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The Love of Black Veil Brides
Author :Ciyaaa
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28 Chapter 16

Andy and Jinxx came back from eating and a little bit of shopping around 12:30.

"Ugh, I wish you would've let me sleep in... I'm exhausted." Andy said stretching.

"Oh quit complaining you'll be alright." Jinxx said then saw an opportunity and poked Andy in the side.

"Ahh! Really? You had to do that?"

Jinxx smiled and said, "Yep."

"You know when I broke my ribs I was actually pretty glad you had a reason not to jab your finger in my side everytime you saw the chance. But I ain't planning on breaking my ribs again anytime soon.." Andy grabbed his side and felt his ribs.

"I felt your pain that day." Jinxx shudders and continues, "And the day after."

"Yeah." Andy said indicating an end in the conversation and his door to find the rest of the members of Black Veil Brides in his house...The old members was there too.

"Oh my gosh....Not again." Andy says while making his way to his couch to sit beside Jake.

Sandra reaches for a bag beside the couch she was sitting on and places it on the table. "Yep.. It is happening again Andy.... IT'S THE NIGHT!.. OUR DRINKING NIGHT."
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"How can we drink when you only have a bag full?" CC says.

"Oh, I have waaaay more... That's why I came early. Those are just to start off with, the rest are on Andy's study table."

"WHAT? NO! ANYWHERE BUT THERE!" Andy jumps up and rushes over to his table and starts grabbing cases and bags and putting them on his kitchen floor. "No liquids allowed in this area."

Sandra laughs and says, "Yes sir, geez."

Andy rolls his eyes and sits next to Jake again but this time taking a look at him.

Jake doesn't look any better but you can tell he's trying not to be noticed....

"He probably doesn't want to be here." Andy thinks to himself then leans over to him while everyone is busy grabbing drinks and says, "Just do what I taught you last time... Pretend you are drinking then when everyone else is messed up, leave... I have you covered if anybody tries to make you stay."

Jake nods a little, smiles at Andy and says, "Thanks."

Andy smiles back at him and says, "Don't mention it man."


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