The Lost Mage
19 It“s refreshing
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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19 It“s refreshing

Fly. Balor fell in love with the magic of flying at the moment when he first used it. He paid a lot to find out the right Word and it did not disappoint him. But he was not the only one who loved this magic. Many liked to use this because of the sense of freedom that they received. Few can resist the opportunity to go wherever they want and not the river, even the mountains can not stop you.

But for Balor it was not important, he loved the magic of flying for another reason.

"Watching the sunrise is never boring."

Now Balor was floating relaxed above the clouds and was enjoying watching the sunrise slowly.

Although Balor did not believe in the Gods, what he was sure of was that this world was dying. Mages inflicted too deep wounds with their constant wars and experiments, but he did not blame them. He was one of these magicians.

Suddenly, Balor sharply moved to the side and after a second, through the place where he was before, a ray of light passed in a diameter of 2 meters.

"Balor, how dare you enjoy the sunrise in the middle of the battle."

In the place where a ray of light passed through the cloud, a rather large hole now appeared. Through this gap, one can now see a soaring man of about forty years old, he was dressed in mithril armor, on which you could see glowing runes.

There was a wide field under this man, more recently, this whole field was covered with green grass and flowers. Now the surface of the earth resembles a black mess of mud, which is dotted with a huge number of funnels from spells.

Now on earth is the final battle of the war for the legacy of the great Archmage Milenius. Ten thousand holy knights and magicians converged in a battle from two sides, which has been going on for 2 days.

Balor, who was watching the battle, had an unnatural, strange sense of aesthetic pleasure. Thousands of knights marched in orderly rows in armor with runes, explosions and discharges from spells flashed here and there.

No one was going to hold back in this battle.

Suddenly, an unexpected and strong gust of wind blew on the left side. From this, Balor's mantle and hair began to tremble. But neither he nor the mage in armor from below did not look away from each other.

They knew where that wind came from. Now, several hundred magicians have tried to kill each other in the sky.

"How impatient you are, Verus. Will you are not let me enjoy, perhaps, my last sunrise."

Without waiting for an answer, Balor quickly raised two hands.

""Great. Plasma. Ball.""

In an instant, two balls shining with white light appeared on the two palms of Balor and began to expand rapidly. Without waiting for the plasma balls to grow to their maximum size, he pulled his hands back. At this time, the diameter of the plasma balls increased to half a meter, after which a sharp throw sent them to fly directly to the magician from below.

Verus managed to react only when the spell was sent to him, but even after realizing what had happened, he did not budge.

He simply put his hand in front of him and around the portal half, the height of a man appeared in front of him.

Seeing what was in the portal, Balor did not waste time.

""Dark. Material. Incorporeal.""

Immediately, his body turned completely black, which made it seem that he had lost all volume and as if from him only a black silhouette remained.

Suddenly two balls of plasma flew into his back, but as if passing through the void, they did not stop, continuing their straight path.

After which Balor returned to its original appearance.

"Damn, how I hate spatial magic. Tell me, Verus, why the White Academy and your Red Mountain Alliance of Mages cannot share what remains of Milenius equally. Then we will not need to die and we will live in peace. "

Verus showed a slight surprise and confusion. But after a second a loud laugh was heard in the sky, both mages laughed.

After they stopped laughing, they looked at the gray tower, which was located 10 kilometers from them. The tower was huge, its top cut through the clouds and went high up. It was the legacy of the Archmage Milenius, the great Gray Tower with countless treasures hidden inside.

To become an Archmage, one must accomplish almost the impossible, you cannot die. And at first glance, an easy task, actually harder than it might seem.

Mana is distributed almost evenly over the mana channels. The only exception is the liver and heart. Relatively large volumes of mana are concentrated there, which are delivered through channels throughout the body.

Over the years, more and more particles of mana from the channels enter the body of the magician. After much research, magicians have learned that accumulation begins with skin cells. After which the particles of mana gradually penetrate the muscles, into the bones, and then into the back of the brain.

Mages were not afraid if mana would destroy their bodies, they knew many healing spells. But to their horror, what was least studied, their souls, gradually collapsed.

Many believing wizards said that it was a curse of God and He so revenges them for the thoughtless use of his blood.

For this reason, the division of magicians into levels began. When the magician's level rose, no one gave him a new star on his mantle. This did not show the power of the magician, it showed the degree of damage by mana particles.

But ironically, it was the degree of infection that indicated the power of the caster. The more the magician's body is contaminated with mana particles, the more energy he has and the older he is. The most dangerous magicians are those who lived longer, they had rich experience and More Words.

Therefore, gradually, everyone began to perceive the level of infection as an indicator of strength.

When the magician goes into the last fourth stage of infection, it means his imminent death. If the soul could still resist at previous levels, then this level is fatal. The magician will be lucky if he can live another 10 years.

But if the magician was able to live longer than the prescribed period and does not show signs of imminent death, then he is declared the Archmage. No one knows why he is still alive, no one knows how he survived and no one dares to ask him about it.

He is an Archmage! He was able to defeat his death, it is better not to make such people angry.

But despite the greatness of the Archmage, sooner or later he will also fall. How fell Archmage Milenius, who was able to live 318 years and built this magnificent tower, which Balor was looking at now.

