The Lost Mage
10 The rule
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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10 The rule

In all his life, Balor had only four battles, where defeat did not mean death. And all four battles were when he, being an orphan, fought for a piece of bread in the heartless and dark city of R'lyeh. But after his admission to the school of adepts, he did not have the right to defeat, otherwise, he would go to the bow to the God of Death.

Now he stood next to the arena and watched the other candidates fight. Naturally, no one expected epic or scale from these battles. These battles were organized just to evaluate future students. But there was still an unspoken reason, school teachers could look and choose personal students.

Knowing this, many who fought wanted to show everything that they own, stretching the battle and making them overly boring. At least Balor considered them boring.

Why stretch the battle if you can finish it quickly? Did he scream the name of the technique before hitting? Do they fight or dance?

More and more new questions began to appear in his head.

There were also young people from a large clan. Some had a level of the Body, but some geeks were able to get to the first stage of the Earth. Сurrently Balor looked at one of these child prodigies. He even heard people standing nearby talking about him.

"His name is Chao Lin, I heard that he was garbage in his clan. But more recently, he sowed like a star. "

Chao Lin stood like a mountain, his eyebrows were sharp as swords, a feeling of pressure was moving away from him. Genius - many would think, show off - Balor thought.

A second from the start of the battle, his opponent flies out of the arena from a single hit by Chao Lin, after which he calmly turned around and came down with easy steps.

Balor rolled his eyes due to pathos.

"The next battle is Balor ... Balor? Is there no mistake here? Oh, I get it, Balor vs Xu Zhou. "

Ignoring the talk about how strange his name is, he moved forward. All the battles took place by chance because luck is also a skill. And the only thing he hoped for was not to meet any genius from a large clan.

Rising to the arena, he saw his enemy. If you describe it in one word, then this is ordinary. Nothing stood out in him.

Bowing and clasping his hands, he began to speak.

"You have a rather unusual name. What village are you from? "

Why are people in this world asking questions all the time? Why?! And for me, all your names are strange, but I don't say it to your face.

"I from the hidden leaf village."

But their conversation was interrupted by a judge in the arena.

"Okay, enough talk, you know the rules, you can start a fight."

As soon as this was said, Xu Zhou quickly began to approach to Balor.

This one is slower than the one with whom I fought in the forest. But it's better not to risk it, you need to invest a little mana in the speed and power of the blow.

Seeing that the enemy didn't even move, Xu Zhou got a little angry and delivered a direct blow to the face.

"Because of your arrogance, you will lose! Beat the White Tiger! "

Not understanding when he became arrogant, Balor kicked in the direction of Xu Zhou's head. Responding to this, he changed the punch and put the block near his head.

Hit. Xu Zhou only hears the sound of breaking a bone, after which a blow of tremendous power crashed into his head. Without even having time to feel pain, he lost consciousness.

Lowering his leg and rejoicing that he was able to stop the blow during, he noticed how everyone around was silent. Even the judge looked at him with a little shock.

"I did not expect that a person without cultivation could defeat someone who was already in the third stage level of the Body."

But the audience was no less shocked.

"You saw how easily he won. We have one more genius. "

"I agree with you, he immediately stood out strongly, especially his mask on the lower half of his face."

"She looks really cool."

The same situation was on the VIP balcony.

"Lao Tsai you were right, even without cultivation, his body is so powerful. Looking at the accuracy and technique of his strike, I would have thought that he was a thirty-year-old master. Amazingly, he is only 17 years old. I wonder if one of the teachers will try to take him into personal students? "

Chao Lin slowly opened his eyes and looked at the arena.


After the victory, Balor did not wait and immediately went down from the arena.

"It was easier than I thought, but I was lucky, the enemy was weak."

He looked at Chao Lin and the other geeks.

"The main thing is that they would not come across to me. A simple mana boost will not be enough. Then I have to spend my small supply of mana on spells. "

Looking at the battles and roughly assessing the level of strength of these people, he became bored. After some time, he began to draw with his foot on the ground underneath, skipping many fights.

After a lot of time, he finally heard his name again.

"Ji Tsai vs Balor."

With quick steps, he climbed into the arena, expecting to somehow dispel boredom. Already standing there, Balor looked at his opponent. This was a young girl, two heads smaller than him. In appearance she was fragile and it is clear that she is worried.

Ji Tsai also tried to evaluate her opponent. She had already lost the first fight and victory was important to her. But looking at the man in front of him, she realized that defeat was inevitable. She saw how he defeated his previous opponent. Although with the help of the clan she was already in the sixth stage level of the Body, Ji Tsai did not count on victory. But she decided to fight to the end, if she comes back, she will come back with her head raised!

"If everyone is ready, you can start."

Ji Tsai did not wait, hoping that Balor would underestimate her and relax.

"I will prove to him that even if I am weaker than him, you should not underestimate me!"
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She quickly approached her opponent and was going to use the secret technique of her clan. But suddenly Balor took one step forward and inflicted a direct kick directly into the middle of Ji Tsai's chest.

She did not have time to react from surprise and a huge force threw her back. The only thing she felt was spitting out blood, how her ribs were broken and terrible pain in her whole body. After which she lost consciousness while still in flight. Her unconscious body landed on the ground and made a couple of revolutions before stopping.


The judge looked away from Ji Tsai and slowly turned his head to Balor. He expected him to win, but he was shocked at how cruel this was done.

Balor noticed the strangeness. Even when he defeated his first opponent there was no such prolonged silence. He looked at the judge and saw a surprised look that slowly turned into anger and disgust.

"Fuck, I forgot that I'm not in my world."

In such a cold and cruel world as the world of magic, underestimating an adversary can cost a living, at best. Even if she is a 12-year-old girl, one should always expect that she may turn out to be a 150-year-old mage of the fourth stage.

Even now, Balor blames himself for not being able to figure it out and that he had to spend half a year in the House of Anguish. This '12-year-old girl' turned out to be a good torture master, even 'terribly' good. If not for his teacher, he would have stayed there forever.

And this is one of the examples from the life of Balor. He has long remembered one rule: underestimation is death.

But he had to admit, maybe he should have reconsidered this rule.


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