6 FINAL Examination
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Author :Tarun
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6 FINAL Examination

Sunrise, sunset, five days quietly passed….

In the courtyard, a young boy was shadowboxing in a glade. The piece of courtyard was being distributed by young boy's fists.


As soon as the youth punched the wooden pillar in front of him, a 'peng' rang into the air. Even though the wooden pillar had been infused with special medicines to make it more durable, it broke in half with that single fist.

As the punch finished, not even waiting for the dust to land, he whipped his leg downwards and split the wooden pillar in half.

"Although I still haven't been able to unlock logia form of devil fruit but my strength increased." This youth was naturally Tom.

"It's been fives day, Tomorrow will be the elite camp final examination. I should have no problem in passing, but to get first position, we have to wait and watch" Tom said as he picked up his clothes from a large rock. He also took a quick wash in room

Under the shining sun, Tom's muscles were symmetrically solid. The light made his skin gleam with lustre, and it was filled with an aesthetic strength. Just from looking at this back, it was hard to believe that this was the youth who joined elite camp before 3 month's.

After washing himself, Tom start resting. As tomorrow is exam, he decide to rest today.


While Tom was relaxing, other's are nervous regarding the examination.

And a message was spread like fire.

"of course i heard, that's why all the training from before is for this assessment … and it's said if you get first or if your performance is good you'd be able to get in the hidden elite camp and be trained by admiral Z."

Recruits talked about and admired former admiral Z . They couldn't help but show worship and respect for him .

The Marine would organize an assessment . An actual combat that are moderated by the admirals and all recruits have to participate.

There is about 5 group for the elite camp by 5 instructors and the hidden elite camp had only one group.

and the highest rank after graduation for the hidden elite camp is captain and the lowest is Lieutenant Commander .

and the most important thing is that the hidden elite camp's instructor is former admiral Z .

Entering into the hidden elite camp is like a dream for all recruits because all the Marine current admirals trained under Z in the elite camp.

everyone was exited thinking about this.

There are some people who already now that they don't have a chance so they discussed who from the recruits will enter the elite camp.

"I estimate that Tina from the 3th group will be first"

"Tina ? … Yes no one can win against him . She is far too strong . I heard that she is very skilled in sword, even instructor had praise her."

Even if all are recruits but the strongest in each group can easily beat other recruits.

and even the strongest from the 5th group was bitten by Tina for harrassing her.

"Yes Tina is the strongest but can she still be in the hidden elite camp".

hearing this someone from the crowd couldn't help but laugh.

"strongest ? didn't you know that all those in the hidden elite camp are monsters?"

Next people looked at each other . Most of them shook their head apparently they didn't know anything about the elite camp . So everyone's eyes directed at the one who spoke.

That recruit seeing that many eyes are looking at him , took a deep breath and turned serious and said "It is said that The current elite camp's strongest is someone called smoker and his got the Moku Moku no Mi."

"Do you know what that means ?"

after a moment of silence.

suddenly after understanding his meaning everyone's eye shined .

"isn't that the strongest type of devil fruit the Logia ? Is there anyone who can win against me."

"Isn't this awesome."

"If this is true then, I think no one could win against him."

Such discussion is going around in whole elite camp, while Tom was still sleeping.


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