5 Training
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Author :Tarun
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5 Training

In the courtyard.

Golden sunlight spilled down , filled the filled the world with vitality.

at this point Tom's body was covered with sweat , He was breathing heavely as if he reached the limit of his body.

He was doing the most simple most basic squat training. His sweat made the ground wet .He was breathing heavily but still saying a number every time he squat down .

5201 … 5202 …

His legs turned numb He almost couldn't feel them but still gritted his teeth and continued he want to break his limit.

TOM use simple method to increase his strength attribute. If we were to compare him to the rest of the recruit right now , he won't be at the bottom anymore.

He was able to reach his limits again . This was precisely possible because of his abnormally strong soul which made him exceed his physical limit . although it was painful but he could do it .

He could bear this kind of pain.

Tom couldn't feel his legs anymore . They turned completely numb. So for a short time he won't be able to stand up .

after a while.

Tom seem to regain the feeling in his legs and tried to stand up.

Nearly a three month time passed .

This month's Tom almost everyday was Breaking his limit while he continued to develop his devil fruit.

Everyday after physical exercise, Tom use his elements to gain mastery over his elements.

Till now Tom only able to use basic elements power, but he still feel satisfied, as he now able to control the domain of his power. Now he doesn't need to fear the fire released by him would burn everything, even when he doesn't want that to be Burnes.

Everyday Tom's physical strength increased more then the previous day.

Seem because of his soul is stronger breaking his physical limit was easy for him.

and he could bear the pain.

in this month's Tom's body changed a lot .His body become more perfect.

Tom was very satisfied himself.

His strength upgraded far more .

If a month ago his strength was just 40 point then now he reached 100 point .

his strength doubled in just a month .

this is the result of his training .

and the only after effect to breaking his limit is his appetite ill grow .

Tom now could guess why the original protagonist eat so much .

in addition even if the devil fruit points didn't increase as much as his physical strength but it still upgraded a few times .

With a though, infront of his eye the status bar suddenly appeared .




Element fruit:-50

Infinity points:-10 (free points which can be added in any of above attributes and obtain by slaying pirates or by completing mission issued by the system)>>

niques But this flame could cover that for now .

In this month's Tom strength promoted greatly .

Even Tom himself didn't know how strong he was because all this time he was always training alone.

Now Tom is only waiting for final examination.


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