Journey Towards Greatness
689 Cat Got Your Tongue?
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Journey Towards Greatness
Author :Evil_God_ZARAK
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689 Cat Got Your Tongue?

With Darumaka's win everyone became silent as they didn't see this coming as well, they couldn't have predicted such an outcome, when Darumaka got trapped in the Ice everyone thought that Darumaka is going to lose.

Breaking through Ice is extremely hard, luckily Darumaka had enough firepower to break through it and come out unscathed, and on top of that, he caused everything around him to go dry.

The whole battlefield is not filled with cracks, it looked like dry barren land.

Kelly was shocked by this, she lost again, she wiped off the sweat from her face as she noticed her whole body was covered in sweat, the whole battlefield was like an oven, thankfully the battlefield had ventilation which allowed the hot air to escape out of the room and get replaced by cold air in the battlefield.

The data on the screen above them changed as well, Julian's first win was registered while Kelly's first loss was registered as well.

Kelly sighed. She realized that she needs to do a lot more if she wants to battle Julian on the same level again, she called back her Dewott and walked towards Julian, she noticed his Darumaka dancing around happily, she smiled seeing how happy the little fellow was.

Kelly "That was a great battle, but I still need to do a lot more"

She said and extended her hand.

Julian "You were really good, you got me in a few spots"

He said.

He acknowledges Kelly as she is a really good trainer, most of them won't be able to even land a hit on Julian if he doesn't want that to happen but Kelly did it anyway, she managed to trap his Darumaka and then freeze him.

Kelly could have done a lot better but the strength of her pokemon was limited as it is still in its second stage and from the looks of it, it would be able to evolve very soon, the same could be said for Darumaka as well, he is very close to evolving.

Being a species of pokemon that only have two evolution states, Darumakas are known to take some time to evolve into their final form but when it comes to Julian's Darumaka he reached that level very quickly.

Following him, even Drilbur is very close to evolving into his final form, Julian is also in search of a trainer who has a Shelmet so his Karrablast can evolve or if he gets lucky he can find one in the wild, he doesn't want to catch one so he thought of finding a trainer who wants their Shelmet to evolve.

It will be a win-win situation for both Julian and the Shelmet's trainer as both pokemon can evolve into their final form.

Kelly "I was just lucky"

She said embarrassed, even though she tried her hardest she couldn't defeat this man in front of her, she was embarrassed to tell him that she gave her all in that.

Julian just smiled and decided to leave, his Darumaka got enough training and now its time for him to take on the gym of Nimbasa city.

This will be his fourth gym and the gym leaders from here won't play nice at all, especially the gym leader of Nimbasa city, he read on the internet that she is very hard on her opponents and won't go easy even for a beginner who just got their pokemon.

Electric types are one of the most destructive types of pokemons and they only have one weakness giving them an advantage over any other type of pokemons, they also have three resistance, also making them very favorable among young trainers who want a balanced pokemon that can do it all.

Julian and Kelly walked out of the battleground and they noticed trainers staring at them, some of them approached them and asked for a battle, Julian decided to refuse them as he has other things to do while Kelly decided to stay as she wanted to train a little more.

Seeing that Julian doesn't want to battle anymore, many trainers felt disappointed but they couldn't do anything except it, if someone doesn't want to battle then there is no way of convincing them.

"Hey, aren't you the one I saw outside, I am surprised that you got inside"

Julian suddenly heard a voice from behind, he turned around and noticed a young man with a sung face looking at him, this was the same person that told Julian to step aside when he was entering the Battle Institute.

Julian 'Oh, its this idiot! What was his name again?'

Julian thought as he looked at the young man in front of him.

"You what are you staring at, do you even know who I am?"

The man asked. It was clear that he was very famous seeing the reaction of the trainers in the room, it was clear that no one wanted to mess with him.

"No, I don't know who you are"

Julian said.

"Yes, I am the...... Wait, you don't know who I am, how dare you?"

It looked like Julian offended him just because he didn't know who he was.

Julian "What is not knowing you a crime now?"

Julian asked. He found this current incident funny so he decided to mess with this man who was clearly a man child, at this moment of his life, Julian didn't even bother with people like this, sometimes he just interacted with them just for some fun.

"Yes, its a crime, I am the greatest trainer in Unova, there is no one in Nimbasa city that doesn't know my name"

The man said.

Julian "Oh, are you the champion of Unova?"

Julian asked. The more this young man talked the more amusing it got for Julian, he didn't think he would meet someone who is so up their head that they think they are the best in the world.

"What? No, I am not the champion"

He said.

Julian "Then someone from the Elite Four?"


Julian "Then how are you the strongest trainer in Unova, did your dad give you that title?"

Julian asked with a smoking voice, this of course caused some people to laugh a little but they quickly quieted down as they didn't want to face the consequence for laughing at this man.

" don't know who you are messing with?"

It is clear now that this man is clearly pissed off.

Julian "Who else will it be then your dad? It is clear as a day that you are your daddy's boy so after getting embarrassed here you will run and go to your daddy and complain about what happened here, am I wrong?"

Julian asked.

The young man couldn't talk at all, he was really embarrassed, he was just about to tell who his father was and now Julian figured it out before he could tell it and called him out on top of that, it would be a huge blow to his ego if he proves Julian's words true.

He is forced into a corner and he could already hear giggles from the crowd, never in his life has someone talked back to him, his family statues always allowed him to do whatever he wants and now that someone who is not intimidated by his family appeared his bravado shattered into pieces.

Julian "Hey I am waiting, did a cat get your tongue?"

Julian asked. He was really enjoying this, he was clearly being a hypocrite here, he didn't allow Gengar to have any fun but when it came to him, he didn't hold back either, well in Julian's case he only used words while Gengar would get a little physical but at the end, it didn't matter.

Gengar was clearly seeing this and cursing.


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