The Great Adventure
6 Chapter six
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The Great Adventure
Author :NSNChi
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6 Chapter six

After Ike recovered, he felt even more powerful, the lines of ancient words moving around his eyes soon disappeared.

" Who would have thought that I will find these spheres of divinity by coming in this forest "

As Ike had trouble believing what happened, he soon realized that a day has passed, deciding to contact dani and grand-pa quid with his comtech. As he was taking his comtech Ike saw his reflection on the altar of blessing, he saw the drawings on his forehead .

At first he thought that it was just a hallucination but quickly realized that he was wrong and that these marks were one of the transformations brought by the spheres of divinity. to hide these marks Ike took a bandana to cover his forehead .

holding his comtech Ike saw all the missing calls, while calling Dani.

" Dani, it's me ..."

" Ike are you ok, I and grand -pa quid were preparing to look for you as you didn't return yesterday night and didn't respond to our calls".

"Yes sorry I couldn't respond at that time, Dani I found the temple of blessing ! " said Ike with joy, not wasting a second.

"....." as Ike said that he found the temple of blessing a silence took place.

Soon Ike heard the voice of grand-pa quid .

" Ike is it true, where are you ? "

" It's true, take the same direction that I took yesterday , continuing straight on and you will find a lake, the temple his below a waterfall next to the lake"

"Ike stay there and protect the place, we will come as fast as possible" said grand-pa quid cutting the line.

Two hours later , Dani and grand-pa quid arrived at the lake, exhausted from running around the forest at full speed without rest . They soon saw the waterfall, passing through , quickly finding the underground passage . One hour later the team of two finally reached the temple of blessing .

Dani and grand-pa quid like Ike before them, were frozen in place. Before coming the two prepared themselves, believing Ike but still being full of doubt .

But what stood before their eyes could not be questioned, but in their hearts Dani and grand-pa quid could still not believe that they were seeing the mythical temple of blessing.

this temple was made of precious stones, diamonds, sapphire, rubis and many more, In the middle a pyramid could be seen , lines of different colors were shining on its surface. As the group of two looked at the pyramid, their eyes started to shine .

" how is this temple ? "

" beautiful, simply gorgeous " responded Dani and grand-pa quid without even thinking .

the team of two took out their weapons understanding that someone else was here .

" Who is it ?" asked grand-pa quid looking at a nearby building

" easy, don't you recognize me " said Ike coming out of the building while smiling .


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