In Another World With Escanor Powers
75 Master and Disciple 3
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In Another World With Escanor Powers
Author :Daoist_Of_Pride
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75 Master and Disciple 3

[Still 1500 years ago].

It's been an hour since Marcus woke up and right now together with Edvard and Ceaser, they buried each one of the villagers while they burned all the bandits' corpses.

Ceaser used an earth element spell to create golems that helped in fetching the bodies of the villagers. He also made sure that to leave Marcus' mother last since the boy wanted to bury her himself.

Of course, a ten years old kid couldn't do that himself so Edvard helped him. though After finishing the burial, Marcus started crying nonstop and even didn't want to leave his mother.

"Kid, please be reasonable. You need to understand that your mother isn't with us anymore. I'm sure she's happy up there in heaven".

Edvard tried to comfort the kid and didn't want him to cry anymore but Marcus wouldn't stop no matter how he tried. Finally, Edvard started getting impatient but he suddenly got by pushed Ceaser who he went towards the kid.

"Hey, what are you....."

"Marcus!". The moment Ceaser called his name, he suddenly slapped him in the face, and Marcus who was shocked by that immediately stopped crying as he felt the pain in his cheek.

"Oy, Ceaser!! What are you..."

Ceaser didn't answer Edvard but continued talking to Marcus, "It's not your fault Marcus. You don't need to continue crying about it. Do you think that your mother would like to see you like this?"


"You need to understand that your mother used her life to save you and to honor her you need to continue living for her sake".

The Kid stopped crying and then asked Ceaser with tears on his face, " me? I wanna get stronger".

Edvard and Ceaser felt a little surprised as they look at each other and thought about his question. Ceaser smiled as he asked him, " Why do you want to get stronger Marcus?".

"Sniff....sniff. I wanna get stronger so that no one I care or love will die in front of me again. I wanna protect my family".

Edvard: " That's really a wonderful dream. Do you still have another family member?".

"Sniff...sniff.....Yes, I have a big sister who did runs away she doesn't marry the old village chief".


Ceaser and Edvard looked at each other and nodded. Ceaser then went on his knees and put his hands on Marcus' shoulders. He then asked him with a caring tone.

"How about you come with us. You need to get stronger and frankly, you can be a good Mage. If you train and get stronger then you can go and search for your sister".

"....Can I become a strong Mage?"

"Of course you can. I swear on my honor".

"...Then...ok, I will come with you".

"Hahahahaha, Good, Good. I can guarantee you that you will be a great mage".

Ceaser nodded and continued to laugh as he found a good seedling that he can turn into a great man while Marcus just continued to stare at the weird old man and Edvard just sighed as he looked at Ceaser who didn't try to hide his excitement at all.

Suddenly, Edvard remembered something and then went and asked Marcus, "By the way Kid, can I ask you if you know which kingdom we're in right now?"

"Mmmm....Mister, you don't know?... Right now we're in a village...sniff...I mean we were in an old village that is situated in the west of the Afyndra kingdom".

AN: [Go see the map in my discord channel and you will see the Afyndra kingdom].

Edward: "Mmmm sorry about that Kid".

Marcus: "It's okay mister Edvard. So, can I ask where you guys are from? You don't seem from this kingdom".

Edvard: "Ah, about that....well, it's true that we're not from here. I and Ceaser are from the Kederawen kingdom and Ceaser is even from a member of the royal family".

Marcus: "woooow. That's very far, What brought you here?".

Edvard started sweating a little as he remembered about the place they came from as he didn't want to talk about it but then Ceaser answered him instead, "Well...It's a long story but to sum it up, you could say that we fell into another world and it took us some time to return home that's all".

"...another world?"

Marcus was a little surprised by his words but also curious about the world that they came from too but he didn't ask too much since he didn't know them too much.

After that, Edvard and Ceaser didn't speak too much as the desert vulture continued flying for hours until the sun fully disappeared and the two moons fully showed up.

Ceaser who saw that fully belived that he was back to the Sarana world. After the night came, the temperature in the whole desert went down a lot because of the night.

It also became harder for the vulture to travel since there were other natural beasts that could threaten him. Ceaser decided to land on the ground and camp down there so that they can rest.

He also wanted to chat with Marcus more so that he can know more about him. After all, he wanted to take him as a disciple. Ceaser is already over two thousand years and he still didn't have one disciple.

In fact, most people of the same generation as they have already stopped adventuring and devote themselves to either their cultivation or teaching a few disciples that can inherit their legacy.

After making some fire and getting out some meat from his spatial ring, He made a little dinner and then gave Edvard and Marcus some meat. While eating, Ceaser started asking Marcus a few questions, "So...Marcus what do you know about magic?".

