The Lost Mage
21 Who are you?
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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21 Who are you?

"Chao Lin, I am sad to realize that you are leaving the Heavenly Blue Dragon school."

"Elder Lao Li, I promise in the future I will visit you. I, Chao Lin, never forget the kindness shown to me."

Listening to this, Lao Li began to smile.

Now a group of elders was sitting at a table on which there were many delicacies and various dishes. Xu Lee and her teacher Bei Ma also sat at the table.

"Chao Lin, in the higher world you will find many resources for cultivation. You have talents that appear once every 1000 years. But you should not be conceited, in 5 years the Genius tournament will begin, it organized once a century. I hope that you remind everyone in the upper world of the former glory and power of your clan."

"Thank you, Elder Bei Ma for teaching, this younger one understands. I also hope that Xu Lee will help me with her wisdom in my cultivation."

Everyone unconsciously looked at her, but they only saw how she turned away sharply due to embarrassment. After that, you could hear the laugh at the table.

Still laughing, Bei Ma began to speak.

"Chao Lin, you ..."

But before he could finish the sentence, he turned his head abruptly, all the elders repeated after him, and now they all looked in the same direction, towards the Assignment House.


An unknown figure floated high in the sky right above the Assignment House. He was a man dressed in black Taoist clothes and was wearing a red demon mask.

After a couple of minutes, he was right above the Assignment Houses. Suddenly a flame appeared on his palms, which became larger and larger. Raising his hands, a giant fireball began to form above his head. Without waiting, he abruptly dropped his hands and sent 'a little sun' directly to the roof of the Assignment House.

As soon as it crashed into the building, a loud explosion was heard that woke many students of the Heavenly Blue Dragon school. Over the whole territory, it became light as during the day.

An unknown figure already wanted to fly into the hole, but to his surprise, the Assignment House was completely intact, as if there was no explosion.

After a little pause, he again raised his hands above his head and a new ball of fire began to appear, almost ready to throw it at the buildings, a voice was heard in the sky.

"How dare a demon from the lower worlds attack our Heavenly Blue Dragon school."

The masked man raised his head. Directly above him were two elders who were hovering in the sky, but one of them was standing on a sword.

The man in the mask of the demon did not say anything and threw a ball of fire right at them.

Bei Ma raised a hand in front of him.

"Perhaps this demon has recently moved to the level of the Spirit and thought it would be smart to come to the upper world to steal resources. How naive."

When the cultivator moves to the level of the Spirit, he gains the ability to soar in the sky, even without using other means.

Slowly behind Bei Ma, hundreds of ghostly swords began to appear, a moment later they flew forward and formed a shield right in front of the two elders.

"I never thought that I could see with my own eyes the famous technique of the Thousand Ghostly Swords."

Lao Li's eyes began to shine with admiration.

As soon as a giant fireball crashed into a shield consisting of hundreds of ghostly swords, an explosion occurred, no less powerful than the previous one. But as soon as the fire died out, it was possible to see two elders completely unharmed.

Bei Ma was surprised to find that an unknown thief had already started to run away, realizing that he cannot win.

"It's too late to run away. Now I will show you what the real level of the Spirit looks like. "

Bei Ma quickly raised two hands in front of him and hundreds of ghostly swords started to fly at great speed into the figure in the mask of a demon. Realizing that he was flying slower than the swords, the 'demon' turned around and with a punch sent great fiery palm straight towards the swords.

Below, the battle was watched by Chao Lin, holding his silver spear in his hand, and Xu Lee was standing next to him.

"He will not be able to escape, he probably did not expect that there would be a cultivator in this place at the peak of the level of the Spirit."

Chao Lin did not need much time to this conclude. Then he looked towards the Assignments House.

"Perhaps this demon was surprised when he realized that this building is surrounded by a protective formation. Today was not his day. "

The ghostly swords approached the giant fiery palm and they passed through the fire, not even slowing down, continued to go straight to their target.

Felt mortal danger, the man in the mask of the demon reached into his pocket to get something, but the ghostly swords approached too quickly and after a moment the sword passed through his body, piercing heart, then one more and one more.

Soon, pieces of flesh fell to the ground.

Still hovering in one place, Bei Ma looked at the remains.
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"He had a shitty robbery plan and he was very unlucky because I ended up here."

"Bei Ma thanks for the help, but it was better to take him alive. Then we could find out where the Misty Lake is through which he passed and make sure that there will be no more such attacks. "

"You are right Lao Li, I completely forgot about it. It is worth examining his body, maybe we will find clues. "

Two elders have already begun to slowly approach the remains, hoping to find something, but unexpectedly an absolute black figure jumped out of the ground and hovered 10 meters above the ground.

Soon, this figure gained color and one could see that it was a man in black Taoist clothes in the mask of a white hare.

Balor was very happy. Using the 'dark incorporeal spell', he was able to quietly and quietly penetrate the underground vault of the Assignment House and steal everything he needed.

"Further according to my plan, I have to raise the alarm so that..."

Not having time to finish, he saw pieces of flesh beneath him, after which Balor felt a glance directed in his direction. Turning his head, he saw Chao Lin with an unknown girl who was looking at him.

Balor was puzzled, and as soon as he wanted to start talking, he felt danger from above, and a giant spiritual palm crashed into him, because of which he fell to the ground with great speed.

"Shit. If I had not managed to create a mana shield, I was already dead. Why are they all gathered here? "

Balor looked at the top and saw two elders.

Bei Ma, looking at the recently appeared demon in the mask of a hare, was surprised.

"This evening is rich in thieves. "

Balor struggling with pain quickly got up.

"Damn, my rib is broken, again!"

"Demon, as you see your robbery partner is already dead, if you surrender, we will leave you alive, perhaps."

Balor was surprised to look at the unknown old man from above and then turned his gaze to the scattered pieces of flesh lying on the ground. A second later, a groove gathered in his head and Balor realized what had happened here.

Looking at this dead unsuccessful thief, Balor could not help asking a question.

"Who the fuck are you?"


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