Player Vs Player
1 Twinkle
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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1 Twinkle


Player 1(The Mage)==✨

Player 2(The warrior)==🤛

Player 3(The Druid)==🖤

Group speak (Tele-pathic)

The year is 3789 and for over a thousand years, world peace had been established. With the emergence of Virtual Reality, reality itself became an educational tool for the young.

The people are raised by Robotic AI and are put to work from the age of three to cultivate the necessary nutrients. They are given simple tasks that help to teach them all the skills they would need in the virtual world.

At 12, you are considered an adult and given access to the virtual world. That is when you begin to cultivate the "character" you will use the rest of your life.

Everyone played the same game, w@rt0rn, it was the only thing that existed. There was no other option.

In order to maintain peace, a perfect solution was created.

The servers reset every year starting the game over again. Players were allowed to keep their accumulated stat points, skills and spell ranks.

War Points, the lifeblood that all strived to collect, were calculated each year.

This determined which server a player would be assigned to when the game resets.

There is only one server that is broadcasted year round, the Professional Server.

It is the Ultimate achievement to reach this pinnacle. To become the entertainment of the world.

Humans live to be 80 years old before they "Retire". After that point, they are no longer allowed to play W@rt0n and retire their character to the Hall of Fame.

Those who are soon to retire are known as "The Ancient Ones". These players have maxed out stats and all skills/spells are at least Grandmaster Rank.

All are born the same. The same basic test tube.

Every choice that could be made has been calculated, predefined by a perfect computer program. Humankind can only learn so much, can only do so much with what they are given. Drawing a circle in the sand, calling it infinity, humanity is placed within. Knowing that if forced to follow the edge of the circle, one would forever travel in ignorant bliss.

That was until Three players were born of an accident. One tiny almost imperceptible computer code error was written into the main program. This code was hidden and over 1000 iterations of the same successful program were executed before this malfunction came to light.

Three players were born different.

They still remembered their previous lives.



Finally, after all this time it was their turn in the limelight.

They had trained and fought, climbing the ladders together until they had at long last reached the Pinnacle.

Professional Gaming. The Professional Server.

They were the youngest professional players in existence. The vast stat gap that comes with age is typically impossible for anyone under 75 to overcome. Yet, their persistence and teamwork led them to accumulate vast amounts of Warpoints each year. Their existence upon the professional server should have been impossible.

Assimilation beginning.




Welcome to W@r T0rn

Player 1-'Twinkle'=[✨]-Class-Mage-Highest Stat-Intelligence-87/100



Player 2-'Fist Bump'=[🤛]''Class-Warrior-

Highest Stat-Strength-87/100



Player 3-'BlackHeart'=[🖤]''Class-Druid-

Highest Stat-Wisdom-87/100



Assimilation Complete.


[Player 1- Twinkle]

The three players open their eyes and looked around gazing for a moment at their surroundings before hurriedly performing their tasks.

Twinkle was ready. He had prepared the others for a long time. He planned on fully utilizing the knowledge he had gained. Already the results in the previous years were astounding. It was time. Twinkle was focused on his next move.

Each year the servers reset, but the knowledge, skills, and spells are retained. Twinkle and his two partners had gained a lot of skills and spells in the previous years. Using their knowledge they had found every secret in war-torn. This led to many legendary spells and skills.

Twinkle truthfully wanted a few more years before he challenged the professional servers, but they had gained far too many War-points.

Group invites sent. Party formed. Players(3)

Long ago, groups were given the ability to communicate without talking or typing, like a form of telepathy. This has been a standard in gaming for hundreds of years.

The group was tense, so twinkle spoke up in group chat.

[Group][✨]"Alright split up and grab the basics for your sub-classes. You have ten minutes. "

[Group][🤛]"On it. Remember the first event that awards War Points is in four hours. "

FistBump, a warrior who managed to use a spear in every previous lifetime. He was a large man of about six seven. His Avatar had red hair and a great burly beard, possibly to appear older. He moved quickly into town to get supplies.

[Group][🖤]"Yes, time is of the essence we are outclassed in stats we must get our equalizers before then. "

BlackHeart, a druid who had become like a sister to Twinkle, albeit a grouchy one.

She had pure white skin and long golden hair that flowed past her hips.

[Group[✨]"Just follow the plan and we will be fine. I will place the marker on your map in ten minutes. "

Twinkie quickly gathered his own supplies and equipment.

Ten minutes later the group had gathered outside of town. They each had all the basics of their sub-classes along with a few other items.

[Group][✨]"Let's go, we don't have time we are one minute late. "

-[Group][🤛]"Alright Sparkles let's go. "

-Remember, you only have to put up with that name until he makes your weapons. He does it every game. He knows I need him.

