Spirit Circuit
-1 A not-so-brief discourse on Races
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Spirit Circuit
Author :BismuthBorealis
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-1 A not-so-brief discourse on Races

» Humans

Humanity is the most versatile race, and are able to use pretty much any method to obtain power, unlike most other races.

There's not much to say about them, really, you know what they're like about as well as I do.

» Alv

The Alv come in many different forms, but they're commonly divided into two distinct "courts": the seelie and the unseelie.

Most Alvs can take an "Elfin" form, which is similar to what we imagine Elves as, although very few actually have their true form as an Elfin one.

Slight bestial features are common, but they're also often elegant by human standards.

They have a strong connection to nature and time.

» Demons

Demonic Beings have a vaguely humanoid form, but they are definitely distinct: strange colours of skin, as well as scaly or leathery skin, as well as horns, wings, tails, and hooves.

Demons aren't evil, per sé, however they love contracts and trading-- perfect bankers.

They have a common ancestor as Devils, however they have evolved in completely different paths from each other.

Demons have methods to form more substantial matter from typically ethereal things-- magic, light, thoughts, etc, and hence they trade them often. Also, contrary to popular belief they don't love strict law and order; they have just as much fun wriggling out from contracts as they do foisting them upon people.

» Goblins

Goblinoids are varied, and they are probably the most similar to humans (no matter how much anyone protests and disagrees)

There are three main types: Giants, Orcs, and Goblins.

Deformed, almost melted features are common, as well as weird protrusions and blotchy skin. Basically, they're the epitome of ugly to most human sensibilities.

Giants are large, slow, and strong. Commonly they'll have various abilities based around forces of nature, such as Storms, Fog, Landslides, Quicksand, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Snowstorms, etc.

Orcs and goblins, however, barely have any of those powers.

In return, Orcs, who are slightly larger than humans and would be considered obese, are slightly smarter, but ridiculously strong, similar to ants in how strong they are compared to their weight, additionally, their deformed skin is more rubbery than a human or normal goblinoid, making them harder to hurt with physical damage.

Normal Goblins are the smallest, with a full grown goblin being about the same size as a human child in their early teens, they're also similarly thin. Besides being the smartest goblinoid, they are also the fastest, stealthiest, and most agile, both physically and mentally. They may be worse at academic subjects than humans, but if you gave them a gordian knot, they probably wouldn't need to cut it.

» Flügelen

The Flugel are pretty much what we consider angels-- light coloured skin and hair, bright feathered wings, and lots and lots of eyes.

Also, it's quite common for a Flugel to have fur, fluffy tails, and beast ears, however they hide those as well as a lot of their eyes under illusions when around non-flugel and even other flugel sometimes.

While none are literal rings of eyes, all Flugel have eyes on their wings, as well as various other locations on their body.

Flugel have many sight related abilities, and are good researchers of various things, especially microscopic. The Flugel also share a common ancestor with the Alv, but similarly to Devils and Demons, they developed in a very different way.

» Devils

The Devilish beings are extremely varied in their features, and it's not unheard of for some to look like completely different races. However, this variety of looks and physical features actually doesn't mean they're as versatile as humans.

Some people consider devils as the weakest race-- below even goblins-- but in reality more often than not devils merely just lack a concrete path to power or one that is well-suited to them, which significantly weakens them (although they don't have any limitation between physical or exo magical paths, at least)

There are also the "Sub-Races" which are people from the main races who have undergone some common curse or such and been transformed.

» Lycanthropes

Lycans are beast people, and can technically be from any other race, as Lycanthropy is more of a curse than a race on its own.

During certain times, Lycans are weaker or stronger and can often go into frenzies for many reasons, with werewolves being the most infamous.

It's rare for a lycan to be a non-mammal land creature type lycan, but not unheard of.

» Tauren

The Tauren (and by extension, Chimerae) might seem similar to Lycans are first glance, however they are definitely distinct. Tauren are half-being half-animal people, and constantly in that form. Common examples being Minotaurs, merpeople, and Satyrs.

Chimerae are slightly different, but still technically the same; rather than just being one animal and a being, they are instead multiple animals, with Sphinxes being the main example.

One main difference between Tauren and Lycans, is that Tauren are not under a curse, and more often than not they were created.

It is possible for Tauren to have offspring, but what their offspring will be like is very hard to discern before birth; stillborn monstrosities, completely normal Tauren like on of the parents, A completely different Tauren, a normal being, or a normal animal (albeit much smarter and maybe capable of human speech) are all possible.


Similar to Lycans, Vampirism is also a curse.

Weak to sunlight (or, specifically UV), bad garlic allergy, technically undead, etc.

You know what they're like.

Oh, but there's no innate shapeshifting; they need to learn some sort of magic or Path for that;

they're not OP.


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