Player Vs Player
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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6 Details

The arena was momentarily stunned at the sight before them.

The new players that were causing such chaos we're now laying upon the floor sleeping.

They had tricks, so the Ancient ones were wary. There was no announcement that confirmed the deaths. Nor had anyone seen exactly what had happened.

In reality, Twinkle[✨] had used a spell that had never been seen before.

He and his group had ground a particular area last year, unlocking this spell.

The spell required both a primary target and a secondary target.

He had loaded his Main hand weapon with the bullets that chose the primary target, and bullets that chose the secondary target into his off hand.

The spell switches both the location of the primary and secondary target and creates an illusion that switches appearances.

Twinkle ✨ switched places with a mage that seemed to be watching him.

[Group][✨]"Good Job guys, the sleep spell is working perfectly. Let's see how long it takes them to figure it out. "

[Group][🖤]"The water wolf has filled up about half of the arena below the sand with water. We only need 2 more minutes and it will be ready. "

[Group][🤛]" Grr! I wanna stab someone, but this is kinda funny. "
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The ancient ones closed in on the player's doppelgangers. They seem confused and hesitant still.

The crowd screams for them to finish them!

Following the public demand, a few brave warriors stab at the unconscious bodies of the new players.


Player Vergast has been slain by WarGodSlayer.


Player RareEmerald has been slain by EvilEmperor.


Player Gorgon has been slain by Raptor.

The crowd was silent. They had once again felt the sensation. Deja-Vu.

The ancient ones flip out and yell, " It's not them it's a trick! They are still here! Find them!"


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