The group sets off, moving past the countless groups of pro's farming the beginning mobs.

[Group][🖤]"We have a group following us.."

[Group][✨] "Plan A, take em out! We can't afford to be delayed. "

Like a well-oiled machine, BlackHeart[🖤] and FistBump[🤛] split off, leaving the Mage alone.

Twinkle ignores those behind him and leaves his back to them. He pulls a Lvl 1 weak rat with a basic magic missile.


Twinkle hated magic missile and had never used it. This was meant to be a flight to draw them in.

He made it seem as though he was having a hard time with the rat, and the attacking group took this opportunity to rush him.

[Group][🖤] "They are all warriors, this will be a cakewalk. "

The group of warriors uses charge to engage at the same time in a common tactic. No mage should be able to dodge or counter such a quick change in position.


As the warriors close in, a Frost Nova bursts outward from Twinkle[✨], freezing the warriors in place.



BlackHeart[🖤] casts Earthen Upheaval.

The earth shakes and like a geyser the ground below them explodes, knocking them 10 ft in the air.


The look of surprise on their faces was priceless.

Fistbump[🤛] was ready, having leaped into the air he used a two-handed AOE smash attack.

The warriors crash to the ground.


Twinkle[✨] casts a fireball at his foes as they hit the ground, burning them alive. In a moment to their skin becomes blackened ashes.


🛎️You have slain player

🛎️You have slain player

🛎️You have slain player

🛎️You have slain player

The most rotten kind of player, Twinkle hated these scavengers that tried to prey upon the weak.

[Group][✨] "Get their shit and let's go. This took to long. "

Fistbump[🤛] grabs a spear from one of the warriors, his preferred weapon.

He kills the Lvl 1 rat that is frozen next to Twinkle[✨] with an auto-attack. Stabbing it through its eye, leaving a small pool of blood behind.



You have slain level 1 rat, gained 5 XP.

[Group][ 🖤] "I have camo, you have to get speed Sparkles."

-Bastards, they know my name.

[Group][✨] "I have just enough Mana. Fistbump your on recon while we cast. "

[Group][🤛] " On it."

Twinkle[[✨] casts Empowering Wind upon himself and the others.

+50% movement speed for ten minutes.

Twinkle was impatient, he didn't want any setbacks.

Fistbump[🤛] Lifts his foot and stomps the ground, sending out a shockwave as he uses concussive stomp.

-50🌀 -Stunned for two seconds

A Rogue was hiding in stealth.

[Group][🤛]"Got One"

[Group][🤛] Uses flurry of blows upon the stunned rogue. Four stabs in less than a second.






You have slain player.

Twinkle smiles. He was glad FistBump was reincarnated. Despite his lack of manners, he was an incredible warrior. He was dependable when it mattered, so Twinkle let his comments pass.

Through 15 reincarnations, his character was always named Twinkle. What a stupid name.

Through his lifetimes he remembered slaughtering hundreds of people for misusing it.

BlackHeart[🖤] finishes casting her last Active Camouflage spell on FistBump[🤛] as he finishes off the rogue and the group of players vanishes.

+90% concealment.

[Group][✨]"Let's go, we have to hurry."

The three loot the bodies of the fallen players in seconds and move on.

Twinkle is focused on his tasks. Always analyzing, always thinking ahead.

Ten minutes later they have made it to their destination. The level 10 zone.

The goal...


Not even the Ancient ones hunt here in the beginning, it's not worth the hassle. Especially since you only get an increase in XP for two levels higher than your level. It is just as efficient to kill a lvl 3 mob as a level 10 mob.

[Group][✨]"Mana is back, casting invisibility. "

100% concealment-Duration 5 minutes.

[Group][🤛]"Don't worry SparklePony we know the plan."

-You can kill him later, just focus and get it done.

[Group][🖤] "We weren't followed, we can split up. "

5 Minutes later...

Twinkle[✨] gazes at the ten large Tier 3 crystals before him. He is satisfied. His mind turning with the possibilities.

[Group][✨]"This is Lucky"

[Group][🖤]" Yeah, we're gonna wreck. It's a shame about the experience loss though."

[Group][🤛]"Well catch up after the first event. We need to go. I have too much work to do. "

Fistbump[🤛] checks his inventory to see the large stacks of Tier 2 and Tier 3 ores and metals. Beautiful.

[Group][🖤]"I've got camo, you get speed Sparkles."

[Group][✨] "I have just enough Mana...."

Before he could finish, FistBump interrupted him.

[Group][🤛]"Recon, got it SparkleFairy"

BlackHeart [🖤] laughs.


3 hours later, the group stands before a large arena. The first PPV event was about to start.

Twinkle had utilized all of his skill for this moment, and he was confident that these old geezers would have no idea what hit them.


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