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Author :Tarun
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Early next Morning .

A ray of dawn rising from the horizon as it filled the world with vitality .

Tom excitement surged . He want to began training as fast as possible, so he can strengthen his attribute and devil fruit.

So , He got up early in a state of excitement.

Tom noticed that there wasn't any sense of fatigue .

It seem that because, Tom's soul attribute being higher, Tom's recovery is stronger than normal people.

It was really magical, as long as it's the next day no matter how tired he was, he will look new. That made Tom best suited to training .

Garp return late in night. Tom was too lazy to wake him up. Tom just walked out and begin simple punching practice.

This is the Marine's headquarter camp training method. Not anyone can learn the Rokushiki even in The marine-ford camp and he will need a strong physique to use it anyway.

Tom was interested in Soru , the high speed movement technique in the Rokushiki, it will help him greatly when fighting with a sword.

As for a gun he won't need one since he decided to use sword . So he won't need to learn gun tricks and so on …

These two weapons will make who learn how to use them stronger.

For the present Tom doesn't lack any practice method. So as long as he want something he probably will get it from Garp . Thus all he need now is focus on training and get stronger as fast as possible and Strengthen his attributes.

"Haa !!"

After exercising for about an hour. Tom's body was sweating all over. His shirt was soaked. So he stopped and breathed a sigh of relief.

Now Tom decided to see the effect of his Devil fruit. Tom stood up and went to the center of the courtyard.

"Let's first see the Sun fire damage effect" Tom try to launch sun fire from his finger.

In the process Tom could feel some kind of power suddenly seeped out of his soul.

"aaaaaah" Tom suddenly yells.

In the air suddenly there was a golden flame toward the direction Tom was pointing his finger. Then a bunch of debris from the courtyard fell down.

The debris was instantly ignited.

Raging flames rised to the sky which turned the debris into black dust and gradually extinguished.

Tom try to increase the temperature of flame to match Ryujin Jakka, but failed to do so.

<<For using Ryujin jakka or shikai form, devil fruit attribute must be at 100 points and for using bankai form, devil fruit attribute must be at 300 points>>

From this information,Tom knows that for know he can only use normal sun flame and other attributes.

But looking at burning scene Tom still felt satisfaction.

"If this is just a normal flame what will the flame of Ryujin Jakka do or even … zanka no tachi do ". with this though Tom was still feel extremely happy.


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