The Lost Mage
6 City
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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6 City

Day Ma was an ordinary petty merchant. He had a good day today, he sold his grain in a small village and was returning in his cart back to the city. But now he was a little tense and scared. In front of his cart stood a man in tattered bloody clothes.

He had short dark brown hair, the lower half of his face was covered with a stretched black cloth. His gaze was as if he appreciated the prey in front of him.

"Do you want anything? I'm just in a hurry, I need to be in time before sunset in the city, otherwise, the gates will close and I will stay in the field until the morning. "

Although Day Ma said this in an attempt to seem brave, the only thing he felt was fear.

"Damn, I thought the bandits no longer plunder so close to the city."

Ahem, clearing his throat a little to seem more confident, he continued.

" I have nothing with me except my life, so that you can't profit from my loot."

Hearing this, Balor hastened to dispel this misunderstanding. He accidentally stepped onto this road not long ago. Deciding which direction he should go, he noticed this wagon in the distance and hastened to it. Forgetting what he looks like now.

"I came in peace, man."

Day Ma raised an eyebrow from the strangeness of his interlocutor's speech.

"Do you need help?"

"Yes. During my journey, a beast attacked me and I was almost killed. Although I was able to escape, I got lost. Can you tell me if there is a city nearby? "

"Have you been attacked by a beast?"

Day Ma turned his head to the right and looked at the purple forest near the road, after a second he looked back at the bloodied man in front of him.

"Have you been to the forest of the Heavenly Blue Dragon School? Better not answer, it's not my business. You are lucky, for a modest fee, I will deliver you to the city. "

Thought a little, Balor agreed and deftly jumped into the wagon and sat down. He took out a purse, chose a coin of silver color and handed it to his coachman.

"It's enough?"

As soon as Day Ma saw a coin, his eyes sparkled and a smile appeared. The dexterous movement of his hand the coin disappeared.

"Yes, of course enough. We better hurry, otherwise we may not be in time. "

Looking a little at his new traveler, Day Ma decided to ask.

"Why are you wearing a mask? Some might think you're a bandit. "

"I have a disfigured face."

From a direct answer, Day Ma was even embarrassed.
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Although Balor did not want to cover part of his face, he had to.

The spell giving the ability to understand a foreign language was not significant for the cost of mana, but this spell only translated. He could not speak a foreign language, which means that the movement of his mouth did not coincide with what he was saying.

To avoid embarrassing or, worse, dangerous situations, he decided to hide his mouth off.

To try to overcome the awkward situation, Day Ma tried to change the subject.

"You're covered in blood. Are you badly hurt? Do you need help?"

"This is not my blood."

Day Ma vowed that he would ask nothing more from his new companion.

After a long time, they were already approaching the gates of the city.

Balor was impressed by the white walls of the city, twenty meters high.

"I will have to use a fourth-level spell to break through the wall, impressive."

Driving through the gate, Day Ma simply nodded to the guard, who, though strangely looking at Balor, still did not stop the cart and nodded in response.

"We got, if you want, I can advise a good and inexpensive hotel. "

"I don't know this city, it would be nice of you to bring me to it."

"I'm sorry but I can not…"

But seeing a cold look, the words stuck in his throat.

"Well, you're in luck, I was going to drive past."

A few minutes later, Balor was already standing and looking at an incomprehensible language on the sign. The building itself was wooden and three-story, with strange architecture. Without thinking, he entered the hotel, which immediately attracted the attention of all visitors.

Going to the registration, he saw a girl looking at him with a strange look.

"Sorry, but we will not feed the homeless, if you do not leave, I will call the guard."

Balor was not surprised, he knew what he looked like now.

"How much does a room overnight with a bath."

Quickly an apologetic look appeared on the girl's face.

"Sorry for being rude. I'm afraid to upset you, but because of the new enrollment in the Heavenly Blue Dragon school, only expensive places remained, all the cheap ones are already taken. "

"It's not important to me. Is that enough? "

Having said this, Balor put two silver coins on a rack. The only thing he now wanted was to eat and sleep.

"We will prepare a room with a bath right now."

"Deliver food to the room and send someone for simple, cheap clothes."

Without waiting for an answer, Balor added two more silver coins.

A smile appeared on the girl's face.

"The desire of the client is the law."

An hour later, Balor was already in his room. With wet hair from the bath, he enjoyed a feeling of satiety. Finally, he could relax and think about his plan for further action.

"I need to learn more about the school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon, apparently this is an analog of the White Academy. If she conducts an enrollment, then tomorrow I will try to go through it. I need to find more information about this world and in my experience, it is in the libraries of such organizations that I can find what I need. "

Due to the accumulated fatigue, Balor himself did not notice when he fell into a dream.


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