4 Chapter 4
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Author :Kristen_Ashburn
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4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Her grin was victorious. "What is your name, boy?"

"Koroshi," I told her.

"I am Aneka, these are my brothers; Santros and Sundaje." She stepped up to me, and held out a spiked collar. "Lean forward."

I didn't know what her thought was, but I did as I was told. I was a slave, after all. I knew that I was supposed to do what I was told to do.

The instant that the collar was put on me, pain shocked and burned into me, and I could see steam as the flesh of my skin under the collar was seared. I cried out, my body falling to the ground, and they used the opportunity to shackle my wrists and ankles with similar leather, spiked bands that shocked and burned.

I shook on the ground, my body shocked from the trauma, and I whirled my eyes to look at the woman.

"Slave," she addressed me. "Come here, and fuck me," She sneered. And she had the audacity to lay back on the corpse of my wife, and spread her legs for me.

I shook my head. But the second that I went to vocalize the word, "No", my tongue was seized by a burning pain and the collar and wrist and ankle restraints shocked and burned me, and even as I cried out in surprised pain, I could see blood pooling around the bands.

My body immediately reacted. Against my will, my body stood and even as her brothers simply turned around, facing the other way, I took Aneka right there on the ground… on top of my dead spouse.

I vomited afterward.


September, 1719 A.D.

It wasn't very long before word was reaching my ears of Kindlyn Aaron, married and name changed to Kindlyn James. I knew that Lord Dragon was involved, and I could only assume that this Kindlyn was actually Kysael. I had heard that she was frozen in time, that she was waiting to be released. Is that what had happened to my father…? Had he simply been frozen in sealing?

Was he actually alright?

I sighed, leaning back as I waited for my masters to arrive. They had summoned me to this location.

They had me to do the most atrocious things, and I hated them. I hated everything.

They let me roam, mostly. I could never escape them. When they wanted me, they simply called me through my slavery bands, and they gave me a slight tingle, up to a horrid burn, the further away from them that I got. So the more the pain eased, the closer I knew that I was getting to them.

This is where the pain had stopped, so I knew that this was where they wanted me. I couldn't recognize the location, in particular.

I sighed. I had thankfully gotten a letter sent out to Dragon, explaining my situation.

And I got a reply, telling me all of the current happenings with Kysael. She was currently my last living relative, through my half sister. I knew that if anyone could help me, she could. I simply had to wait for her to be awakened yet again.

Dragon told me that it shouldn't be too long.

I shouldn't have to wait too much longer. And hopefully, then, Kysael could free me.

All I knew was that I could only dream of the day that I would have my freedom, and I continued to dream about a girl who had Shizuko's green eyes, her face shape, her mannerisms… but with golden hair. And she stood alongside Kysael in another time.

I could hardly wait to be free.


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