Player Vs Player
5 Five or Six?
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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5 Five or Six?


Player 1(The Mage)==✨

Player 2(The warrior)==🤛

Player 3(The Druid)==🖤

Group speak (Tele-pathic)

[Player 1-Twinkle✨]

Twinkle had been reincarnated over 15 times but never before had he regained his memories. With this new power, he recognized that one of the greatest lies in Wartorn was the Hall of Heroes.

Twinkle had reached the pinnacle in every life, each time he received the greatest honor becoming the God of War. The title God of War goes to the Number one player, and it has always been an Ancient One. He had retired 15 characters to the Hall of Heroes as God of War, and yet when he checked it his characters were not there. Why? He had earned it and yet they deleted him from the Hall of Heroes. Bunch of bullshit.

It didn't matter though, Twinkle would force these people to remember him.

Twinkle was busy running through the calculations as he reloaded his gun wands.

Blackheart[🖤] ordered her Water wolf to use his most powerful ability.

The wolf howled and a massive amount of water poured out of him in all directions.

When this water hit the super-heated air it instantly turned to white billowing steam.

The horde of approaching warriors and Paladins halted immediately.

Fireballs and arrows flew at Fistbump[🤛], who simply stood there unworried.

[Group][🤛]"You got shield sparkles?"

[Group][✨]" I oughta let u die for that"

Twinkle ✨ fired a shot from his secondary weapon, loaded with a different type of enchanted bullet.

A powerful magical shield appeared in front of Fistbump🤛, deflecting the magic and projectiles targeting him.

[Group][✨]"Everything is going according to plan. Have you found a target yet?"

[Group][🤛]"Got one."

[Group][🖤]"Me too, Ready!"

[Group][✨]"Good, this will buy us the time we need for the second part of the plan. "

Twinkle had absolute confidence that this plan would work. Mostly due to having used it successfully in previous lives, though he was an ancient one at the time.

[Group][🤛]"Distraction Time!"

Twinkle shook off these thoughts and focused. It still wouldn't be easy.

[Group][✨]"I'm ready, go ahead"

Fistbump🤛 raises his spear and points it at a player across the arena, shouting loudly, "You! You will die next! "

Fistbump🤛 spins his spear, manifesting lightning which surges and crackles across its surface.

A rain of constant fire, ice, and arrows berate the powerful shield that protected him, but it did not break.

Suddenly he stops spinning his spear and he flings it upward into the sky above.

The entire arena looks up, worried the spear will hit them. This provides just the distraction they need.

The spear stopped in mid-air, looming above while crackling with lightning, before harmless falling to the ground. It sunk into the sand in front of the man Fistbump🤛 said would die next.

'That was anticlimactic'...the crowd thought to themselves.

The arena laughs, but then realized that their opponents had fallen to the floor. They appeared to be sleeping....who got them? this a trick .. what kind of tactic is playing dead...



Vergast had an incredible interest in the actions of these newcomers.

He was considered to be one of the greatest strategists of his generation.

Vergast casts a legendary spell, Time Stop Manipulation.

The spell increased his vision and slowed down events so he could react quicker.

When the warrior flung his spear into the sky, Vergast knew this was a trick and was not fooled.

This Legendary spell allowed the user to select a target.

Vergast chose the one called Twinkle.

The effect allowed Vergast to see who the enemy was targeting.

He had never had a result like this. Twinkle currently had five different targets at one time. What the hell?

Time stop manipulation slowed the world around him to a crawl.

He watched Twinkle [✨]fired five shots at five different targets. Even at this speed, it happened to fast for him to believe it.

He saw the trajectory of the bullets as they soundlessly flew through the air.

He did not know how this Mages magic worked, but it seemed he could use any magic from any distance.

In fact, the spells that killed the Master Mage were touch spells. How the hell did he do that? It completely bypassed all of his magical defenses.

The first shot hit Twinkles teammate, the warrior FistBump🤛.

The second shot hit some random warrior across the arena.

The third shot hit his teammate, the druid BlackHeart🖤.

The fourth shot hit some random druid woman across the arena.

The fifth shot was aimed at Twinkle✨ himself. He shot himself in the foot.

Vergast never heard or saw the sixth bullet.

The sixth shot was aimed at Vergast.

By the time he realized he was the target it had already hit him in the temple.

Wtf! He could see the grin on Twinkles face as he looked directly at him. His wicked grin was the last thing he saw before his body was violently teleported across the arena.

He was now behind a wall surrounded by white mist. Heat waves surrounded him.

A confused druid was next to him and was slowly falling asleep.

She looked just like BlackHeart 🖤. What the hell?

Then he realized his appearance had changed into that of the mage Twinkle✨. Did he look at his hands in confusion?

What was going on!?

He felt tired...

So tired.....

He noticed tiny flowers below his feet growing out of the sand.

So pretty...

Vergast succumbed to the effects of the flower's pollen and fell fast asleep.


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