The Great Adventure
3 Chapter Three
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The Great Adventure
Author :NSNChi
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3 Chapter Three

What Ike saw before his eyes was a magnificent Temple the size of a small city hidden underground, the temple was made of precious stones, diamonds, sapphire, rubis and many more, this temple looked like an ancient Greek temple but elements from other cultures and civilisations could be seen.

In the middle of the temple, was located a pyramid that seemed to be made of gold, line of different colors could be seen shining on it's surface .

Has Ike saw this this temple, he could not believe that what he saw, was true and had to pinch his arm to force himself to believe.

Ike finally managed to overcome his shock and took his first step, as he was walking in the temple he could not help but feel respect for the "ancients ones" , reverence for what they managed to accomplish.

Looking around, Ike could not help but feel excited thinking about what he will find in this temple, so he started speeding up while remaining cautious of his surroundings.

After walking for thirty minutes Ike soon reached the pyramid, he stopped before taking a breath and starting his ascension of the Golden pyramid.

Step by step Ike climbed the pyramid, for him everything looked like a dream. Soon Ike reached the last step before climbing and reaching the summit.

On the summit, was an altar made of diamond, "the altar of blessing"having the power to give to a person "méta attribute" giving the ability to that person and his or her descendants to manipulate elements like water, fire, life, death, blood, wood and many more by using méta. Ike little by little lifted his eyes and his mind nearly exploded, because of what he saw on " the altar of blessing".

On the altar stood not one but three spheres of divinity !

You might ask what is a "sphere of divinity" but Ike clearly remembered the legend .

"spheres or orbs of divinity" are the size of an apple, each of these spheres of divinity are different . On these spheres are drawn images of the abilities they grant. these abilities like "the blessing of the altar" are transmitted to the descendants.

These spheres of divinity were said to be birthed by the " tree of life" on the ancient continent of Eden before the first war also known as " ..... ", but after this war the continent of Eden was destroy giving birth to islands and smaller continents.

As Ike saw the three "spheres of divinity" this is what he remembered.

" the king of the land of Brittany, Roland, was said to have found a sphere of divinity. gaining the ability to transform partially or completely into winged lion. I thought that it was just a lie but maybe ... " . Ike didn't finish his phrase, but kept looking at those spheres .

On one sphere was the drawing of two eyes piercing the heavens, on another one was drawn an universe with endless space, on the last one a clock with a sun behind .

As Ike was looking at the "spheres of divinity" a question soon arise in his mind, should he swallow the "orbs of divinity" or should he call Dani and Grand-pa quid and have the spheres be given to the family ?


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