Player Vs Player
4 Vergas
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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4 Vergas



Professional player +++ Vergast +++ World Ranking 4th in Mage Class++10th overall

Vergast had been seeking glory for his whole life much like everyone, but he aimed for the stars. He had worked hard and yet the system was unsurpassable.


Always was it so, and ever it would be. It was designed to be so. It was how peace was held.

Everyone only gets one shot, one chance at glory and you prepare for it your whole life.

If this tradition was broken, so would the peace, the unrest.

Many had trudged up the mountain through the vast swaths of continual angst. Vergast himself had devoted his life, putting aside fun and joy in order to win. Yet he still reached the Professional Server at age 75.

Rigged. Perfectly Rigged.

Or so they thought...

Vergast had finally become an Ancient One.

He had paid a great cost to Ally with the Number one mage on the server for this first battle. All for naught, as his Ally became a new record for the first kill.

Shit! How did they know he would be here? How did they kill him so fast?

They must have placed a tracker on him before the battle, very inventive. This move took a great deal of foresight, far more than met the eye.

The Master Mage became the Number one mage due to his exceptional magical shielding ability. He had used a touch spell from a distance, something the Master Mage had no way of preparing for.

Vergast had a strange Deja Vu' when he saw and thought these things. The people of Wartorn were no stranger to these feelings, it had become known as the sense.

Humanity had lost all semblance of Family or unity after a few iterations of the program. With no direct human parenting, no love and compassion, people became selfish.

Vergast was not as talented as many. He made up for this by becoming far more cruel and conniving.

He had to stay one step ahead of his opponent at all times. These children being here made no sense! How did they get here? It should be impossible! He refused to believe that they had earned this right!

He had witnessed the Master Mage, his rival of 60 years be destroyed in less than a second. At that moment the entire arena had felt the sensation


A phenomenon of this magnitude had never been seen before. Chills crawled down the spines of all those present, though they did not know why. To them, this was simply a feeling.

Vergast had fought with these same people for most of his life, they knew each other well. Four explosions, straight through the temples of his idols. Messed him up a little.

The distance and trajectory should have made such attacks impossible!

The young warrior FistBump was fierce and insane! He had no regard for his own safety! He destroyed the Panther group, ranked in the 20,s, in an instant. He had the audacity to look disappointed that they had died too quickly!

These young ones were unpredictable, and Vergast decided not to engage. This was interesting. Maybe they should win... What would happen? Will the servers crash...

It had been a long time since Vergast had felt an emotion like hope, it was strange and hurt his chest. It's not possible...I tried.....we all tried...

Why are they so different...


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