The Lost Mage
18 Good manners
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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18 Good manners


Before he could finish speaking, Daming Guo heard thunder behind him, from which he even jumped because of surprise.

Turning, he saw that his boss flew off to the side along with his two other comrades. Now they were lying on the ground and smoke was rising from their bodies as if they had recently burned. Most of all he was struck by the boss's head, which now has become completely charred.

All the robbers froze in shock, not knowing what to do, but a sudden cry from the forest, where the sentinel was supposed to stand, was able to make them move again.

Turning their heads towards the black forest, they saw a man in blue Taoist clothes coming out of there.

"I am a student of the Heavenly Blue Dragon school, I am a cultivator of 4 stages of the Earth level, I just used a one-time lightning artifact and I came alone. I order you to surrender, otherwise, you will die. "

Hearing this, a strange expression appeared on the faces of the robbers.

"Damn, he scared me a lot, let's quickly finish this moron and decide what to do next."

At a slow pace, 5 robbers began to approach an unexpected guest. But Daming Guo remained standing still, he already sobered up and the whole situation seemed to him a country. Unexpectedly for everyone, the student began to move towards the robbers, also at a slow pace.

The closer they got, the more anxiety there was in the hearts of 5 robbers. At one point, one of them could not stand it and, with a sharp lunge, approached Balor and raised his ax above his head.


Instead of evading, the uninvited guest simply moved his hand through the air. The attacker robber suddenly felt that he was flying, spinning in the air. He saw the sky with blackbirds, then he saw the face of Daming Guo filled with shock, and finally, he saw his body, which remained on the earth.

The second robber, thinking to take by surprise, went around the still-standing headless body and attacked from the side with a short sword. Balor simply passed his hand, without even looking and the body of the robber, in the eyes of his comrades, simply split in two diagonally.

After this, Balor did not wait for the others and, with a quick leap forward, approached the remaining three robbers.

""Wind. Blade.""

The wind blade was a very inexpensive spell. His only drawback was his very small range of attacks, so small that the magician had to stand close to the target.

A red line appeared on the body of another robber, from which blood poured.

Looking at this, a thought came to Balor's head.

'I realized that if I'm doing two from one body, then I will have to use the forbidden spell twice as much. '

Rejoicing that he understood this early enough, Balor decided to change the spell, he raised his hand.

""Wave. Impact""

A sudden force hit the two remaining burglars, causing them to fly off. Balor quickly picked up the sword from the ground and threw it at the robber who remained standing with Daminq Guo, but which from fear already began to run away into the forest. The sword quickly flew to the back and stuck right in the heart.

Balor again picked up weapons from the ground, now it was the ax of the first enemy killed. Then, with a usual step, he began to approach the man who lay closest to him.

The robber was still moving away from the sudden blow of the wave and was lying on his stomach, but sensing danger, he turned around to see the blade of an ax straight in front of his nose.

Having killed the lying robber, Balor, without even turning his head with a quick turn of the body around his axis, avoided being struck in the back of the second sentinel, and continuing the torsion of his body, he sent the ax directly into the enemy's throat.

The blood that got on Balor's face distracted him a little from his thoughts.

"Damn, I just can't choose. When I get back to school, what do I get to eat, noodles with a patty or noodles with chop?"

His eyes went to the second robber, three meters from him, who was still trying to get up.

"Can take noodles with an egg. Surprisingly they have very tasty eggs. "
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Sensing danger, the robber quickly jumps to his side, dodging the ax at the very last moment, which was sent directly to his head. Falling to the ground, he spins several times on the ground, after a second he stops and takes out a hidden knife from his boot. But as soon as he raised his head to understand where the enemy, a fireball flies into his face, due to the subsequent small explosion, his head shattered into pieces of flesh.

"Heh, this is a classic, it will never become obsolete. As my teacher said, if a fireball aimed at someone else's face cannot solve problems, then this fireball is simply not large enough."

Finally, Balor turned his head toward the remaining robber and began to walk slowly towards him.

As soon as Daming Guo saw the eyes of this monster, he realized that in front of him was a real demon. One of his eyes was even completely black. And now this demon was walking towards him, unable to withstand the pressure, Daming Guo fell to his knees.

"I give up."

Balor slowly approached him, throwing an ax on his shoulder.

"I give up. I ... I can tell where the looted treasures are. I do not want to die! "

"Preparedness for death is good manners."

With a quick punch, Balor thrusts the ax directly into the forehead of the last robber.


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