10 Chapter 10
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Author :Itsmahandania
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10 Chapter 10

Crown Prince Xian was truly extraordinary, he was exactly what Princess Chao Yang had described to Zhao Xing.

At the age of eighteen, he was able to ascend to his current position and control the whole imperial court. As the pride of Emperor Wen of Great Chen, the young crown prince was not only a genius but talented as well. He was an expert of the four arts, especially weiqi[1].

Crown Prince Xian, Chen Yu, was loved by all Great Chen citizens. He was their hope for the prosperous Great Chen in the future. The current Emperor Wen was extremely wise and a great model of an Emperor, but Crown Prince Xian was more than that. Not only did the male have a good brain and talent, the young crown prince was blessed with a good personality and a handsome, refined appearance.

"Chen Yu greets paternal Aunt and Uncle! Wishing paternal Aunt and Uncle a good health and long life!"

Clad in navy blue robe with soaring azure dragons embroidery, the young crown prince slightly bowed his head and greeted his elders. His hair was held up with a silver coronet, binded with a matching hairpin inlaid with a dragon holding a white pearl carefully in its mouth. As soon as he looked back up, his eyes brightened ever so slightly with a bit of haughtiness. Just his very appearance made them stunned at the sight.

"This official doesn't dare accept His Highness' greetings!"

Prime Minister Zhao quickly bowed his head and returnsd the greeting. Even though his status was Chen Yu's uncle, he was still an official who had a lower status than the crown prince.

Unlike Prime Minister Zhao who looked awkward and tense, Princess Chao Yang was filled with happiness. The genuine smile on her face never withered and her eyes even looked a little bit teary. The princess held her nephew's hands tightly as though she didn't want to let him go.

"Good Yu'er, no need to be so formal, we're family after all!" Princess Chao Yang spoke as she observed the young crown man's face. Chen Yu truly reminded her with the younger image of his Emperor Father, the princess' twin brother.

At the moment, they were still outside Prime Minister Zhao's manor. Since Chen Yu was an important guest, all the people had to come out and welcome him.

Currently, they all looked rigid and a bit tense. They tried to greet him with warm smiles but as soon as the prince's eyes swept over them, they narrowed a bit as a gruesome smile emerged, frightening them! But the prince quickly regained a gentle grin and continued holding onto the princess' hand as if what they saw was just their imagination.

After a few moments of exchanging words with his imperialaunt, Chen Yu's gentle gaze landed at the girl standing behind Princess Chao Yang. His smile grew wideras he spoke, "Xing'er has grown up a lot. You're getting more beautiful, like Imperial Aunt!"

It was indeed the first time for Zhao Xing to meet this cousin brother of her. However, since the man looked so refined and gentle, Zhao Xing felt like it wouldn't be so hard to get along with him. Moreover, she could see his sincerity for her mother and her. It seemed like her maternal family truly treasured her a lot. No wonder Prime Minister Zhao couldn't ditch them easily.

Not to mention, she didn't miss the way he menacingly smirked at the rest of the people here. Ah, she could truly count on her beloved cousin!

Grinning happily, the young girl slightly bent her knees and greeted her cousin, "It's been a long time, Cousin Brother! Also, Cousin Brother must be jesting. Xing'er can't be compared to Mother. Mother definitely more beautiful than Xing'er!"

Zhao Xing stole a glance at her mother, sticking her tongue out rather playfully when the princess turned to give her a look.

Zhao Xing's adorable gesture made Crown Prince Xian chuckle. He hasn't met this one and only cousin of his for such a long time, and she already changed a lot. Back then she was so timid and weak, he was honestly anxious to know whether or not she'd be bullied by other people.

Seeing her like this made the worries in his heart lessen just a little bit, but he still didn't like the idea of Zhao Xing being looked down upon others... especially that daughter of a concubine. He was worried about her the most.

"That's right ah, Imperial Aunt is still the best!" Chen Yu joined hands with Zhao Xing to tease his aunt.

Princess Chao Yang, whose face was already flushed red, pinched Zhao Xing and Chen Yu's noses. "You guys just reunited, but somehow you two are already bullying me ah!"

At the side, Concubine Yun and Zhao Qing watched this warm scene with blackened faces. Both of them gritted their teeth in hatred and clutched their sleeves till their knuckles turned white.

