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Author :Tarun
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In one piece world, devil fruit are mystical fruits found, when consumed, provide the eater a special ability. All Devil fruits are categorized into three types:

*PARAMECIA: These types of fruits offer their users superhuman physical abilities or traits, such as Earthquake fruit, Rubber fruit.

*ZOAN: Zoan-type devil fruit user gain the ability to transform into an animal and acquire every trait affiliated with said animal. Mythology Zoan fruit provide user ability of myths animal or imaginary power, such as phoenix fruit and Buddha fruit.

*LOGIA: Logia-type devil fruits offer their users the ability to transform themselves into an element, whether it is solid elements like ice or sand, liquids like mud's or syrups, gases like fire, smoke.

Other than Natural Born devil fruits, artificial devil fruits are also created by Vegapunk and SMILE devil fruits groomed by Dwarves of the Tontatta Kingdom under the Donquixote Pirate group.

All Devil fruits users are weak against water; the power itself may still work underwater.

Tom focused on devil fruit icon on the left bottom end of floating screen and new screen pop out, which will allowed him to create his own devil fruit.

The first thought came to Tom's mind is creating Earthquake-Earthquake fruits, cause it's the most powerful fruit till shown in anime, but the system reject it as 'fruits already exists'.

Thus Tom is required to create an original devil fruit, Tom start to explore all option available for creating the fruit. Accordingly to system this devil fruit can contain attribute of all three types of devil fruit.

Tom decide to create most powerful logia fruit, containing all five element,i.e. Fire, Wind, Water, lighting and Earth. As water can't be integrated in devil fruit, he decide to use ice element.

Tom also used Zoan type attribute by converting

Fire in Sun fire (used by Yamamoto, in bleach anime).

Ice in Dragon Ice (used by Hitsugaya Toshiro, the young boy captain of the 10th Squad, in bleach anime)

Wind in Wind magic (used by Yuno in black cover anime)

Lighting in Holy lighting (used by Akeno Himejima in high school DxD anime)

Earth in Golden Sand (used by Gaara in Naruto anime)

After finalizing the elements, Tom click on create Devil fruits.

<<Creating Element Devil fruit>>

<<Integrating space and time power in Element fruit>>

<<Creation complete>>

In front of Tom, A fruit of seven Colors, came out of nowhere. Tom immediately eat the fruit afraid that fruit would vanish.

After eating the devil fruit, warmth filled the whole body of the Tom and his body start's changing Colors from red to blue, green, yellow, brown, gray, black and finally return back to normal.

Tom open his eye and start analysis the changes in body. With a thought a fire, ice, wind, lighting and Earth appear on his five fingers.

After playing with elements for some time, Tom open his status bar




Element fruit:-0

Infinity points:-10 (free points which can be added in any of above attributes and obtain by slaying pirates or by completing mission issued by the system)>>

Creating the devil fruit completely exhaust Tom mentally and thus Tom fainted immediately after checking his attributes.


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