The Great Adventure
2 Chapter Two
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The Great Adventure
Author :NSNChi
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2 Chapter Two

As the snake attacked, Ike responded quickly by dodging and bending his neck, startling the snake.

As the snake observed the situation and tried to change it's course in mid air, a blue sphere coming from one of Ike's hand hit the snake's head. As the blue sphere came in contact with the head, the snake's head was blown up in an explosion, living the tail as the only proof of the snake's existence.

"fuu, can't even sit down without being attacked" said Ike, taking a breath as he monitored the area before proceeding and sitting down, taking out rations.

While eating Ike was complaining about the forest and it's dangers . As Ike finish eating, he resumed his search, danger befell him multiple times on his search but nothing too dangerous. As he walked in this primordial forest, Ike could not stop praising it's beauty while complaining of the danger that came with it.


Ike soon arrived before a lake, a waterfall was just next to the lake and the water coming from it looked like cristal. the water was so clear that it reflected the face of Ike like a Mirror, at the center of the lake a tall tree could be seen. As Ike wanted to fill his bottle with the water from the lake a squirrel just happen to fall from a nearby tree, frightening Ike and causing him to fall in the lake.

" Damn thing, What the .... are you doing ", exclaimed Ike, angry at the fact of being scared by a squirrel.

As Ike finished cursing he was startled as he felt the earth and as he looked, he saw a floor made of marble with images , but this floor was covered by dirt and mud, living only small parts of this marble floor visible. As Ike looked he saw that the floor was going past the waterfall. Ike kept looking and seeing that he was alone he passed the waterfall and was greeted with darkness, with a wave of his hand a blue sphere appeared illuminating the surroundings. Before his eyes was a long underground passage shrouded in darkness, that went as far as the eyes could see. After the surprise Ike started walking on the underground passage, without any sens of time.

As Ike was moving forward without any landmark, he at the end arrived at a portion of the tunnel that was filled with "méta stones" these stones were illuminating the tunnel and as Ike saw this stones he started drooling. Soon his hands were touching these stones . As he grabbed one "méta stone" he felt something entering is body, as he looked around Ike started removing and keeping "the méta stones"in his "cubic grand space" which is an objet in the form of a cube acting as the decoration of Ike's bracelet but this decoration hold in itself an independant space of more than 20 meters of width and length , and 20 meters in height.

After moving for what seemed like hours while taking "the méta stones"Ike finaly arrived at the end of the tunnel , as he was walking out of the tunnel he was blinded by a light and it took few seconds for his vision to return to normal.

When his vision returned what he saw left him gobsmacked by it's beauty !



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