The Lost Mage
20 To leave beautifully
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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20 To leave beautifully

After 20 minutes, everything was ready and now, Balor tied a large bag of dense green fabric in the light of an almost extinct bonfire.

To kill all 12 robbers to him, he used most of his mana, which he could get from the murder of those two unknowns in the forest. Balor had to use the weakest attacking spells he knew.

They were so low-level that some magicians do not even consider them spells that can cause harm. But even with such mana savings, the second-level mage still needed to pick up cold steel and finish the job in the old proven way.

But Balor was disappointed with the amount of mana he received, he expected more.

"It all depends on the level of the cultivator, the higher it is the more vitality. The only one who could give me a satisfactory amount of mana was their boss. But even so, I was able to restore the minimum allowable amount of energy for my plan of action. I hope I don't need to use Plan B."

Balor, who tucked the tied bag into another large bag of dense fabric, felt a sense of sadness.

"How I miss the times when I could soar above the ground and sow death and destruction."

Having finished his work, he looked at the bodies of the robbers next to him. Balor did not forget to look for values from them, but the only thing he found was bags of food, some money, and loot from the last robbery.

"Of course I did not expect a mountain of gold and silver, but that ..."

He turned his head in the direction of a pair of chests filled with cheap women's clothing, and a seemingly expensive large multi-colored, scarlet carpet.

After, Balor looked at the four blood-stained gold coins that were in his hand.

"What a poor bandit."

Although he also found many silver and bronze coins, because it would be awkward to ring when walking, he decided not to take them.

Putting the coins in his pocket, he went to the carpet.

"What a beautiful color."

Taking the carpet, Balor stood over one of the dead bodies. Having examined it a little, as if he was evaluating something, he began to take off his armor. After a couple of minutes, the robber was already wrapped in a red carpet and thrown over his shoulder.

"I need to hurry, I have to look one place."

With a corpse on his shoulder and a bag full in his hands, Balor headed for the cave, which he accidentally discovered with his crows.

Walking through the forest, he constantly heard the roar of spiritual beasts everywhere, and even it seemed to him that there was a battle somewhere nearby, but thanks to crows in the sky and a clear night, he was able to circumvent all possible dangers and find the right cave 2 kilometers from the base of the robbers.

Leaving the bag and the corpse wrapped in a carpet near the entrance and using fire magic to illuminate the path, Balor entered the cave.

"This cave is not bad, it suits me. Wait, what is that glow?"

Going a little further to his surprise, the cave ended in a small pond, the water of which emitted a green glow.

"This is probably a spiritual pond, I heard that the cultivators are ready to kill for it. If I'm not mistaken, the Heavenly Blue Dragon School has a couple of such ponds, but only the best of the students can enter them."

Balor looked at the water for a couple of seconds, but then he turned and walked toward one of the walls of the cave.

"There is nothing to waste time, anyway, this water is like poison for me."

Approaching the wall, he laid on her hand. After a small amount of time, a pentagram consisting of various symbols began to appear around his palm glowing with blue light.

After an unsuccessful battle near the Gray Tower, Balor spent a lot of time and a huge amount of resources to learn spatial magic, but even after such efforts, his knowledge of it was small. And now he used one of his little knowledge that he had on this wall of the cave. After he removed his hand, the radiance of the symbols faded.

When finished, Balor no longer lingered in the cave and headed for his lonely horse left from the edge of the forest, hoping inwardly that it was still alive. Along the way, not forgetting his new comrade in the carpet and bag.

After a couple of hours of walking, Balor finally left the forest.

"I did not hope that you were still alive, stop eating grass, we should go back to the city."

Dispelling his ravens, securing the carpet and bag, he hurried back to school to complete the task.


"Wei Ding, 3 weeks have already passed, but your student does not show signs of progress, it seems he is still a cripple and he has no spiritual veins."

Three old men sat against Wei Ding and they had serious faces.

"I also heard that he was forbidden for six months to enter the library, we should admit it was a mistake to accept his. If the rumor that we have accepted a student without veins spreads, it will be a shame for our Heavenly Blue Dragon school."

