The Lost Mage
14 Library
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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14 Library

After spending some more time, Shanley Lin could not find a suitable job for himself.

"I came here early, I'm too weak, there are no normal tasks for me. And you Balor, maybe you want to choose something?"

Balor already wanted to refuse, as he thought about something.

"Help me find tasks were needed to kill a large group of people, that is, I wanted to say a large group of robbers."

At first, Shanley Lin was taken aback by an unexpected request, but after he heard the second part of the phrase, he nodded his head as if he understood something.

"I see you don't like robbers much."

"No one loves them, robbers are parasites that need to be destroyed."

Balor answered while inspecting the Assignment House for planning a future robbery.

"This is a good option."

Shanley Lin pointed a finger at one of the parts of the wall with tasks.

"Kill or capture a gang of robbers north of Saodong, 6 points of contribution. Only 6 points ?! Now it's clear why no one took this task."

Complaining about the school's greed for contribution points, they went to the table for assignments. There sat an old man with bored eyes.

"I want to accept the assignment to kill a gang of robbers in northern Saodong."

"Are you sure? I see that you are not even a level of the Body. There are about 10 of these robbers and perhaps their leader is a cultivator of an unknown level of cultivation."

Hearing this, Shanley Lin could not help but ask.

"Then why for this gang give only 6 points?"

The old man simply ignored the question and only looked at Balor.

"Do you still want to take this assignment?"


"Nowadays, all students with illusions about their powers. I hope you do not regret this moment."

Having said this, the old man found the tablet with the task and handed it to Balor.

"Illusory everything in this raging world. There is only a moment - I hold on only to him."

Balor took the tablet, after which he immediately turned around and went to the exit, leaving the surprised old man behind him. Shanley Lin followed up.

"When you spoke with Chao Lin and even now, your words are full of deep meaning. Brother Balor, are you a philosopher?"

"No, I just love to leave beautifully."

Twenty minutes later they were already standing near the library. Balor was glad that he finally reached his goal. The library was completely made of white stone. This was a magnificent tower with 13 floors.

Entering it, Balor saw the slender rows of bookcases and the students standing nearby, as if they were choosing something. In the middle of the first floor sat an old man in white clothes and with gray hair. He caused a feeling of pressure from everyone who looked at him. Behind him was a staircase leading to the upper floors.

"Brother Balor, I think we should split up here. I will try to find techniques suitable for me."

Seeing Balor's approval nod, Shanley Lin turned and walked a little, joined the other students who were chosen from what was on the ground floor.

Without spending time Balor went straight to the old man.

"Apprentice Balor greets the elder."

The old man looked at him as if expecting a sequel.

"Could you tell me about a book about geography or this world. I want to expand my humble horizons."

A strange look appeared in the eyes of the library keeper.

"How strange it is, nobody usually needs them, but lately, you are the second who comes for these books."


"Yes, Chao Lin was in front of you, a new promising student. He recently came here, I recommended this book to him."

The old man got up and went to the bookshelf behind him and took a thick white book from there.

"This is a book for educating children."

"Thanks. I won't bother you anymore."

Taking a white paper and spending some time to find a distant place, he finally opened it, hoping to learn a lot about this new, unknown world.

"Yeah, I see."

Balor turned the page.

"Hmm, interesting."

He turned the page again.

"Oh, amazing."

He slowly closed his eyes. After a couple of seconds, he abruptly opened his eyes and threw the book against the wall with all his might.

"Shit, how I could forget that I can't read these symbols! What the fuck I do here, for what ?! Out of habit, I was looking for a place where information is collected, a library. But all this was in vain. Maybe due to lack of mana, I became dumber?"

He looked at the thick book on the floor.

"How difficult it is to get into another world. It would be better if I would be torn to shreds during the experiment and only my soul moved here. I would move into someone else's body and use his memory. Heh, it's a pity that I live in the real world of sword and magic, and not in a cheap fairy tale."

A little calmed down, Balor began to think about his further actions.

"I wanted to avoid questioning the inhabitants of this world, so as not to seem strange. But I must admit, I look so strange and if I ask a couple of questions it won't get any worse. I hope."

"Student, this place is sacred, your actions are not permissible. If you do not give good explanations, you will be severely punished."
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Balor looked back. There stood a keeper of the library, on whose face one could see anger.


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