Player Vs Player
7 Taoth!
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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7 Taoth!


BlackHeart was incredibly amused at the moment. This was a laughable scene and yet she kept her composure as she pretended to search for herself.

She was hiding amongst a group of players who thought she was a member of their team.

With twinkles spell, BlackHeart had donned the image of a druid woman in a group with a warrior and two mages.

The ancient ones were straight up tripping.

They had no idea what was going on.

People yelled and screamed, but no one could find the newcomers. It was as though they vanished.

They had announced the names of those who died in their place. So why couldn't they find them?

It was simple, in a previous life, BlackHeart had owned a Brothel. A secret to the trade lay in a dust that was used when clients refused to pay. The dust, when inhaled would cause you to forget who you were and become open to suggestions for a few minutes. BlackHeart had used her knowledge to prepare this dust for herself and her teammates.

She been with Twinkle and FistBump since she was 12, but did not confess this secret to them until the age of 25. Twinkle had worked it into the plan for this year. The biggest problem had been teaching them to use it.

Eventually, they had mastered the sneeze distribution method. When the three young players had appeared amongst strangers they appeared to sneeze. The effect was instant and those nearby forgot who they were.

BlackHeart rushed around with her new "Group", pretending to be as confused as the rest. She was all shoulders, as she laughed on the inside.

She kept a constant eye on the others, lest they blow their cover.

[Group] [🖤] " FistBump, your group is leaving you, move to the right a few feet. "

[Group][🤛]"Oh, thanks Blackie, this is just sooo dumb. Can't we just kill them all? Why do we have to be sneaky.?"

[Group][✨]" Its almost time. "

BlackHearts waterwolf had used it's most powerful ability, Nature's Sacrifice. This spell was created in order to replenish the water to a land overcome by drought. The wolf was equipped with many large Mana Stones that intensified the effect. He sacrificed himself, sending a cleansing mist into the air. His body became the water under the surface. It grew and spread, preparing to burst forth into the air above.

Roughly two minutes had passed, BlackHeart knew it was time to end this charade.

[Group ][🖤] "It's time. "

She raised her hand and shouted the command word, "Youth!"

Water jet from every inch of the arena, spraying ten feet into the air.

The audience was silent as water splashed off of the invisible force field in front of them. What was happening?


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