"Stop admiring the cause of your imminent death. Are you ready?"

Slowly, the space around Verus began to distort.

"How I hate spatial magic."


A column of knights marching with tower shields. They are followed by several magicians. Suddenly, a pair of magicians stopped and looked up. Without waiting for the order, they began to cast a spell.

Two plasma balls crashed into a shield of mana at the last moment. But unable to stand a couple of seconds, the shield collapsed and two deadly balls landed on the ground 30 meters from the column of knights.
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The magician in the red mantle had already turned his head in the direction of fall, but the only thing he saw was a bright flash that blinded him, and all that he could now feel was the terrible heat quickly approaching him.

When the dust settled, the only thing left was a huge ten-meter funnel, and thirty meters from its center stood a charred silhouette of a man with his arm extended forward. After a moment, the body leaned over and began to fall.


"How I hate spatial magic."

Balor leaned forward a little, his heart began to quickly pick up the speed of blows, forcibly speeding up the streams in the mana channels. His iris slowly began to glow with a bright blue light.

""Gain. Body. Force.""

""Gain. Body. Speed.""

""Gain. Body. Reaction.""

""Gain. Body. Strength.""

'"Mana. Body. Shield."'

"I heard you recently moved to the third level. Tell me, Verus, what is it like to step towards your death? "

Verus slowly began to raise his hands and as if obeying this, space began to distort more strongly.

"It's refreshing."

Suddenly, two magicians disappeared, leaving only a loud pop.

""Great. Flow. Plasma. ""

Balor flew with great speed, his back forward and pointed his hand at the enemy. Suddenly, a ray of white light with the width of a man's headshot from his palm and headed towards the enemy.

As soon as the beam was about to hit Verus' body, he disappeared in a flash.


Balor, without even thinking, ducked down, barely escaping a blade of mana aimed at his heart.

Flying to the ground, he quickly turned towards Verus.

""Great. Lightning. Dark. Web.""

His hands were covered with black electric charges, which became more and more. And directing them towards the magician in mithril armor, they suddenly burst out like predatory snakes and began spread with great speed and in a random direction hundreds of meters.

From the side, it seemed that a huge black network appeared in the sky. This was Balor's creation and he was proud of it.

This web of strange black lightning quickly approached Verus, he even felt the heat that emanated from them. But as soon as the spell was ready to incinerate him, Verus disappeared in a flash of light.

"Fuck, how I hate spatial magic!"

Balor stopped his fall, grabbed two strong mana potions from his pouch and subsequently poured them into his mouth. Then he quickly directed his hand to the left.

""Plasma. Ball.""

As always, Verus simply disappeared.

Sensing a wobble of mana, he immediately raised his hand.

""Plasc'ma. Ball.""


In the raised right hand, mana began to get out of control and one could even see the glow from within the flesh.

""Dark. Blade.""

With a decisive movement, Balor cut off his hand, which then began to fall. Knowing that he will not have time to admire the bright end of his right hand, he looked up.

""Great. Shield. Mana.""

A thick transparent wall with a blue tint appeared in front of him. Immediately after this, a bright ray of light crashed into a shield, which, to the disappointment of Balor, could not withstand this incessant pressure for a long time and quickly became cracked.

The next thing that Balor felt was a strong, burning pain all over his body and how he quickly moved to the ground, although even so, he did not stop constantly cast new protective spells. After a couple of seconds, he crashed into the mud, which slightly reduced the force of the blow.

"Tell me Balor, what is it like to step towards your death?"

Balor opened his eyes and saw Verus soaring above him.

"You're right, it's refreshing."

There was a slight smile on Balor's face. Now he looks terrible, he did not have a hand, there were terrible burns on huge areas of his body, a couple of bones were broken.

"Soon everything will end for you, you will run away from this world. I even envy you a little. "

Verus pointed his hand at Balor. But suddenly he felt weird and looked towards the great Gray Tower. To the surprise of both magicians, the tower slowly began to fall.

Seeing this, Verus could not remain silent.

"What the hell did Milenius do before he died?"

But quickly the surprise of Balor grew into horror.

"There are 360 degrees, but why did it choose ours?"

Without realizing it, Balor began to try to get up to run away.

"I thought you were already prepared for death."

"You are right, I am ready to die, but I am ready to die only a beautiful death. And when a tower falls on you and squashes you, there is nothing beautiful about it. "

Struggling with pain, Balor managed to get up. Looking up, he saw that the tower had already passed half the distance to the ground.

"Verus, you could not ..."

"Good luck, I'm leaving."

Having said this, Verus simply disappeared into the flash of light.

Because the cause of the war would soon turn into a lot of debris, he decided not to stay longer.

"How I hate spatial magic!"

Balor watched how slowly the great Gray Tower was approaching him and he did not know what to do.


Remembering his past wars and battles, he could not understand when the great second-level mage managed to fall so low.

"Give the ax away!"

Due to the force of the blow, the ax passed through the head and is now stuck in the chest, clinging to the bones.

"Okay, you don't want to give it so take it to yourself."

Throwing an ax and kicking a corpse, Balor glanced overall 12 bodies.

"Okay, their vitality is melting before my eyes. It's time to harvest. "


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