Player Vs Player
2 FistBump
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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2 FistBump


Player 1(The Mage)==✨

Player 2(The warrior)==🤛

Player 3(The Druid)==🖤

P1[✨]-Grandmaster Enchanter-Self Proclaimed Genius and Master Tactician-Known as the Gun Mage.

P2[🤛]-GrandMaster Blacksmith-

Master of the Spear. Has achieved Grandmaster level in all spear skills that exist.

P3[🖤]-Grandmaster Alchemist- Master of Summons and Crowd Control. Excels at player awareness and foresight.

[Player 2-FistBump]

The group had finished their preparations just in the nick of time.

Their actions had consumed a vast portion of stamina, so they each chewed a piece of inexpensive jerky.

Fistbump had worked his butt off for the last 3 hours. Hammering, smelting, more hammering, and molding of metal.

In truth, Blacksmithing was his one constant in all of his lifetimes. He had been reincarnated only ten times, and each time he raised his Blacksmithing skill to Grandmaster Rank. He was rather impressed that he had achieved it at the age of 30, even with all of his knowledge.

Twinkle[✨] had calculated the time remaining and the jerky should restore their stamina to full before the event began.


Server announcement

The first PVP is about to begin.

Groups of four, Battle Royal.

Last Group Standing.

War Points awarded based upon standing.

[Group][✨]"These old farts aren't ready for this. "

[Group][🖤] "Your awfully confident. Look how many Ancient ones are signing up. "

I'm truth Twinkle had every reason to be confident. Fistbump had never seen his strategies fail.

[Group][🤛] "Relax little sister, don't doubt yourself now. "

Blackheart[🖤] smiles and nods, sharpening the resolve in her mind.

The group moves to sign up and the crowd watching bursts into laughter.

[Group][✨] "If any of you show any emotion I will shoot you myself!"

Now that FistBump had made his weapons and armor, he had to chill out on messing with Twinkle or he really would shoot him.

In a PVP instance such as this one, all of your Information with the exception of skills and spells are visible.

To those watching, they see three players that are level one with a combined age that doesn't equal 70. In this environment age=Power.

Unless you've been reincarnated.

As the group walked they began equipping their gear and the laughs turned into silence as the crowd realized who they were.

Hushed whispers met the arena. These Players had skyrocketed through the ranks in the past year. In the last game, many mocked them in the first battle. Afterwards, the group hunted them down over and over again. Killing them in ways that could be considered sadistic.

Twinkle[✨] approaches the NPC in charge of registration, and addresses him, "We are here to register, we are only a group of three. We do not need four, now shush and get on with it. "

The NPC had tried to say something but Twinkles[✨] comments had silenced him.

He quickly added them to the Roster and they moved to the contestant zone.

[Group][✨] "Let's get prepped. "

Thanks to all of FistBump hard work they were definitely the best-geared players in this event. They wore all Tier 3 gear.

The Mage and Druid chose to wear a light metal armor, which hindered their spellcasting but allowed Fistbump[🤛] to create their armor. Twinkle and BlackHeart both possessed Grandmaster Level Light Armor skill which nullified these effects.

The group began drinking potions.

BlackHeart[🖤] had created 20 Tier 3 potions, and 30 Tier 2 potions to be used for this event.

BlackHeart[🖤] summoned Four elementals in the form of wolves, each of a different element.

Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

She pulled out four spirit stone necklaces from her inventory made with tier 1 Mana Stones and places one around each of her summonses. These necklaces had been enchanted Multiple times by Twinkle[✨].

+20 minutes to duration.


+50% Mana Regeneration

Between potions and enchants, they had managed to bridge the Age gap.

As the game progressed it would be harder to find this opportunity again.

Now was the time. They had to hit hard and make everyone remember their name.

The game was always rigged to give the Ancient Ones the advantage. The stat cap at this point is 100. It will change as the game progresses just enough to always put them two steps ahead.








Main Hand Weapon-Tier 3 Gun Wand-Uses Magic bullets. (multi-layer-enchantments)

Off-Hand Weapon - Tier 3

Gun Wand-Uses Magic Bullets. (multi-layer-enchantments)

Multiple secret weapons.








Two Handed Tier 3 Great Spear(Multi-layer-enchantments )








Tier 3 Metal Compound Bow-(Multi-layer-enchantments, uses enchanted arrows)


The First PVP event is about to begin. Good luck to all contestants.




A metal gate slowly opened as the timer counted down.



The players gathered by the gate and mentally prepared themselves. They were in a small stone hallway with only the gate in front of them.



[Group][🤛] "Whoo! Fuck these bitches! LLet'sdo this shit!"

Fistbump spins his spear and hops in place in anticipation. He starts getting hyped up.


The others feed on his energy but say nothing, this is his ritual and they knew better than disturb him amongst his bloodlust.



Battle Start!!!

They are in a large arena. Much like the gladiators of old, there are only two places with the cover in the whole arena. Two large boulders in the center.

[Group][✨]"P3 have you found Pharoah. "

[Group][🖤]"He is marked on your map now. "

Pharoah was the number one ranked Mage in the world, and Intel gathered by BlavkHeart🖤 showed that he was in this battle. It's amazing the tracking devices one can place with invisible spirits. He never noticed.

The moment the gates opened four gunshots rang out.






Congratulations FirstBlood goes to player 'Twinkle' .

New FirstBlood record set. 4 confirmed kills, .25 seconds.

Player Pharoah has been slain.

Player Armageddon has been slain.

Player Asmodeus has been slain.

Player Reaper has been slain.

The world was silent as Four ancient ones were slain in .25 seconds.

Fistbump thought to himself, 'Now it's my turn!'


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