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The life of a 8th grader
Author :nine_ball
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3 Nov 14

Knowledge, culture of/ or freedom

So this morning I woke up the happiest girl on the world I had a new man his name was Mike he made me feel less lonely many people tell me I'm pretty but it's really hard for me to find a boyfriend that actually appreciates me and wants to give me some of his attention but back to mike. I had met Mike not in school but on a game I meet a lot of people there and make a lot of friends it's the one place I can be myself Mike came into one of the chat rooms and said " will you be my royal queen " I had never talk to him before so I was like " you gotta tell me more about yourself " I learned that he was the same age as me and that he was a point guard for his basketball team although he was just a starter ( btw I don't know much about sports so my bad if I say the wrong thing about them ) he made me laugh so I said " sure I'll be your royal queen " then I asked him a bunch of questions and got to know some of the important stuff about him I called him in the morning after my dad had left for work my sister was cool with it sense she also had a boyfriend so we weren't gonna tell on each other. Then Mike said " I know it's early but will you marry me " I was so happy to hear that i was crying tears of joy just the thought that someone like him would wanna be with me me I couldn't stand I had to sit down I said yes of course but then when I got home from school that all changed first his mom was telling me that he liked this other girl so I had to break up with him then she sent me a picture of her and boy was she ugly I threw up a little in my mouth at just the site of her so I called him and he answered I told him what his mom had told me and he said that it was true that once happiness I had felt at just the sound of his voice had turned into sharp knifes ready to stab me then he said " I like like her so I'm gonna break up with you " those knifes made a clean cut right through me I felt like I couldn't breathe let alone talk then he said " are you heartbroken " and with a quiver in my voice I said " no " and before he could ask me anything else I hung up I told me bestfriend what had happened and she tried to comfort me it helped a little then I told my fake brother he also tried to help me feel better but all I wanted to do was lie down on the cold floor waiting for something to take the pain away but then I remembered how I was done crying over boys they don't deserve my tears so I stopped crying and went to go take a relaxing shower to clear my head and it helped big time by bed time I was feeling sad still but I couldn't let anyone know what had happened so I started to think up a lie that would get me through so that all my friends would think I'm not a total loser or a desperate person...


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