The Lost Mage
17 God
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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17 God

In R'lyeh, during the winter, all beggars and orphans gathered at night in the sewers like rats. And as densely as possible sitting down to each other, they helped themselves survive another dark, cold night. It was there that Balor heard the legend of the creation of the world.

A long time ago, when God created the world and living beings, He saw that it was difficult for them. His heart was filled with pity for his creation because it was He who condemned them to this. And deciding to help them, He gave the world mana and Words, his blood and his Language. With the help of this, they had to build, create, make the world a better place. But to His surprise and horror, He underestimated the greed, anger, selfishness of his creatures.

They began to use mana for destruction and distortion. They perverted the essence of the world itself, changed its laws to their own selfish needs. When God understood what he had done, He tried to change everything.

At first, He wanted to take mana, but His blood had already pervaded the whole world. Then God sent oblivion so that the language of the gods would be forgotten, but the Words were already carved in stone.

When He understood the result of his work, he felt very sad and painful, and soon God died because of the endless regrets in his heart.

And now His ptomaine poisons this world, gradually destroying it.

Balor did not believe in this legend, he knows that if there are Gods, then they can hardly feel pity.

Not everyone could survive a winter night in the sewers of the city of R'lyeh, but those who could usually experience happiness and not because they are still alive. They had another, more commonplace reason. Perhaps this morning they will be able to eat meat.


Balor did not know why he remembered it. Now he was sitting on a high branch and looking at a group of people near the fire, who were 30 meters from him. He aimed at one of them with his forefinger. Thanks to the night it was hard to see him.

There were 12 of them, most of them sat around the fire and talked loudly and laughed, but two of them stood on guard.

They were all dressed in various armor, but one of them was different, he had the best armor.

"Boss, the last time I was in the city I found out that a new assignment appeared in the school of Heavenly Blue Dragon. There were given rewards for our heads. Soon we will need to leave here. "

"Wenyang Hye do not talk nonsense. Are you afraid of a miserable student at the level of the Body? I recently broke through to the 6th stage of Earth level, and even if someone comes more powerful, we can defeat him together, and if not, we can always scatter. He cannot catch us all. "

"Boss. you are wise as always. But when we can build a permanent den, I'm tired of constantly building new huts. "

"Wenyang Hye, your stupidity knows no bounds, if we build a permanent den, it will be easy to find us, so we constantly change our location."

"As always, the boss is like your words are made of gold, but the boss, for this reason, all our looted treasures are buried throughout the forest."

As soon as the boss wanted to answer again, one of the robbers suddenly got up and went to the tree.

"Daming Guo, what happened?"

"Boss, there is a strange bird on this tree, look, it's completely black."

"Hm, really, maybe it's some kind of valuable spiritual beast. Try to stun it. "

Daming Guo picked up a small stone and threw it into the bird, but because he was already drunk, the stone flew next to the raven.

"What an arrogant bird, it even moved."

Unexpectedly for everyone, after these words, the raven flung its wings and flew up into the dark sky. All the robbers followed its gaze and stared at the clear night sky.

"Damn bird, it's lucky that ... what the fuck."

To their surprise, they saw a dozen blackbirds flying in circles above their heads.



The finger of Balor pointed to the robber with the best armor, he suggested that it was their leader. And Balor would be very surprised if this turned out to be wrong.

"" Lightning. Impact "".
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Slowly, his finger began to shine with blue light from within, becoming brighter and brighter.

To cast a spell, you must have the Word and you need to spend a certain amount of mana. The strength of the soul determines the level of control over mana, this is what affects the power of the spell.

Suddenly, lightning struck from the index finger Balor's. With great speed, lightning overcame 30 meters and approached the boss's head.


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