Weapons: Jade grade Zither, flowing petal golden needles.]

\u003cSystem, display known names. also display aggression as name color.\u003e

[Ding!! Setting change complete.]

Xu yun glanced upwards to see a transparent green Xue shan appear above his head.


Question marks appeared in Xu yun's head as he stared at the young Prince but couldn't figure out any reason why the Youth would be friendly with him.

But he couldn't stay silent for ever.

"why should I care for the words of a stranger??"

Because of that sentence, Xue shan vented a big relieved sigh, "haa...For a second I thought you were a mute, forgive me" The he continued with a small bow "Xue Shan. Third Prince of Sanguis Empire."

'He's testing me...I wasn't planning to cross the dividing line, but perhaps this would be the best way to finally see the Demon empire in all its entirety.'

"interesting... Aah, forgive me. It's my fault that I was not able to recognise you, I guess it is time for me to leave"

The girl quickly lowered her head a little and turned back, Xue shan stopped him with a small frown.

"W, wait a minute. I said that for you to introduce yourself not to scare you away!, besides Where will you go from here?"

"Of course the Borders, like I planned? for the time being I will go there" Xu yun said rather coldly and gave Xu yi a signal with his eyes.

With an 'are you blind' face he directed Ava to tip her parasol toward the border city, before spreading her parasol, making Xue shan greatly perplexed.


Xue shan didn't know how to proceed so he was worried for a moment and asked

"….weren't you going back to the empire!?"

Getting the meaning of the words that Xue shan asked, Xu yun proceeded with his plans and decided to make more plans along the way.

"Back??! I was never there in the first place... can I even do that" Xu yun asked with a confused expression.

"Didn't The Elder mention this??" Xue shan probed once more as Xu yun quickly caught on due to him understanding the youth's character very well.

"He simply leads, I follow"

'well its not like my true body is I could use it as the 'Elder'.'


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