The Lost Mage
2 The silence
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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2 The silence

He did not know how long he lay so, but the next thing he felt was a couple of jolts in his side, he also heard an unfamiliar speech.

"I don't know who you are or what you are, but just kill me", - the only thing Balor could think of while lying on the cold ground.

"Pain, again, when this stops, I did not even take a step in this new world, and I am already dying. Also, I need to understand what it was? Has my mana simply rejected this energy? "

He felt an aching feeling all over his body. It was as if every particle of his body had recently experienced excessive stress and they asked, even begged, to give at least not more time to rest.

But a couple of new thrusts to the side, stronger than the previous ones, interrupted his thinking.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw a strangely dressed man above him, about twenty years old. He was strangely dressed, he had black, long hair. His face showed complete indifference and one could see the disgust in his gaze.

"Brother Jiang Chen, he has no level in cultivation, he is an ordinary mortal. Most likely he offended some young master, after which he was beaten and he was left here to die. Let's just finish him off and continue patrolling. "

Although Balor could not understand the language, he could not even see the source of this voice because an unknown young man was standing over him blocking his view. But appreciating the changed look, in which one could now see not only disgust but also the intention to kill, Balor realized that everything was not going the best for his path.

"Brother Lee Hong, according to the rules of our school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon, we must detain people entering the Great Purple Forest, and then deliver them to the teacher Lan Sung. It is he who decides what to do with the penetrators", - Said the man, with a cold face, not even looking away from the wounded man under him.

"But brother Jiang Chen, look at his wounds, you think he will be able to get to school. You or I have to carry him. I don't want my clothes to be stained with blood ", - said the unknown, gradually approaching the lying body.

Now Balog could make out the second person, he was dressed in the same clothes as the first person, with the same look of absolute indifference, a smile shone on his face, for some unknown reason, irritating Balor.

"They just talk among themselves, ignoring me? How reckless. Should I at least try to understand what they are saying? "

Balor knew the spell, which gave the ability to understand the interlocutor, even if it was only able to make strange sounds. This magic is an offshoot of the thought magic, it was created to learn to distinguish between what the orcs or nagas say. Because it was easier to create a new spell than to learn their languages. But Balor was wondering if he should use this spell since he had very little mana left.

"I think I don't even need to use the magic of Thought to understand what they are talking about." Balor thought before starting to slowly get up.

"Brother Jiang Chen, he probably wants to prove to us that he can walk. You don't have to try to get up, you have to blame yourself or your shitty luck" Said Lee Hong, whose smile was getting colder every second.

At this time, Balor had already stood up, suffering pain and staggering a little.

"I should not save mana, I do not know their strength and if I underestimate them, it will be a deadly mistake."

Balor was already able to stabilize his body, he also directed part of the remaining amount of mana into his nerves to reduce pain and speed up his reflexes. He did not want the pain to restrain his actions. When enemies are at arm's length, any slowdown will be fatal.

"But if I can survive this, these two will give me a great opportunity to test one idea. If I cannot get mana from the surrounding area, then I will try to use a different method. " - as if repeating after the person in front of him, a smile began to appear on Balor's face, but is it, one could see small traces of madness.

In a world where every mage had to fight for life or die, it was considered strange for the mage to not have a couple of forbidden spells in his sleeve. If during the battle mana ends, and the wizards have the choice to either die or burn part of their life energy, having sacrificed a couple of years of their lives, few will doubt it.

But if suddenly there is a choice, to replenish your mana, but to burn the vital energy of the enemy, then there is no choice, but there is a plan of action, a very insidious plan of action.
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"Okay, brother Lee Hong, you convinced me. Just finish it quickly and catch up with me, I was permitted to go up to the second floor of the library to choose a new strike technique, I don't want to waste time on this mortal, "said Jiang Chen, turning and going further into the forest.

Lee Hong, looking at the back of his companion, said in a cold tone, turning his head to the stranger.

"Okay, let's finish this quickl..."

Before he could say this, a fireball crashed into his head, coming out of nowhere, burning hair, and eyebrows.

"Fuck, my eyes!" Cried Lee Hong in pain and covered his face with his hands.

"What, why was his head still in place, what was it made of?" - Balor, although he was surprised, but knew that he should not give the enemy a chance for an answer.

"Do you think your fiery technique can hurt me? I cultivate the technique of the bronze turtle ... " Shouted Lee Hong, rubbing his face.

But before he could finish speaking, a smaller fireball flew right into his mouth, after a moment Lee Hong fell to the ground and began to writhe in pain.

"I hope that at least with the burnt lungs you shut up", - but Balor didn't even look at the man shaking on the earth, whose annoying smile had long disappeared.

Now he was most concerned about the one standing in front of him. He stood in full combat readiness, not even thinking of underestimating his opponent a little. But what most upset Balor, he did not think to open his mouth, he was silent.


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