"Kang Guo, I don't want to talk about it, but probably we will have to ..."


Wei Ding who only listened earlier spoke.

"Wei Ding, this is not only your problem, if ..."

"I said no, what he was not, yet he is my student. It will be enough just to kick him out. This is your mistake, he should not pay for it with his life. "

After a moment of thought, Kang Guo made a choice.

"… Good. Resolved, he has to go. "


Balor specially arrived at night, he was not so naive as to think that no one would understand that he had a dead body in the carpet. Having paid the guards one gold coin to drive through the gates without question, without even thinking of entering the stable, he headed straight for the Great Mountain and, throwing a horse in front of her entrance, went to his cave.

"As always at night, Row Soo is gone. It would be difficult to walk with this carpet if she had been sitting here all day. "

Half an hour later he was already in his cave. As soon as Balor entered it, he went to the stone bed and unfolded the carpet, throwing the lifeless robber.

"Alright, while you lie down here, I'll be back soon."

Taking the bag, he headed straight to the Assignment House to get his contribution points.

"Even if it's 6 points, something is better than nothing."

Balor did not spend much time and he was already standing near his destination. Due to its importance, the Assignment House worked around the clock. Walking to the door and watching the guards facing him, he had strange feelings.

He spent these 3 weeks not only learning the language but also developing a plan to rob the House of Assignment. And Balor was completely confident in his plan, almost completely. And in two or three days he is going to start it.

Already standing near the entrance, he heard a voice behind him.

"Brother Balor, your teacher, and even a few elders are looking for you. Did you do something?"

Turning Balor saw Shanley Lin who was approaching him.

"Looking for me?"

"Yes, and they have very serious faces, I don't know what you did, but you better apologize before it's too late."

Balor looked at the Assignment House, after which his gaze shifted to the starry sky.

"Shanley Lin ... Brother Shanley Lin, why you do not meditate at such a late time."

"The weather is fine now, so I went out to admire the bright stars."

Balor looked up again.

"You're right, the stars are blinding today. You know, I forgot something in my cave. Can you complete my assignment for me? You may need this. "

Balor handed a large bag of dense green fabric and a tablet with a task to Shanley Lin, and he unconsciously took them.

"It's heavier than it sounds. Why do I need this bag?"

"I'm not sure myself, I have never completed a task before. Perhaps he is not needed, but just in case, I took it as evidence."

Having said this, Balor was about to turn around to leave, but Shanley Lin began to speak.

"I kept thinking about the words you said three weeks ago in the Assignment House. What 'Moment' were you talking about? What is the 'moment' you hold on to?"

As soon as Balor heard the question, he sensed an opportunity, an opportunity that he would never miss, an opportunity that was more precious than his life, an opportunity - to leave beautifully.

Balor turned and began to walk.

"There is only a moment between the past and the future. This moment is called Life "

Without waiting for an answer, Balor took a quick went to toward his cave.


Still pondering the answer, Shanley Lin went to the table in the Assignment House to complete the assignment and handed the tablet to the old man.

"It was done."

"Okay, give me your locket here to transfer your contribution points."

No one required evidence of task performance, because for deceiving the schools of the Heavenly Blue Dragon, existed severely punished and few dared to do it. Sooner or later, deception will be revealed anyway.


Upon entering his cave, Balor quickly changed clothes to the Taoist black clothes he bought and went to the dead robber with his former mask on his face. Looking down, he slowly put the mask on the face of the robber.
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"I'm afraid you have no time to rest, I need your little help, just lie here and don't go anywhere."


After leaving the Assignment House, Shanley Lin realized that he still holds an unnecessary heavy bag in his hands. He became curious and he put the bag on the ground decided to open it.

"I wonder what is there. What the? Why is there a second bag in the bag? "

After spending some time and opening a second bag, a shock appeared on his face and his breath was interrupted by a pungent smell.

The twelve severed heads of the robbers lay there as evidence of the work done.


Getting up before leaving his cave, he looked at the object in his hands and could not help breathing.

"Probably needed to buy another mask. Okay, better not wait."

Putting on a new mask, he stepped toward the exit.

"It is time to leave, to leave beautifully!"


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