The Lost Mage
26 Immortal
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The Lost Mage
Author :Artyom
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26 Immortal

Balor felt that that the Death begins to slowly embrace him from behind as if old friends had met after a long break up. Before Balor's eyes began to flicker scenes from his life.

"Why should it end like this? Why ... wait! "

Balor quickly opened his eyes and stared at the naked girl in front of him.

"I still breathe and my heart still beats, then why have I already given up? If I am destined to die because of this stupid, but very tragic coincidence, then I will die with my head held high! "

He straightened his back.

"She is not able to see my cultivation, because I do not have it. I just need to pretend that I'm stronger than her. I just need to bluff. It remains only to recall all that I learned about these cultivators at the school of the Heavenly Blue Dragon. "

Ahem, clearing his throat, he began to speak, as pathetically as possible.

"The sun rises from the center of the universe, the river sets behind the clouds, and the birds take off from the end of the creation. I greet the younger, what brings you to this lower world?"

Having asked a question, Balor did not wait for an answer and went to a stone found in advance to sit down. He felt his legs begin to tremble, although he could not exactly understand the reason. Either because of a catastrophic lack of mana or because of the terrible sense of danger which he felt from this girl.

'Good, I found a reason to turn my back on her and how can I judge by the fact that I'm still alive, I managed to deceive her.'

As soon as Balor reached the stone and slowly sat down, he heard a splash of water. Raising his head, he saw the girl in front of him, who was already dressed in snow-white clothes. Her clothes were so white that she seemed to glow. For Balor, who had recently fought late at night and after which he found himself in a dark cave, this caused pain in his eyes, and only thanks to the great force of will he continued to look at it.

'My eyes! Is she on purpose? What a bitch you are, just kill me, but don't dare to scoff at me. And how did she change clothes so quickly? Okay, it's not important, the main thing is not to leave the role.'

"My name is Ju Bay, I am here because the thief at the fifth stage of the level of the Saint stole a very valuable artifact from our clan and fled to the lower world. I managed to quickly find and kill him, but I was careless and stained with his blood. Therefore, I used this low-grade Qi source, I did not think that it belongs to anyone because of ... because of its low-grade. "

Ju Bay carefully looked at the mysterious stranger. She was careful because she could not feel absolutely any fluctuation in energy. It was very strange. The only explanation for this is that in front of her sits a very ancient and powerful cultivator. But the more she looked at him, the more he seemed like an ordinary person!

'He dared to see me naked, if this person, even a little weaker than me, I will pay any price, but I will kill him to wash away this shame with his blood. '

' Is she checking me? You underestimate my acting and my imagination! '

Balor turned away from the girl and looked at the water, which emitted a faint light.

"You're right, this is a low-grade source of Qi, but when I first embarked on the Tao path, sixty-eight thousand years ago, this source saved my life more than once. Therefore, after the battle with the Great Demonic Arch-Dragon of the Nether and its hundred thousandth dragon guard, I came here to look at my old friend, thanks to whom I am still alive. "

In the eyes of Balor, you can see faint notes of sadness. He thought that this world hates him and does everything to send him to certain death.

Ju Bay did not even know what to answer and she was a little confused. But after a few seconds, she came to her senses.

"The younger one understands, sorry to use ...' your friend' without permission. Can I find out which school or clan you are from?"

Suddenly, an expression of absolute pain appeared on Balor's face, as if he remembered something very terrible and tragic.

Not, that was not a play. Balor accidentally felt for the casket in his pocket that Wei Dean had given him.

'Wait, then what did I give this girl in front of me?'
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A second later, awareness appeared in his head.


It was one of the most tragic cries, the most tragic silent cry. He clenched his fists, his eyes filled with pain, every word he spoke with clenched teeth.

"Forty thousand years ago, my clan sided with the God Demon of Great Chaos, so I exterminated them, all of them, with my own hands."

Balor raised his hands in front of him.

"After that, with these hands, I killed the God of the Demon of Great Chaos."

Balor felt anger and only with the help of rationality could he restrain himself. Ignoring the sharp pain from the white light, he looked at the girl in front of him with wide eyes.

"First, I cut off all his fingers, then knocked out his teeth, crushed his bones, took off his skin, shredded his limbs, gouged out his eyes, poured molten metal into his mouth. Everything ... with these ... hands. "

Balor now most of all wanted to strangle her and pick up his pill, for which he risked his life.

Ju Bay stared in shock at the ancient cultivator in front of her, she even had no idea what dangerous creature she had provoked by her actions. She decided with all her might to try to improve her impression of her. Ju Bay did not want her careless words to have terrible consequences for her clan.

Although she heard for the first time about the Great Demonic Arch-Dragon and the God Demon of Great Chaos, she knew how vast the cultivation world was and even by their names it was possible to understand how powerful these creatures were.

"It is a great honor for this youngest to meet immortal."

Balor lowered his hands and simply nodded, he did not want to spoil everything with his careless words.

An expression suddenly appeared on Ju Bay's face as if she did not dare to ask something, but after a moment she appeared a kind of determination.

"Elder, this youngest wants to ask a question."

'Damn, these questions again, but if you play, then play to the end.'

"Feel free to ask your question."

"Thanks. Your life is full of interesting events, I can't even imagine what you saw in your life. I heard legends about immortal that have lived millions of years and I am very interested to know one thing. How does it feel to be immortal?"

Ju Bay looked at him with a serious look, perhaps if the answer was filled with Tao she could advance in improve cultivation, so she was looking forward to a thoughtful answer.

'How do I know !? In my world, it's a miracle if you live to be eighty years old! '

Balor closed his eyes because they were already starting to tear due to the bright white light. Exhaling, he began to speak.

"Too bored to be immortal. The same faces day after day, the same clever answers to the question: Why live?"

The cave became quiet and you could only hear the breath of two people.


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