The Lost Mage
8 Tes
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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8 Tes

After a while, he mingled with the crowd and followed her, trying not to stand out. Although it was difficult, masked people always stand out. But what pleased Balor, it was not only his face that was closed. He noticed several more masked people.

"At least I won't stand out very much."

Balor looked at the sky. It was clean, except for the huge blocks of land flying high up.

"After I can get to this school, I will try to learn more about this phenomenon, maybe something I can find in the library."

Balor did not dare to ask other people about it, he was afraid to seem suspicious.

Still following the crowd, he lowered his gaze and began to examine the young people around him. Some had a tense face, some were worried. He saw people chatting happily together.

"It is very different from my world. When I was taken from the street to a school of combat adherents, there was only fear and hatred on our faces. With my group of 10 people, only 6 survived during the selection. "

But a young voice pulled out of his mind.

"Hey uncle, aren't you too old?"

Balor turned his head to the left, next to him was a young man of about 16 in rich and elegant clothing.

"No, I'm 20 years old."

Balor immediately lied and didn't even blink an eye.

"Twenty!? You had a difficult fate. My name is Shanley Lin, remember this name. Soon I will trample heaven and earth, I will become an immortal cultivator and will travel the world! "

Balor noticed how people looked at them strangely. Although he wanted to avoid unnecessary attention, he felt the opportunity to explore this world with the help of his new acquaintance.

"Who is the cultivator?"

"You do not know? Your fate was harder than I thought. A cultivator is those who cultivation their body and spirit. They can fly and destroy mountains with one blow. My grandfather not long ago became the 7th level of Heaven, he can already smash a big tree with one blow. "

Balor saw pride in Shanley Lin's eyes as if that was his achievement.

"7th level of Heaven? How many levels are there? "

"What village did you come from? Grandfather told me that there are 9 levels in total, in turn, they are divided into 9 sublevels."

Shanley Lin raised his hand and began to bend his fingers in times the level of the Body, then the level of the Earth, followed by the level of Heaven and finally, the level of the Spirit. My grandfather didn't tell me about other levels, but I think he doesn't know yet."

"Thanks for the explanation, it was very interesting."

"My opinion, the explanation has always been boring, sometimes I want more action. By the way, why are you wearing a mask? "
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Balor looked at the approaching magnificent gate, after which he sighed quietly. He noticed people in clothes quite familiar to him. It was in these clothes that there were people whom he killed in a recent battle in the forest.

"With mask, I look cooler."

While Shanley Lin looked strange at Balor, they walked through the gates, entering the grounds of the Heavenly Blue Dragon School.

After some time, a crowd of people stood at the open spaсe, not even daring to breathe loudly. In front of them, on a sword that hung in the air, stood an old man with gray hair. He was wearing a blue robe that developed in the wind.

"My name is Lao Li, today we are recruiting to into our school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon. You will have to go through several screening steps. The first stage: you will be registered by issuing a sign with your name, your age will be checked there. "

The elder looked at the crowd of people, appreciating them.

"The second stage: checking your spiritual veins. If their rank is high enough, they can skip you without the last stage of the test or even take you into the inner circle of our school. "

After these words, the crowd began to whisper loudly.

"Quiet! If you have passed the second stage you will be admitted to the third. Candidates for our school will fight in a fair fight. And now you will be divided into small groups to simplify the passage of the test stages."

Indifference was reflected on Balor's face, but a cold sweat appeared on his back.

"Spiritual veins !? What the fuck is that? And how will they check age? "

The crowd rejoiced in small groups.

In front of them stood a lovely girl in blue clothes, she had pink eyes and a slight smile on her face.

"Hello, my name is Yun Xun, I am from the inner circle of the Heavenly Blue Dragon school and I will be your guide during the selection. Follow me. "

Coincidentally or because of good luck, he ended up in the same group as Shanley Lin.

"You did not say your name."

After thinking a little and deciding that there was no need to hide his name, he answered.


"Balor? It's all? Your parents made fun of you, dumb name. "

Soon their group of 30 people entered the room where there was a strange stone in the middle, and an old man was standing nearby.

Without a drop of courtesy, the old man began to speak.

"You take turns approaching a stone and laying it on his hand. This stone is a spiritual artifact that can read your hearts and tell if you lied. If anyone wants to leave now, you can leave. "

After a short pause, he continued.

"Well, if you lie, then blame only yourself. You, in a black mask that stands out from the rest, will go first. "


Balor walked slowly to the stone, laying it on his arm. He felt something run through his body.

"Oh yes, I forgot to say this stone on your bones can tell how old you are."

As soon as Balor heard this, he wanted to pull his hand, but it was too late. Slowly a number appeared above the stone.

"And so, you ... 17 years old?"

The elder looked doubtfully at the man in front of him. He was ready to swear that he was at least 30 years old. He even doubted the stone a little.

No less shocked was also Balor himself. He even nearly opened his mouth in surprise, but he was able to stop himself in time. A moment later, awareness appeared in his eyes.

"At 17, my teacher strengthened my bones with magic. I remember then I almost died. Damn, he could at least warn of pain. "

Behind himself, he heard a whisper of people, apparently many shared the old man's thoughts. Even Yun Xun looked at him in surprise.

Moving away from surprise, the elder continued.

"Let's not linger. What's your name?"

"My name is Balor."

Slowly a green color appeared above the stone.

"What a strange name. It's true. The next question. Do you want to harm the school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon? "


He did not lie, he needed only information.

"It's true, next. Have you ever harmed someone from our school? "

After a moment, Balor answered.

"Recently I had a short battle with a student from your school, he almost killed me. My answer is yes."

"It's true. Nowadays, students of the Heavenly Blue Dragon School have become too arrogant. All questions are over."

Balor relaxed, he was about to remove his hand from the stone, when he heard a voice.

"I should not ask this question, but I want to clarify. Are you 17 years old? "

Cursing the curiosity of this old man, Balor answered slowly.

"If believing my bones, then yes."

A green glow appeared above the stone.

"Okay, take your tablet and come back."

A little surprised at the stupidity of the old man, Balor took the clay tablet and returned to his group. The first stage is completed several more remain.


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