The Lost Mage
11 Luck
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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11 Luck

Moving away from surprise, several teachers quickly ran up to Ji Tsai and put a pill in her mouth and then carried her, apparently, to the infirmary.

Seeing no reason to remain in the arena, Balor jumped from it and began to return to his place. Seeing his indifference, everyone started talking loudly.

"Have you seen which heartless he is?"

"He must have done a lot of evil deeds and therefore put on a mask so that he would not be recognized."

"I hope someone can teach him a lesson."

On the VIP balcony, Kang Guo shook his head.

"His heart is too cruel, few teachers will now take him as a personal student."

Already standing in his place. Balor ignored the talk about him and the keen glances directed at him. He was not going to stay at this school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon. As soon as he receives answers to his questions in the library, he will leave.

So he continued bored waiting for his last third fight. After a while, he closed his eyes and began to meditate, reflect on this strange energy surrounding him.

"If I remember correctly, people around called her Qi energy. Strange, she got farther away from me, as if something was pushed her away. "

After a minute of reflection, he drew some conclusions.
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"Presumably, mana and Chi energy are two opposites and any attempt to combine them can lead to a sad consequence. Most likely, if I had more mana during my first attempt to absorb this Qi energy, I would hardly have survived it. "

Opening his eyes again, he looked at the battle, which was likely to be over soon.

"I still need to win one battle and ..."

"Next fight: Chao Lin vs. Balor."


Chao Lin calmly climbed the arena, it would be strange if he was not calm. His heart was like a frozen lake. Like a piece of ice.

"Fate gave me a second chance after the betrayal and I will not miss it. I will rise to heaven and avenge my death. "

As a Cultivator who has reached the level of the Demigod and who has remained a step to the level of God, he has seen much in his life. He was known as the strongest spearman in heaven, but one day he found a great spiritual pill known as the Golden Dragon Vein Pill.

But who knew that greed would blind his dearest man? After taking the pill, his veins evolved to the Golden Dragon Veins, but this weakened him for a small amount of time. After waiting for this, his love poisoned him and, with the help of many other experts, attacked him. Expecting to use his veins as a valuable ingredient.

But Chao Lin was so strong that even poisoned and weakened, fought with them for several days, killing many of the attacking experts, destroying everything around him. But even a great lion can fall if there are enough hyenas!

Unable to withstand the continued hail of blows, he realized that he would die soon. And deciding not to leave anything to his enemies, he used forbidden equipment and blew himself up, killing several more experts.

Many survivors of the Cultivator will tell for a long time what a powerful and bright explosion was.

But thanks to a miracle or universal providence, he could be reborn! But what caused the shock and joy of Chao Lin was that he was able to be reborn with the Golden Dragon Veins! - if this is not a miracle, then what can be called a miracle?

He was reborn in the Lin clan, where everyone considered him garbage. The former owner of his body was accidentally thrown off a cliff, at the very moment when Chao Lin decided to blow himself up. - what luck! He even reincarnated as a man of the same name. - what a coincidence!

Having settled in his body and having read all the memory of the previous person - how convenient! - Chao Lin vowed to avenge the former owner and himself.

And now, rising to the arena, he was preparing to fight, possibly with a strong enemy after his rebirth. As an expert, he saw that Balor was experienced in battles, but he was not worried, yet he was a former Bolubog, with a sufficient list of fights.

But when he finally got up he noticed that there was nobody in front of him. After searching with his eyes a little, he found Balor. Now he stood aside and drew with his foot various figures on the ground, not even about to rise.

Noticing this, the judge, thinking that maybe he did not hear, repeated.

"Next fight: Chao Lin vs. Balor."

Noticing that there was no reaction, the judge began to get angry.


"What? Are you calling me? "

The vein on the judge's forehead twitched a little.

"Now is your battle, enter the arena."

Balor realized that further ignore will not work and looked at Chao Lin.

"And so, can I defeat him without spells? Unlikely. Can I use spells openly? I do not think so. Only one thing remains."

Balor raised a hand.

"I give up. He is the first stage of the level of the Earth, I'm not even the level of the Body, I can't win. Goodbye. "

Having said this, Balor quickly turned around and went to the exit, ignoring the screams of the people around him.

"It's okay if I can't become a student of the Heavenly Blue Dragon School. It's much worse if they will understand my peculiarity. "

With these thoughts, he decided not to linger in the arena.

Suddenly a man landed in front of him, sending dust in all directions. From surprise, Balor nearly threw a fireball in front of him.

"Many thinking that you have a cruel heart, but I think that it is resolute. You decided to avoid the fight, many will call it cowardice, I will call it prudence. I heard you have the mythical spiritual veins of the Void, although the first time I heard about them, I don't think they are worse than the Golden Veins of that guy in the arena."

The dust settled a little and Balor was able to carefully examine the man in front of him. He was higher by a head, was dressed in all black and caused a feeling of pressure. His black hair was loose and reached his waist, for this reason, he had a slightly brutal look.

"My name is Wei Ding, and if you wish, you can become my student."

After a short period of bewilderment, finally, the first thought appeared in Balor's head:

"How fortunate!"


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