The Lost Mage
25 Negotiations
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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25 Negotiations

Chao Lin stood majestically like a mountain and looked in front of him at the huge formed scar on the ground. Watching this, Bei Ma could not describe his feelings.

"Chao Lin, when we get to the upper world, you will need to hide your strength, otherwise it can lead you to danger. Your clan has many enemies. "

"Thank you for your concern, the younger one understands."

Chao Lin looked at the completely charred mask, the only thing left of the burglar. No one knew what he was thinking right now.

Lao Li was as shocked as Bei Ma. The power that the ordinary level of the Earth showed was beyond his imagination and as soon as he wanted to ask about it, an unexpected cry interrupted him.

"Elder Lao Li is an urgent matter, there was an explosion on the Great Mountain, one student died!"

"What? How could this happen…"

Before he could finish speaking, awareness and disbelief appeared in his eyes, and with a sharp movement, he looked around. Behind it was the Great Mountain, and even at night, one could see smoke rising from this place.

"Damn robber. Who died? "

Most of all now, he hoped that a promising student would not die.

"A new student named Balor was killed. Witnesses say they saw a white luminous ball crash into its cave, after which an explosion occurred. "


He remembered him, on the day he entered the school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon, he stood out from the rest. But after Balor was accepted, he completely disappeared, as if he had dissolved among the other students. And if not for the strange name, Lao Li would have forgotten about him long ago.

Hearing the familiar name, Chao Lin shifted his gaze from the mask to the Great Mountain. A little regret appeared in his heart.

"If I had not been so careful and finished quickly, perhaps he would have survived. Next time I will not make such a mistake, I promise you Balor. "

Deciding to personally inspect everything, Lao Li turned to Bei Ma.

"Sorry, but I won't be able to guide you to the end, I need to make sure that no one else was hurt. And I want to thank you for your help."

With a nod of his head, Bei Ma watched Lao Li fly toward the mountain, after which he began to speak.

"I think we lingered here, it's time to go to the upper world."

Chao Lin looked up.

"I wonder what awaits me?"

After a second, he smiled and pointed his spear into the sky.

"No matter what comes next. In the future I will become the strongest among the Nine Heavens, everything that becomes in my way will be destroyed by my spear! "


Wei Dean stood silently and looked at the completely charred corpse. There were a lot of students around him who came to see what happened.

All that proved that this corpse was his former student was just a slightly molten black mask on his face.

"Kang Guo if I find out that you did it, then I ..."

"Wei Dean, don't be silly, we came here to find him, to tell him that he was kicked out of school. But as soon as we approached, we saw a powerful explosion near the Assignment House, after which a glowing ball flew in from there and blew up your student's cave."

Around the students began to whisper.

"I think it's karma."

"You're right, I heard that he was a very evil man."

But these conversations quickly stopped, as Wei Dean looked at them coldly.

Shanley Lin was the only one who now had a sad expression on his face. He had a bag in his hand and he came here to find out what to do with it.

"My friend Balor, you were too unlucky. Why was your cave struck? I hope that in your future life you are luckier."

Kang Guo stepped closer to the body.

"We broke into the cave to try to save him, but ... you see, he had no chance. We found it on a stone shelf. "

From nowhere in his hands appeared a charred big casket and he handed it to Wei Dean. Opening it, everyone saw that there was a black dagger with a note.

Taking the note, he read it aloud.

"A student's gift to his teacher."

Looking at the strange knife, Wei Dean finally realized why there was no spatial ring on Balor's hand. He sold it to buy this weapon. Even at first glance, this knife looked unusual.

Pulling the knife out of the casket, he gripped it tightly.

"I stayed in one place for a long time, I need to go on a trip."

Wei Dean looked up at the sky.

"I hope you, Balor, have more luck in your next life."


Somewhere in a dark cave. A diagram slowly began to appear on the stone wall, becoming brighter and brighter. Having reached its limit, it flashed a bright flash and just as quickly died out, after which the sound of a fall swept across the cave.

"I almost died, again! What was it? It seemed to me for a second that I did not have time to leave. Never again in my life will I be so risky to play with my life."

Balor began to rise slowly. Smoke rose from his entire body, even his hair was scorched.

"Sometimes it seems to me that this world just wants to get rid of me."

Already about to leave, his heart suddenly froze, and he slowly turned his head to the source of Qi. The girl stood right in the water because the pond was shallow, the water began below her belly button.

Slowly Balor looked up. The next thing he saw was a distinct six-pack. Raising a little more, it was possible to see a small breast that was covered with the left hand, because the right one holding the sword.
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Continuing to move his gaze, he saw the girl's face, but he could not appreciate her beauty because her eyes spoiled everything, it was completely devoid of any feelings, but Balor could see the cold, the murderous cold in her gaze.

A second later, lingering on her face, he again began to let go of his gaze. At first, Balor looked again at her breasts, then ... he abruptly closed his eyes.

"I feel like I'm digging my grave. Damn, she gives off tremendous pressure, she is very dangerous. Try to run? Useless, I probably won't even have time to turn around. Attack her? No, from her look I can judge that it would be more humane for me to kill myself by banging my head against the wall. One thing remains - negotiations! "

Although Balor did not look like a negotiator, he had a win-win strategy in negotiations and disputes. Two steps forward and one step back.

'First, two steps forward.'

Balor sharply opened his eyes and began to yell.

"Who let you swim in my Qi source! You had the nerve to come to my cave and soak up my qi! Nowadays, are all cultivators so unscrupulous? If you do not give a clear explanation, then you can only blame yourself. "

'And now, one step back.'

"Well, I admit my mistake. I should not have been so shamelessly breaking into here. Accept my apology and in token of my sincerity ... "

Balor began to quickly search in his pockets for at least something, already starting to despair, since he could not find anything, he quickly felt for a small casket and quickly pulled it out.

"Take a casket with a very valuable pill."

Having said this, he threw the casket in the direction of the girl and she unconsciously caught her with her left hand. Balor completely froze, without even letting go of the hand with which he threw the object.

His gaze fell on the girl's chest and after a couple of seconds in Balor's eyes there was an awareness of what had happened and he slowly closed his eyes.

"I accidentally took three steps forward."

He was too carried away and could not rightly assess the situation.

"Fuck ... What a stupid death."


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