Since Chen Yu arrived and descended from his carriage, he never paid any attention to the pair of snake demonesses. He even only looked at Prime Minister Zhao with a glance... and they were fearful to witness those demon-like eyes of his again, so they had to bear through this sort of treatment silently.

"Alright, it's cold outside. Let's go inside and have some tea. Please come in, His Highness." Prime Minister Zhao quickly led the crown prince to the guest hall.

Since they had such a guest over, Zhao Qing and Concubine Yun couldn't join them due to their low statuses. Even though Concubine Yun was Prime Minister's most beloved woman, she was still a servant. Thus, the concubine had to serve them while her daughter stood outside.

Zhao Xing, this playful transmigrator, also didn't want to let go of this golden opportunity, she wanted to teach this concubine a lesson. With a gentle tone, the girl ordered Concubine Yun.

"Madam Yun, Xing'er heard from Mother that Crown Prince Brother likes osmanthus cake the most. If Madam Yun doesn't mind, Xing'er will have to trouble Madam Yun to ask the kitchen to make it for us."

Concubin Yun was serving tea to Prime Minister Zhao when she heard Zhao Xing's request. If her self-control wasn��t that good, she would've thrown the tea pot she currently held at Zhao Xing!

Gritting her teeth, Concubine Yun forced a smile and answered, "O-of course, Young Miss. This servant doesn't mind at all!"

Chen Yu was a quick-witted person, he naturally knew clearly what was inside his cousin sister's brain. If he was honest, he was a bit surprised at how fast Zhao Xing was to bully to concubine, but in the end, he didn't care. He knew how much Prime Minister Zhao cared about that woman more than his imperial aunt, so he smiled upon her actions.

Truly, he found her to be really adorable. And now that he was present, Zhao Xing felt like she had such a good backing to bully that wretched woman.

She mischievously grinned, not noticing Chen Yi catching it. His smile grew a bit wider. That was good, that was good! As his cousin sister, she should be brave like that. She shouldn't be afraid of anything!

Crown Prince Xian didn't stay long at the main guest hall. After handing the gift for Prime Minister Zhao, he asked a private moment with her aunt and cousin sister at the princess' pavilion. He had many things to say and brought many gifts for them.

"Imperial Aunt, Father Emperor asked me to pass this letter to you. Father Emperor also prepared these gifts for Imperial Aunt and Xing'er," Chen Yu spoke as he handed a thick letter to his imperial aunt.

At the moment, they were at the main hall of the princess's courtyard. While they stood, countless chests filled with treasures were coming in through the entrance, stacking themselves against one another which somehow made the large area a bit cramped.

Zhao Xing really liked this cousin of hers. Even though he was the crown prince, he wasn't haughty at all! In front of her mother, he even referred himself as 'I' or 'me', he didn't dare to use honorifics like other royals. It showed how much he really respected her mother as his elder and family member.

Princess Chao Yang couldn't hold back her tears anymore the moment she received her twin brother's letter. She began to suddenly miss her home so much!

"How is your Father Emperor and Empress Mother's health? Both of them are good, right?" Princess Chao Yang asked earnestly. Beside her, Zhao Xing was helping to wipe the tears off her beautiful face.

Chen Yu let out a smile to reassure his imperial aunt. "Both Father Emperor and Empress Mother are healthy. Imperial Aunt doesn't need to worry."

Emperor Wen of Great Chen was the role model of a good emperor. While he managed to lead his kingdom to prosperity, he only has the empress beside him. Even though there are several concubines on his harem, the emperor basically never touched them.

And since Empress Su was Princess Chao Yang's close childhood friend, it was natural they had a very good relationship. Emperor Wen and Empress Su only had two sons, so it was no wonder if they treated Zhao Xing like a precious pearl in their eyes. She was the closest thing to a daughter they had.

"How about your brother? I haven't heard about Yi'er for so long."

Crown Prince Xian chuckled upon remembering his only younger brother. Unlike him, Chen Yi had a free and unrestrained spirit. He likes to jump from one place to another, making their parents got headaches.

However, deep inside, the crown prince knew his brother wasn't doing that for fun only. Chen Yi secretly supported him and wandered around,voluntarily becoming his spy. Chen Yi was also good at military strategies as he held the authority of Great Chen's navy, making it stronger day by day.

