Player Vs Player
3 BlackHear
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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3 BlackHear


Player 1(The Mage)==✨

Player 2(The warrior)==🤛

Player 3(The Druid)==🖤

Group speak (Tele-pathic)

Player 3[BlackHeart]

Blackheart[🖤] steps out of the gate with her elemental wolves in front of her. She orders her Earth wolf to form a wall.

The Mana stored in the necklace allows each of the summons to cast spells over ten times without it touching her own.

The Earth wolf howls at the ground and a semicircle wall forms in front of the group, jutting forth from the earth.

An arrow bounces off this newly formed shield.

She orders the wind wolf to create a disturbance in the air. The wolf howls and the air around them pick up, creating a strong wind.

They are on the outskirts of the arena. Roughly fifty groups are spread throughout, each still next to the metal gate they entered.

BlackHeart had been looked down upon in every Reincarnation, but this time she would make them look up.

Thirteen times she had been brought back, but only once made it to the professional server. She clearly remembered what she had done differently. Mostly it was about attitude and mindset.

The arena had solid stone walls with a force field generated around the stands to keep bystanders safe. The ground was loose sand. The only cover play in two large boulders in the center.

Many Assassin's entered stealth. A great number of mages turn invisible.

BlackHeart knew FistBump couldn't hold himself back.

FistBump[🤛] threw his spear at the nearest group, using a spear skill, Lightning Lance.


The spear struck a priest in the neck the force driving him into his teammate and impaling a mage as well in the side. Blood spurted from these wounds, covering the sand.


Lightning Lance secondary effect activates(Enchantment)- Teleport Player to spear, deals 200%AOE Damage as lightning damage.

Fistbump[🤛] teleported to his spear ar around 30ft away. A blast of lightning burst forth in all directions.






Player Gregus has been slain by FistBump.


Player Bezelbub has been slain by FistBump.


Player HundredHeals has been slain by FistBump.


Player IhateMondays has been slain by FistBump.


Team 'Twinkle' has achieved an Octokill!

[Group][🤛]"Aww they died? I wanted to use my combo! Weak Bastards! "

They always take the glory. This didn't bother BlackHeart though, because they had become her family.

Family, a concept that had become lost over time. She remembered her first life vividly, and she had a family but competition led to this dissolving.

She did not want to win or be famous. BlackHeart simply wanted to be close to those who were important to her and keep them safe.

She was always at her best when she had something worth protecting.

Blackheart[🖤] commanded her fire wolf to use his special ability. He howls and an intense heat wave surrounds them. This heat wave reduces stamina by 50% and reveals stealth.

Two Assassins had closed in on their location. The heat wave revealed their stealth. BlackHeart saw this as red dots on her mini-map.

Her compound bow was held at the ready. She fires at one of the Assassins as soon as he is revealed.





Player Rergdre has been slain by BlackHeart.

Twinkle[✨] fires one shot from his gun wand at almost point blank range at the remaining assassin.






Player Theroth has been slain by Twinkle.



The area around Twinkle[✨] and BlackHeart[🖤] had become chaotic. The aura like effects from the wolves had created a mini-maelstrom. Arrows flew towards them but the wind dropped them to the floor. Fireballs and spells were knocked to the side hitting the ground harmlessly.

[Group][✨]"Good job BlackHeart"

Very Rarely did Twinkle use nick-names. He was always professional, calculating, planning his next move.

The Ancient Ones didn't like the groups Dominion over them at all. Nor would they allow such a thing to pass.

This was not the first time newcomers had come in guns blazing.

There was a reason that no one aside from the Ancient Ones joined the first battle.


The Ancient Ones nodded to each other all of them thinking the same thing.

They stopped fighting amongst themselves and turned to the young ones.

The players quickly became outnumbered.

Twinkle yelled out, " Bring it, bitches! "

Despite the number of times they had reincarnated, shit talking never went out if style.

BlackHeart grinned at the Bravery of her comrades. As long as they fought she would remain by their side.

Fistbump[🤛] was 30 ft away from the others so he was the obvious target.

20 arrows flew at him, along with 30 fireballs. Warriors charged and assassin's used their gap closers.

It would seem this battle was over for our young heroes.

Another phrase that never went out of style flashed through BlackHeart mind, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings.."

Though no one knew what it really meant except her.


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