"Well...I don't know much really. I Only know that Mages and warriors use mana to become stronger and live longer. That's what my sister told me".

Ceaser: "Oh, is your sister a mage or a warrior perhaps?".

"I don't think so. My sister is 7 years older than me and she left when I was 8 years. At first, she was a little unhappy when father and mother said that She would marry the chief but she couldn't do anything about it so she just accepted".

Ceaser was a little skeptical but also asked "Hmmm, then why did she escape?".

"Well...3 days right before she left, my sister said to me that she found something that would help her change her fate and then suddenly told me about Mages and warriors. She then left a message and some gold for us and left without saying goodbye".

Edvard who heard that suddenly said, " She must have found some kind of treasure that helped her to become a warrior or a mage. your sister is really lucky to find that. This will make it easier to find her. What does she look like?".

Marcus: "She has the same eye and hair color as me but she has long hair. Oh yeah, I also noticed that before she left, she got a special tattoo on her forearms".

Ceaser: "What is it like? the tattoo?"

Marcus: "It was a pair of wings on each forearm".

Edvard: "Hmm...that will at least make it easy to find her".

Ceaser: "Yes, tomorrow we will go to the adventurer guild branch in the nearest city and ask about her and if possible we will also put a request to search for her".

Marcus who stared at Ceaser as he seemed to think about something finally mustered his courage and said to him with honesty in his eyes, "thank you mister Ceaser but I wanna ask you, why are you helping? I'm nothing but a mortal kid and you're a great Mage".

Ceaser and Edvard who heard that honest question and looked at the kid who seemed really conflicted about what is happening to him. After all, his parents died and side ly two strangers with huge power come to help him.

Anyone would feel a little suspicious and ask this question. Edvard who heard that started laughing at Ceaser while the old man felt a little embarrassed since he was trying to gain the kid's favor so that he can ask him to be his disciple.

"Hahaha..yeah shameless old man, why don't you tell him why you're helping him. This will make you really look like a child molester. I wonder how your kingdom will see its hero trying to please a kid".

Ceaser who felt a little embarrassed and even started scratching the back of his head as he didn't find a way to ask him. After all, Ceaser was a powerful mage and have never asked someone to be his disciple before so he still had some ego.

"Well...Little Marcus, you see...You have some talent in the Nage path.....and frankly, I don't wanna see a talented kid like you go down the wrong how about you come with me and learn to become a Mage".

"... Hahahahaha"

Both Marcus and Ceaser stayed silent while Edvard was laughing behind them as he saw Marcus surprised face. He couldn't expect that Ceaser will ask him to be his disciple.

Ceaser also became embarrassed and puffed as he felt that it must be very hard for those who have disciples and also felt angry because of Edvard who was laughing.

"Fyeww....It's been a while since I laughed like this. Kid, why don't you just become his disciple. It won't be bad for you since you have great talent. What's more, you are the first one that this old man ever asked so don't let him wait. It may even be a good thing so that the old man can stop causing problems and even perhaps grow up a little although I doubt that will happen".


Marcus couldn't say anything and an akward silence stayed for a few seconds until Marcus spoke and said to Ceaser, "Mister Ceaser, If I can stronger then I will be happy to become your disciple. Please take care of me from today on, Master".

".....". Both of them looked at each other and then gave each other a small smile as Ceaser started laughing, "Hahahaha, yes. you'll be the greatest mage and will even surpass me. From today on, you will be known as my disciple and will give you the surname Kit meaning the gifted and hope that your gift in magic will lead to higher peaks".

Edvard who saw Ceaser big smile nodded as he clapped his hands and congratulated both of them, "Congrats for both of you. Kid, of he ever bullies you, tell me and I will finish him".

"Oy!!!! I won't bully my disciple".

Marcus who smiled as he saw both of them and felt a little better and that he might've found his new family.

Ceaser: "Let's party now, I just got my first disciple Yeah!"

*Roar* *Roar*

The vulture behind them who was sleeping after eating also felt a little annoyed since Ceaser and Edvard were yelling and drinking.


[The Next day]

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

Ceaser: "Oh, I see something. It seems like a big fortress. Hey, Flying Vito. Go in that direction. We need to know where how much time did pass".

After waking up and feeling a little hungover since they drank so much. It was Marcus who woke them up and fed the vulture and then prepared themselves to go travel north again.

"If Vito hears you calling the vulture beast like that, he will really get angry".

"Hahaha, it doesn't matter. I really wanna see that bastard. It's been after all a long time".

Edvard who stared into the city noticed that it didn't look like it a normal city, " Hmmmm...It seems like a huge fortress and not a normal town".

Ceaser: "It doesn't matter....We will go there and find more info".

Edvard: "Ok"

Edvard: "Understood".


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