Living with Pico
3 The Meeting
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Living with Pico
Author :David_Abule
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3 The Meeting

Once he arrived at the coffee shop, the old man that runs the shop greeted him.


The old man calls his grandson.

"Pico, we have a customer"

"Coming... welcome"

Pico pours a cup of water to serve and to Kizuki's suprise, it was that beautiful girl he saw on the rock, well it should be.

"He's my grandson, he's come to visit during the summer vacation."

"um... what would you like?"

"the usual" answered the grandpa.

"uhm, sure give me the usual that i order."

Pico went to go make some black ice coffee and served it to Kizuki.

"would you like some milk?"

"yes, quite a bit, i want it milky today"

"he doesn't have any friends here, you know? if you don't mind, keep him company every now and then." said the grandpa


"thanks a lot, I don't want him being all alone while on vacation here at my place."

Pico starts pouring the milk on Kizuki's coffee but he accidentally spills all of it.

"aaahhh" then he tips the water beside him. "i'm sorry"

Kizuki grabs a napkin and cleans the spilled milk and water.

"hehehe, don't worry, you seem to be the type that gets flustered a lot, a very milky coffee suits my taste anyway"

Pico sticks out his tongue and blushes. Then he left his side and went to the back, while occasionally peeks at him.

'he sure is cute, and is very deadly to my heart'

Kizuki sips his coffee slowly, enjoying his time of stays while being peek at by the very feminine boy and somehow remember the manga he started to love to read called my wife is a man.

After his coffee break. "bye grandpa, bye pico, i will be coming tomorrow to have you come sightseeing with me."

"see you next time" said grandpa.

"thank you for coming" pico bows slightly.

Once Kizuki got home, he strips off his clothes to take a nice hot shower and went to bed. 'That boy is really cute, my heart just can't stop beating when i see his face, ugh' Kizuki then went to sleep.


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