Player Vs Player
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Player Vs Player
Author :hhikng
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[Player 2-Fistbump]

[Group][🤛] "Finally we can wreck these guys!"

[Group ] [✨] " Drink your potions. "

Blackheart, Twinkle, and FistBump pulled out a tier 3 potion they had been saving and drank it.

+50% Lightning Resistance.

A shiny ring that adorned Fistbumps right hand caught his eye and he remembered with fondness his recent creation of the said item.

He had made three of them using the finest materials available to them. The result gave the rings an incredible effect, +25% Lightning Resistance.

Twinkle had done all of the calculations, and FistBump had absolute faith in his skills.

Fistbump had reincarnated the least number of times out of the three players, but his achievements were no less incredible.

Eight times he had returned, and each time he had fully mastered every skill available for his chosen weapon, the Great Spear.

He had always enjoyed fighting with a spear and inevitably he would reach the pinnacle of skill with it.

The number of people that had achieved this was less than 20 in all of Wartorn s history, and 8 of them were FistBump himself.

He shared another common trait throughout his lives, his affinity for Lightning.

Combing the two, he would unlock the Title God of Lightning.

Despite this, FistBump had never won, had never become the God of War.

With such skills, how could one not win?


Betrayal. Lots, and lots of Betrayal. Humanity had lost its unity, replacing it with cruelty and selfishness. In such a world, the pure-hearted FistBump became a tool that was used in every life.

This was why FistBump vowed that this time would be different, for he had found people he could trust. A family.

The Grand Finale had begun and now it was time for FistBump to make his entrance.

Water still sprayed into the air like thousands of sprinklers had been turned on in the sand of the arena. Every contestant was soaked and irritated.

The arena had two large stone boulders in the center. Fistbump leaped atop one of the stones and loudly addressed the crowd.

"You fools repeat this pointless infinity FOR NOTHING! THE HALL OF LEGENDS IS A LIE! "

The crowd was stunned by his sudden appearance and the strangeness of his words.

What did he claim? Wasn't he the one they were looking for? Why should anyone listen to a 30-year-old?

Fistbump held up his hand and across the arena, his fallen spear began to hum and vibrate.

He walked slowly as if to dare one to challenge him. His every movement emitting a chilling killing intent. Water was everywhere, making the environment quite dramatic and surreal.

Fistbump continued talking, " WE Will break the cycle and make you see. We are different than you, we are free. Remember my words and DIE! "

As he spoke the command word, DIE, Fistbump's fallen spear appeared in his hand.

With a mighty leap, he soared into the air. Lightning sparked and surged around him and his Great Spear. It crackled and whipped, and a loud thundercrack shook the arena as he flung his spear at the ground.

He used the legendary skill Thundergod Strike, a massive AoE lightning attack that struck the ground with a huge concussive force.

The spear embedded in the ground and the lighting spread through the water instantly electrifying the entire arena. The water acted as a conduit and helped to intensify the effects.


The damage numbers were insane as the players dropped.


Fistbump has slain player...

Fistbump has slain player...

Endless notifications went off as Fistbump dropped the ground on his feet. With the resistance potion and ring, he could easily withstand the effects.

He landed directly in front of Twinkle, who was standing there with a wand gun in his hand having just loaded a very special bullet.

More and more people dropped to the floor as FistBump held out his fist to Twinkle.


Twinkle shot his special bullet into the sky as he gave FistBump a FistBump.

The remaining players died. Twinkle, BlackHeart, and FistBump were the only players left alive.

Server Announcement


Congratulations to Team Twinkle for winning this year's first PVP event. War Points will be posted in one hour.

As if commemorating this moment the special bullet went off in the sky, creating a special set of Fireworks.

Above the arena, it read, [Twinkle 1: Ancients:0]

They gazed up, enjoying the moment and beauty of the lights.

The crowd was stunned silent in awe, watching history being made as the words of the young Thundergod reverberated in their minds. What did he mean? The Hall of legends is a lie.....


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