Living with Pico
5 Forbidden Noise in the Woods
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Living with Pico
Author :David_Abule
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5 Forbidden Noise in the Woods

Kizuki leads Pico to the woods behind them, heading deeper and deeper, deep enough so people wouldn't see them in broad daylight.

Kizuki place Pico behind the tree, Kizuki leans forward on Pico, he place his left hand on the tree above Pico and his right hand holding Pico's chin facing him. "Pico, you're so cute"

Pico blushes and before Pico gets to reply, Kizuki kiss him on the lips, sucking his lower lips and letting go to catch a breath every few seconds.

Kizuki right hands starts slithering down onto Pico's waste and his left hand going to Pico's chest.

Kizuki starts penetrating Pico's mouth with his tongue and twirling and messing up the inside Pico's mouth.

Entangling and swirling their tongue like a coil or a snake, their mouth starts getting sloppy and while Kizuki massage Pico's chest, Pico's leg starts to turn jelly and fall down, but Kizuki firms his grip on Pico's waist supporting him to stand up.

Kizuki removed Pico's jacket, and parting his lips with Pico, they both are panting at the same rythm trying to catch their breath, Kizuki starts removing Pico's shirt and lean his head to start kissing Pico's neck, slowly heading his way to Pico's nipple, licking and sucking it like a baby.

"Mokkun, that tickles"

Kizuki rubs Pico's other chest with his free hand while the other slides down toward between Pico's legs inside his short shorts, Kizuki felt a small stiff ochinchin and eggs in his hand and finds it funny on how cute it is.

Kizuki massage Pico's ochinchin and eggs, Pico starts to pant more heavily and shivering from the pleasure that Kizuki is giving him. "Mokkun, I'm coming!" In a few seconds he squirted out white liquid all over inside his shorts and on Kizuki's hands.

Pico fell on his bum and Kizuki knelt infront of him, Kizuki place his hand in front of Pico's face. "lick it clean, Pico" saying it in a way like a master giving his order in a lovable way.

While Pico is panting and blushing from the earlier pleasure, he grabs Kizuki's wet and white covered hands with both of his hands. "Mokkun~!"

Pico starts licking Kizuki's hands until no more white stuff is covering it. Kizuki stand up and put down his pants having his big ochinko in front of Pico's face.

"Mokkun, so big"

"Pico, start licking this too"

Pico place his hands at the hard ochinko rubs it a bit, Pico stick out his tongue and licks at the big ochinko up and down from the head to the base. "Pico, suck it inside your mouth"

Pico nods his head place the ochinko in his mouth, Kizuki place his hand on Pico's head and slowly shove his ochinko inside Pico's mouth in and out. "Pico, massage my eggs with your free hand and my rest of my ochinko with the other"

Pico's mouth is full of slobber and ochinko juice, twisting his tongue around the ochinko and sucking and licking it like a popsicle stick. "Pico, I'm coming"

Kizuki holds Pico's head and squirted out all his white liquid deep in Pico's mouth. "Pico don't spill anything and don't swallow"

Pico tried his best to keep it all in till Kizuki finish.

Kizuki pulls out his ochinko and Pico place his hands on his mouth to keep the white liquid from spilling out. Kizuki leans toward Pico.

"Pico, open your mouth and let me see"

Pico opened his mouth with the white liquid floating all over with his hand trying to catch anything that would spill

"swirl your tongue and have thoroughly taste it"

Pico swirls his tongue creating a vortex in his mouth with the white liquid floating all over his mouth while occasionally creating a bubble from Pico trying to exhale his air put and avoid swallowing and choking.

"swallow it Pico"

Pico swallows the white liquid as well as the once that's on his hands, Pico shows his mouth to Kizuki that he swallowed everything.

"good job, Pico" Patting Pico's head with congratulations.

Kizuki starts fully undressing Pico and went behind his back, putting his arm under Pico's knee and lift him above his ochinko. Kizuki whispers to Pico directly in his ears. "Pico, I'll start penetrating you ok?"

"Mokkun, I'm scared"

"don't worry, i'll be gentle and take it slow"

Kizuki starts lowering Pico, having his ochinko start penetrating inside Pico's bum. Pico gasp from the big ochinko that is slowly going inside him, enduring the pain of the stretch that his bum has never widened up before when he excretes.

"are you ok, Pico?"

"yeah, keep going, Mokkun"

Kizuki rubs Pico's ochinchin while slowly pushing his ochinko deeper until everything is inside.

Pico ejaculates again and white liquid starts shooting far like a squirt gun. "we won't be stopping until I also cum" whispering in Pico's ear.

Kizuki bits and licks Pico's ear teasingly before he started lifting Pico up and down while swaying his hips back and forth, closing Pico's legs with one hand while rubbing Pico's sensitive ochinchin with the other, tightening Pico's bum, giving Kizuki a tighter sensation and bringing up his speed as he hammered him like an expert.

Both of them starts panting heavily with their hearts beating rapidly like a fast drum beat, both in rythm, creating a sloppy sound of going in and out of Pico's bum, ravaging it and turning it inside out.

"Pico, I'm cumming inside!"

Kizuki shove his ochinko one last time deep inside Pico and releasing his white hot liquid that cause a burning sensation wash up the inside of his stomach like a hot enema, Pico also ejaculated at the same time as the white hot liquid burst inside, squirted his own white liquid all over himself, covering his face and body with the white liquid like having just gone out of a milky bath.

Kizuki pulls out his ochinko and the white liquid starts pouring out like a small stream from mountains.

"Pico, I love you" Kizuki kiss Pico in the cheeks where the white liquid didn't splash.

"I love you to, Mokkun"

... Kizuki place Pico down gently and put on his clothes first to get tissue from his hurriedly, running back to Pico to help wipe his body from the white mess before putting back Pico's clothes. They both start heading back home, dropping Pico to his grandfather's place at Café Bebe, saying good bye to Pico before going back home to wash up ending his day with a thump on the bed.


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