The Lost Mage
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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15 Achievements

Balor looked at the curator of the library and could not think of an excuse for his action. Realizing that the pause was delayed, he decided to act.

"Elder, this younger understood his mistakes. He was not respectful enough to this place. Please do not forbid me to visit the library, it will ruin my life."

If he could not escape the punishment, he will direct him in the right direction.

"Hmm, it's too late to regret. You have committed an unacceptable action in this place. I forbid you to go to the library for half a year. I hope through this time you will understand the inadmissibility of your actions. Now go away."

Balor looked as if he was holding back tears with all his might and reluctantly began to go to the exits. Passing the old man, determination appeared on his face.

"This cannot go on, I have to learn their language. Otherwise, many uncomfortable things await me in the future."

Leaving the building, he did not wait for Shanley Lin and headed straight to the Great Mountain. Although he was lost several times, thanks to the help of other students, he was finally able to reach the destination.

It was the entrance to the Great Mountain. Next to which a woman was meditating. She was about 40 years old, the signs of the beauty of youth were still lingering on her face.

"Sorry for the distraction. Can you tell me where Elder Row Soo is? "

"It's me." - The woman said, without even opening her eyes.

Rejoicing in your luck, Balor quickly pulled out a medallion.

"My teacher, Wei Ding, said that you can tell me where my cave is."

Row Soo opened her eyes and looked at the locket, after a few seconds, she closed her eyes again.

"Go through the entrance, then turn left, the second turn right, left, right, right, left, right, and then right again. Your cave is sweat number 4564. "


After he thanked the elder, he headed for the entrance. Rowe Soo already expected to be asked again, like so many other students. Therefore, in surprise, she opened her eyes and looked at the removing back.

"What an interesting student."

The world of magic doesn't usually give a second attempt if you accidentally make a mistake in casting a spell, this will result in death or serious injury. Only in rare cases can a mage get off with a slight fright. Therefore, magicians pay special attention to training their memory. Nobody wants to die a stupid death.

After passing through the entrance, Balor found many paths in different directions, choosing the right one, he followed the instructions of the elder. After 20 minutes, he finally found his cave. The entrance was closed by a stone door, next to which Balor found a groove specifically for the medallion.

After not tricky actions, he was able to open the entrance and entered the cave. In the cave, one could see a stone bed, a stone tablet, and a stone shelf. Even the ceiling and floor were stone. Everything was made of stone.

Balor did not complain, he simply went to the bed, taking off his mask on the way and laying it on a stone table. As he sat, he looked at the small crystals on the ceiling that emitted light. His face was calm and indifferent.

"The murder of the robbers can wait. First, I will learn this damn language. Tomorrow I also need to find out where to eat and where is the that everything goes well I will behave as inconspicuously as possible. "
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Having developed a plan for tomorrow, Balor lay down on a stone bed and closed his eyes.


Three weeks later.

Hit. Day Jiang, a man who believed that everything belongs to him, flies out of the arena leaving a trace of blood behind him. A man runs up to him for about 50 years.

"My son, are you okay?"

Not hearing Dei Jiang's answer, Kang Jiang viciously looked at the arena.

"How dare you, I'm the elder of this school. Do you think you can leave after this alive here?"

After he said this, he released his energy of the level of Heaven and directed it to a man in the arena.

"Enough! Do not disgrace the school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon."

Another person released his energy, which caused the aura of Kang Jiang to dissipate.

This man was Lao Li, an elder who stood on his sword while recruiting new students.

"Your son lost honestly, he even excelled his enemy in cultivation."

Lao Li looked at the arena, admiration can be seen in his eyes.

"Chao Lin, now you are the top 3 strongest students in our school."

"In the arena of Chao Lin stood like a mountain, in his hands was a completely metal spear of silver color."

After this happened all the people who watched the battle began to whisper loudly.

"I can't believe my eyes, the stage of the 6th level of the Earth defeated the 1st stage of the level of the Sky!"

"Didn't you hear? He was recently only at the beginning of the Earth level, but after such a short time, he is already in the middle of the level. It's like defying heaven! "

"This cultivation speed is unrealistic. He is a true Genius. "

"I heard that he won first place in the competition for alchemy, he is the greatest of the Geniuses."

Unexpected for everyone, everyone felt pressure from the sky, looking up they saw two people. It was an elderly man and a young girl with a veil on her face in snow-white Taoist clothes. But even behind the veil, you can see that the beauty of a girl can cause several wars.

Seeing the girl, the pupils of Chao Lin cringed. He recently met her. When he took one of the tasks, by pure chance he was able to get into the nest of the Poison Dragon. Where Dragon fought with this girl. He thought to use this fight to steal treasures from the dragon.

But who knew that the dragon uses a mysterious technique and will poison it before dying. For this reason, Chao Lin stayed in the cave and nursed her. He even had to take off all the clothes from the girl to clean the poison!

Lucky son of a bitch.

But after a couple of days when he woke up, Chao Lin could not find her, she left without even thanking him.

"Chao Lin, my name is Bei Ma. I came here to tell you the secret of your birth. Your parents are not from here, they are from the upper worlds. Enemies chased them, and they had to leave you here for your safety. But now I came to pick you up. Your parents are waiting."

Although it was a surprise for Chao Lin, he did not think long. Anyway, nothing kept him in this place.

"Elder Bei Ma, I need a couple of days to get together, after which we can leave."

The elder nodded approvingly.

"Good. So far, you can become acquainted with my student, her name is Xu Lee."

"Nice to meet you, Xu Lee."

She turned her head abruptly without saying anything, but her cheeks turned red.

Lao Li who watched all this could not hide the shock on his face.

"Indeed, Chao Lin is the greatest of the Geniuses whom I knew. Although geniuses are bright stars that quickly burn out. But if he survives, then his future achievements are endless. Even the sky bow before his power!"


Somewhere in a dark cave.

"A white ... rabbit was ... jumping on ... the green grass his house."

"Ha-ha-ha, finally I was able to understand and read these symbols!"

Balor jumped up from the stone bed.

"I was able to figure out this damn language. I am a fucking Genius, the greatest of fucking Geniuses. Ha-ha-ha."

He threw his alphabet on the stone table and looked at the black mask, which he would not need soon.

"If everything goes on like this, my future achievements are endless!"

Balor headed for the exit, deciding that it was time to complete his task and kill a couple of robbers.


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