"Imperial Aunt doesn't need to worry about him either. As long as he's not sending any letters to me or Father Emperor for help, he's still alive and well," The crown prince answered half-jokingly.

"It seems like Second Cousin's life is so fun! He can wander around wherever he wants! So good!"

Zhao Xing couldn't help but admire this second cousin of hers. He really has a good life ah! His parents were incredibly cool and his elder brother was perfect. Chen Yi didn't even need to join the imperial court and could play wherever he wants!

Chen Yu chuckled upon seeing Zhao Xing's slightly puffed up cheeks. "Xing'er, if you manage to meet your second Cousin Brother in the future, make sure to rob him. He has many treasures with him!"

Zhao Xing quickly saluted Chen Yi. "Yes, Sir!"

"Look at you guys, up to no good again!" Princess Chao Yang covered her mouth with her handkerchief, softly giggling.

Smiling widely, Chen Yu looked at his imperial aunt and asked, "Imperial Aunt, it's been a long time since the last time Yu'er visited Northern Qi's capital city. If Imperial Aunt doesn't mind, the day after the celebration banquet, Yu'er will borrow Xing'er for a while to stroll around the capital. Yu'er also wants to introduce Xing'er to Yu'er's good friend."

"Good, good! Yu'er can bring her anywhere you want!"

● ● ●

Outside the capital city, deep inside a bamboo forest, two men clad in black attire knelt in front of a man. The man, wearing a plain silver robe, held a ghastly expression that made his usual seductive appearance somewhat ghoulish. Wu Ruyi looked down upon the men, snorting. They held double-edge swords in the palms of their hands before cupping them together in greeting. They quickly looked down at the ground, not daring to look directly at Ruyi's enchanting face.

"Master, we have investigated carefully and couldn't find any link between Second Miss and General Gao. Both of them never met before. Before Second Miss was sent to Fenglong Mountain, Second Miss never went out from Prime Minister Zhao's manor, and the general was still at the border."

Although it was cold standing around in this forest, Wu Ruyi was enveloped in achillier aura, his eyes seething with a burning passionate while his lips were pursed, still not satisfied with this information. How could he? Zhao Xing has never met another man besides him before, yet she suddenly take an interest in that general? The very thought of Zhao Xing being enamored by that man made his jaw click. His gaze grew even more scornful, suddenly clashing with that lovely face of his. The two men felt trepidation crawl up their skins and into their bones, hardly believing that for one second this master of theirs would ever be gentle. He was the devil incarnate, and the only time they realized he was truly peaceful was when their master was around Zhao Xing!

One of them quickly spoke up, finishing the rest of their report, "However, this servant heard several weeks ago, there was an ambush near the Fenglong Mountain Villa. We found a headband with General Gao elite troop's emblem at the scene. This servant isn't sure if it's Gene—"

"Nonsense! Gao Chang Gong's martial arts is still unparalled. I believe he wasn't that weak to suffer any injuries in that minor ambush." Wu Ruyi quickly snapped, "I want you to investigate this matter closely. Find the person who managed to slip into Fenglong Mountain that night! Don't come back unless you bring me that person!"

"This servant understands!"

As soon as they disappeared, Wu Ruyi kept muttering incoherently to himself, bringing his hand up as he bit down on his thumb. His enchanting face and lovely voice turned harsh and brittle, no longer keeping up with that gentle facade he forces himself to wear. He kept talking, walking around in a small circle while thinking about who was the one that managed to slip into Zhao Xing's old courtyard. He was growing impatient day by day, obsessed with wanting to know and hoping, praying to whatever ancestors were there that the person couldn't have been the general.

As he continued, the two men that left in a hurry glanced at each other fearfully. They thought with Miss Zhao Xing, their master would be less of a devil. They were wrong! They were tricked by that calm facade of his! They had grown hopeful, a little brave to stand beside their master at knowing he was being obedient all because of Zhao Xing. Who would've known he'd still bare his fangs with such wickedness even though Zhao Xing held a tight leash around his neck? With such possessiveness that Wu Ruyi held, how could they not fear him even more?

And so they silently and urgently left this time, praying that when Wu Ruyi returns, Zhao Xing could tame his devilish temper.

Author's Note:

[1] Qi 棋 is a board game and art form which is now called weiqi (圍棋) in Chinese (Go in Japan and the West).


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